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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump takes the 5th
Wed Aug 10 09:30:10
Trump says he took the Fifth Amendment in NY investigation

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump says he invoked the Fifth Amendment and wouldn’t answer questions under oath in the long-running New York civil investigation into his business dealings.

Trump arrived at New York Attorney General Letitia James’ offices Wednesday morning, but sent out a statement more than an hour later saying he declined to answer the questions under the rights and privileges afforded to every citizen under the United States Constitution.”

Anything he said during the deposition could have been used against him in a criminal case. While James’ investigation is civil in nature, the Manhattan district attorney is running a parallel criminal probe.


Wed Aug 10 09:31:47

"If you're innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?" -- Fat Stupid Liar/Theif/Con Man in 2016

Wed Aug 10 09:35:06

Trump said: “So there are five people taking the Fifth Amendment. Like you see on the mob, right? You see the mob takes the Fifth. If you’re innocent why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”


btw Trump invoked the 5th during divorce proceedings way back in 1990. lol :o)

Wed Aug 10 09:38:39
To be fair, even if Trump wasn't guilty, any lawyer would tell him to take the 5th.

That man is so use to lying that he would be a liability to any defense.
the wanderer
Wed Aug 10 11:41:10
"invoked the Fifth Amendment...in the... civil investigation"

you are allowed to draw negative inference for anyone taking the Fifth in a -civil- trial
(not supposed to in -criminal- trials, but of course you do anyway)

thus he's hiding criminal acts, to the surprise of no one who is paying attention
Wed Aug 10 12:02:33
TW, But the FBI not commenting on whether they had agent provacatuers on site Jan 6 encouraging ppl to commit crimes is different?
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