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Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Wed Aug 10 14:23:05
TC bullshit aside.

It look like they don't have assets to impose a blockade but still impressive display that can send the world into chaos again.

Wed Aug 10 14:36:56
So what assets are China lacking to impose a total blockade of Taiwan? That’s what the woman in the video is saying but they never say what assets they are lacking. Are they just making things up to make China appear to be weak?
Wed Aug 10 15:16:42
China will never do this unless their domestic situation gets so bad that they have to distract everyone with nationalism.

A blockade of the Strait of Malacca would depirve China of 80% of their oil instantly and starve their economy.

When the northern passage opens up after the ice caps melt around 2040 is when they might invade since Russia can ship them oil from the North.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Thu Aug 11 00:13:51
-Para I don't know the ratio of ship-port that makes a blockade effective but the fact that the training zones don't cover all Taiwan ports is telling.

-Dukhat It'd be a stupid war but when has that stopped anyone. China's military has far outgrown it's economy in the last decade with major investments in its Navy. In 2010 they had zero aircraft carriers now they have three.
Thu Aug 11 01:45:27
wall SHIT journal

what u expect from this crap fakenews media.

a few dayz ago they had da crazyness 2 argue they can fight russia and china at same time with tons of these deluded westoids all say yay


they would get obliterated from russia alone...

thats how far gone these rabied mcarthurists are from reality

Thu Aug 11 02:40:36
even da anaylyst not sayin what that witch reporter is sayin.

he said: china doing mini blockade allowin food 2 pass but nottin else.

witch then translated that into: china lacks ability to do full blockade

ur fakenews media at it again

Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Tue Aug 23 23:53:01
It was a military drill not an actual.
Wed Aug 24 00:17:41
Why cant I find that montagebof Chinese jets crashing into ACCs?

Have they scrubbed it?
Wed Aug 24 00:20:23
They had a space launch like 20 years ago or something, I swear on TCs life they released a new video of the successful launch pre maturely, so no matter what they were prepared to claim it was succesful.

Ive looked and looked, cant find the video. It was on the old Utopia.

large member
Wed Aug 24 04:08:10
Blockades need very little. Insurance enforces blockades voiding coverage in defined conflict areas.
Wed Aug 24 11:36:29
It is incredibly hard to create a competent navy. The French beheaded all their officers during their first revolution and it took their navy several generations to recover.

The Chinese are attempting to create a navy from scratch which requires them to create a competent officer corps and an effective command hierarchy. Military Organizations also need to periodically fight conflicts in order to learn from mistakes and improve their competency.

The Soviets had the 2nd-best military in the world until the 90s and look at how it's gone to shit within a generation and periodic conflicts to test it like the Checnya war.

China hasn't done shit with their navy and their organization is new. Offense is also like 10x harder than defense which complicates their strategic aims even farther since the US is in way more ports than China.

The one thing they have going for them is that their people are literally cochroaches and they will throw away tens of millions of men (ala The Children) and nobody would miss them, not even their own families.

Thu Aug 25 06:31:57
lots of copium and cryin in this thread...

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