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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trigger warnings banned
Thu Aug 11 01:53:30
The University of Warwick has announced it will stop using the phrase "trigger warning" as it has been deemed too "provocative" for students on its literature and drama course. The university will now use the term "content notes" instead.

Like many universities, Warwick uses the term to alert students to sensitive material including racism, homophobia and violence.

This allows students to prepare themselves for some potentially unpleasant experiences.

However, in a Freedom of Information request, the university has revealed "trigger warnings" will now be referred as "content notes".

This is due to the word "trigger" being itself a "provocative" word, the MailOnline reported.

Thu Aug 11 02:26:08
Rugian is so relieved and yet pissed that he can't do a democrat PC number after his rant about the phrase
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