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Utopia Talk / Politics / Sweden bends the knee
Thu Aug 11 10:31:17
Sweden bends the knee to Erdogan and extradicts a Kurd to Turkiye.

The man, who is 35 years old, was sentenced in Turkey's Supreme Court in 2013 and 2016 to 14 years in prison for several counts of the crime of misuse of bank and credit cards.

He himself denies the crime and has stated to the Supreme Court that he feels wrongly convicted. The reason why he was convicted, he himself believes, is that he converted from Islam to Christianity, that he refused to do military service and that his mother is Kurdish.
Thu Aug 11 11:38:31
My guess is that some people will be extradited, because some of these people are actually criminals who should be extradited. There are already 19 people that the Turks wanted and whose case have been dealt with by the SC and extradition was denied. My guess is that nore extradition will be denied.

This is Sweden returning to sanity with regards to foreign criminals.
Fri Aug 12 06:49:03
What does Sweden get in exchange?
Average Ameriacn
Fri Aug 12 06:51:29
They get our protection.

But they won't pay for it. Trump would have made them pay many millions for our protection. Biden is weak and stupid.
Thu Aug 18 11:12:32
The Swedish extradition of a 35-year-old man to Turkey is not enough to admit Sweden into NATO. This is stated by the country's Minister of Justice for local media, The Telegraph reports.

If they think that by handing over COMMON CRIMINALS they can make us believe they have fulfilled their promises, they are wrong. NOBODY should test Turkey, says the Minister of Justice in a statement.


Three billion in Swedish support for the Turkish railway project

The Swedish state has given the green light to a billion-dollar subsidy for a Turkish railway project - despite the responsible authority identifying a number of risks, writes Dagens Nyheter (DN) in a review.

It is about the construction of a high-speed railway between the cities of Gaziantep and Mersin. According to Turkish figures obtained by DN, it is close to three billion SEK.

Behind the project is the Russian-founded company Rönesans, which, among other things, built a controversial presidential palace for Erdogan in 2014. The Export Credit Board (EKN) assesses the whole thing as a high-risk project, where the risks are assessed to be at the highest possible level on six out of eight points.

- The companies that Sweden intends to support are known for corruption and tax evasion in the billions, says Louis Brown, anti-corruption expert with a background at Transparency International and the World Bank.

The Swedish government denies that the support is linked to Sweden's NATO application.

Thu Aug 18 11:29:08
The Swedish government has done a lot of knee-bending lately.

First they flip-flopped and bent the knee for Nato.

Then they bent the knee for Turkiye, twice already.

There’s going to be a lot more knee-bending to come. Just watch. When this all done, the Swedish government may be world leaders in knee-bending.
Sun Aug 21 02:24:55
The Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) has (I presume at the orders of the Swedish Minister of State, Magdalena) arrested and contained Zinar Bozkurt, a 26 y.o kurdish man who came to Sweden as a refugee when he was 18. He is described as gay and a HDP-activist.

HDP = Peoples' Democratic Party or Democratic Party of the Peoples, is a pro-minority political party in Turkey. Generally left-wing, the party places a strong emphasis on participatory and radical democracy, feminism, LGBT rights, minority rights, youth rights and egalitarianism. (Wiki)

In Sweden he has been studying and working and exercising his democratic right to protest against Turkiye’s oppression of kurds.

I presume his name is on the list of people that Erdogan gave to Sweden to be deported to and punished in Turkiye. Not sure what crimes he is accused of in Turkiye.

But he is now waiting to be deported to Turkiye where torture and persecution likely awaits him.
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