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Utopia Talk / Politics / Is civil war inevitable?(US)
Sat Aug 13 06:38:53
We are more and more politically segregated, we play by established rules less, which eventually I think leads to ome step too far and people saying if you won't play by established rules were just going to flip the board.

The only thing I can think of is a foriegn enemy to bring us together, every one hates China, right? Maybe we could just aim our anger at them.
Sat Aug 13 07:48:28

How would that work? Some people shit their pants if the Speaker of the House even visits Taiwan for fear of provoking China.

large member
Sat Aug 13 09:13:12
Civil war is prolly not on the table. Ethnic cleansing along political lines? Maybe.
Sat Aug 13 10:08:00
Hardcore Trumpers are hated even by their own children. Let a war start. The shithole parts of this country infested with Trumpers don't produce shit anyways.
Sat Aug 13 11:18:21
Americans are too lazy to commit to a civil war. We like to live comfortably. We will yell and scream but not doing anything.

Like when cuckhat catches his wife in bed with his Walmart managers.
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