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Utopia Talk / Politics / Im IN!!!
Sun Aug 14 15:01:56
next time, im IN.
it what they OWE us.

risin costs, skyrocketin prices.

i just wished i knew about this before it happened.

but next time, im joinin lol
Sun Aug 14 15:41:17
i provided the blueprint
Sun Aug 14 15:41:30
deliver yourself from evil
Sun Aug 14 15:52:39
me talkin bout da mass lootings last week in da city.

i didnt know. nobody told me.

toys, phones, clothes were looted. next time, ima join lol. me now tryin 2 find out how they got da info for da mass flash lootingz...

anyone know?
Sun Aug 14 17:07:12
Which end of the mass beatdowns do you think you will be on after the dash and grab? You know where the strong bounce the weak and take all their shit they just stole?
And you can't even report the beatdown. You will be carrying someone elses shit for them and not even realize it until they thump you.
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