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Utopia Talk / Politics / (OT) Halo Infinite Winter Update
Sat Nov 12 13:19:12
Custom games got infection!

Theyre going to remove it of course, because why let us have things we want.

They released 2 maps, but pulled one of them immediately. How do we wait 8 months for this update and they can't even polish and bugfix 2 maps.

This is supposed to be the flagship for 10 years. We still don't have a complete game a year in.

A quality YouTube video on the subject

Sat Nov 12 13:41:16
Also, I have finally decided to explore the MCC as a game, rather than approach each game individually and just grind Team SWAT.

Why even make new Halo games? The shit the community makes out of Reach custom games is just phenomenal.

And the game is entirely free, there is no monetized component to it. All content is unlockable with XP that you accumulate doing *anything you want*.

Challenges for additional XP cover:
- PvE (social+ranked match making and custom games)
- PvP (Firefight, Spartan Ops, Campaign)
- and 'tactical' which cover cross-game, co-op, or large scale (50+ matches etc) and are 4 weeks long.

In all seriousness, further development of the MCC and particularly the Reach custom games tools and open world, you could just have a marketing push to MCC from Infinite end of life infinite... The player base is supposedly down to like 150k now. This option will become more appealing if the next season update flops too*. Relaunch it in 2 or 3 years as a new game, a Destiny or Anthem style PvE. Give us a campaign, expand upon it seasonally. Launch it with basic match making (6 most popular MCC modes). Rotate out your bottom 3 every season.

Make sure Forge is top notch, then update it as you go.

Copy exactly Destiny's monetization model.


*mint blitz, aka 'master chief in the books', is now getting called out constantly for his positive spin on Infinite. There is no positivity words the game in the community and the winter update didn't change that.
Mon Nov 14 20:54:32
Thanks for the update. Still only playing MCC here, in the off chance I can find the time. About 80% through Halo CE co-op w/ my son.
Wed Nov 16 21:40:38
I hope you are playing the original audio and graphics, even though they're not the originals they're still better than the Anniversary reskin!

The state of Halo Infinite vs MCC as live service games goes is just... Disgusting. Like how'd they fail every step of the way?

Additions to multiplayer gamemodes across all games + forge to MCC (vs the original games as released):

-Add weapons to CE, Halo 3, Reach sandbox es (CE flamethrower, Halo 3 got the ODST pistol, Reach got plasma rifles)

-Change armour effects in Reach (armour lock can be bubble shield instead!!!)

-Flood AI in ODST firefight

-AI added to forge

-Expanded forge items in all games across all maps, new features, etc

-New game modes (extermination is new), cross game play lists

-New custom made modes like zombie invasion??? Like what???

It is unfortunate that competitive match making is broken/dead, but Halo 3 Team Slayer and Reach Invasion are available on Social so not really any loss. I would have just liked to have grinded to lvl50.

I just started Keys and I want to say that Halo CE is so well paced in its levels. It doesn't get enough credit because everything after The Library is a repeat of previous levels and The Library is too long... But bare with me here.

343 Guilty Spark gets all the credit for introducing the Flood and setting the horroresque atmosphere that follows them (with original graphics) but all it serves as is a short introduction. You get ambushed, you turn tail and run, and you continue to be ambushed. It's Chief's first time facing the unknown (from the players perspective) and the first time he doesn't fight his way to a resolution. The gore, the foggy tainted feeling of the whole level, it helps make this believable to us.

The Library is, imo, not too long. It's a bit repetitive sure, but it survives as a very good follow up to that brief and mysteriously scary introduction in 343 Guilty Spark. Just endless waves of infested Flood forms throwing themselves at you and trying to out smart you as you go (rocket flood, flood waiting for you behind the doors, etc). It had to be long enough to emphasize that the Flood are endless.

Two Betrayals is just fun af I know it gets ranked mediocre most of the time but it sets up the Flood as an unpredictable 3rd party on the ring that challenges the Covenant just as much as it does mankind.

And then you have Keys. Which combines all of the last 3 levels, the horroresque atmosphere of 343 Guilty Spark, the hopelessness of waves and waves of Flood, and the level revisit and chaos of flood vs human vs covenant of two betrayals... And it's fucking beautiful. It's a shame that The Flood in Halo 3 wasn't more like Keys or the flood levels of Halo 2 really
Wed Dec 07 11:57:57
Unannounced update hit yesterday.

- Desync fixes that didn't fix anything
- customer game browser for forge games that barely works

They've had a good customer game browser on MCC for nearly a year now. They couldn't make one that worked for Infinite.

Official work on Infection has begun. Yknow, just the most demanded game mode since release.

The multiplayer lead left last week. Game media released a series of fluff pieces about him.

Multiplayer is the worst part of the game (other than the engine rewrite as a whole which ruins the game).

Why can't people publish honest pieces about fuck ups?
Wed Dec 07 11:58:57
As BF2042 made its way to game pass I'm playing that. It looks like CS1.6 on Xbox One but still a better game than Infinite
Thu Dec 08 06:50:07
MCC just got its first update since August.

Steam workshop support.

Boom. Unfortunately like 98% of the MCC player base does not play on PC though so that's kinda anti climatic for the time being. Also mod tool updates.

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