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Utopia Talk / Politics / Poll for repubs - any regrets defending Trump?
Jesse Malcolm Barack
Sun Nov 13 14:04:04
So after years of covering for Trump - refusing to support investigations into his attempted coup, saying investigating the dude for stealing top secret info was politically motivated, Fox giving Trump an army of extremists by lying to defend him etc

Now even Fox is trying to dump Trump and switch to someone else but trump wants to destroy any dude who can replace him like desantis and youngkin

Trump would probably beat both of them in the primary unless fox works overtime to tear down trump and lower his support but his minions votes are guaranteed to vote for him whatever happens

Any regrets defending this dude for years now hes fuzzing you with a strap on?


Trump claims he used the FBI to help DeSantis win 2018 election
the wanderer
Sun Nov 13 14:22:18
"Trump claims he used the FBI to help DeSantis win 2018 election – prompting calls for investigation"
(article headline)

not sure why people don't realize he makes shit up all the time... he's definitely massively corrupt, but that was just one of his extremely regular lies

but yes, he's total shit... & not sure Fox will squash him, they still have Lara Trump employed and pushing Trump for 2024 & threatening DeSantis w/ a messy primary & suggesting he wait to 2028 if he knows what's good for him

Lara Trump, enforcer:
Jesse Malcolm Barack
Sun Nov 13 14:53:09
Well dude I noticed habebe was on the fence and confused about if trump should run again or not so thought it was worth seeing if they think in hindsight if Trump is still a hero or not and if they think he never should have been supported from the start or if hes more like a hero from a different age who should retire but it still a hero
Sun Nov 13 16:19:39
It takes a colossal fucking retard to take this statement: "I sent in the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys, and the ballot theft immediately ended" and convert it into the headline.

Lol @ smoothbrain retards
the wanderer
Sun Nov 13 16:54:50
well to offer some defense, the allegations of mass fraud are obviously discounted as he throws out that nonsense all the time (plus obviously it would've made news if that had been found), so it is just about raising the question 'did he try to use FBI / US attorneys to tamper in election?' (& he DID try to corrupt the DOJ to back him up on his 2020 bullshit claims)

but I, as world's leading Trump expert, know the whole comment is made-up nonsense, none of it happened
Sun Nov 13 17:00:54
Trump was the hero we needed to save America from a Hillary Clinton presidency. Unfortunately he has lived long enough to become the villain.
the wanderer
Sun Nov 13 17:24:41
shyamalan twist: he was a villain the whole time

he seems full speed ahead on announcing on Tuesday, just recently posting another poll of him 'crushing' DeSantis... we'll see how it goes over & which spineless weasels attend (i'm sure he's extorting various figureheads to show up & support him)
Mon Nov 14 09:31:28
Republicans are going to have to have 2-4 years of floundering due to realizing they can't win significantly with Trump's abrasive behavior, pissing off Trump and his cult with the effort to disengage from him and change the tone of its propaganda to be more mass appealing, and then dealing with a Trump who's directing his endless snowflake anger toward throwing the Republican party into chaos.

"If I can't win, then no one will" is 100% in Trump's mentality, and has been since the 1980s.
Mon Nov 14 09:47:38
Sleep with the Devil and then you must pay.
Mon Nov 14 10:27:10
Trump carries alot of political baggage.

But no regrets.He changed the party like no one had since Goldwater.

The leftwingers like your Lindsey Graham types will be quick to blame Trump, but had it beenna blow out election the narrative would have been "See, we can win without Trump" who was barely on the seen.

155 of the 211 house members the GOP has won so far in the midterms are Trumpets to the point they backed his election complaints.

Long term we are still in a good position, we need to cut out some cancer.
the wanderer
Mon Nov 14 11:37:08
"to the point they backed his election complaints"

there are 2 buckets...
-those that make claims of mass fraud w/o evidence (like Kari Lake)
-those who talk about needing election security or complain about covid changes to sorta seem on his side & keep his favor, but specifically do NOT repeat claims of mass fraud

unfortunately media doesn't tend to differentiate... any in bucket 1 are part of the cancer
Mon Nov 14 11:56:00
Tw, That number came from MSNBC, so, take it with a grain of salt.

Regardless, there are different ways to look at this. We all know it would be very hard to re elect Trump in 24. I think he is better as a flavor flav role where he can fundraise and rally the base.

But to give into the narrative that Trump lost the Senate? Holds no water IMO.

Mitch McConnell lost the Senate. Again, even in a standard midterm, it would have been tough, just by the numbers they were defending 21/33 seats, but Mitch has outlasted his usefullness.

Sure, he is good at jamming up the works, but he faltered at winning elections and I wonder is he just too old?

I like McCarthy's plan of investigations, but Id prefer a Trey Gowdy. But* McCarthy can fundraise, he actually outsized everyone, even Pelosi, and narrowly, he won, theybgained seats. So I'm on the fence and would be curious who would replace him and what could they do?

Now I think the GOP has to get far more strategic.Long term I think they are seated better than Democrats (I can get into that, but alot)

But goal number one is to leverage GOP state legislatures and ban ballot harvesting and mail in votes without good cause, keep it safe like it always has been.

Where they can't, lean into it and exploit it. I think its a race to the bottom though getting voters with little knowledge or skin in the game that are easily swayed.
Mon Nov 14 12:13:56

The GOP aborted their chances of retaking the Senate by taking off their masks and showing everyone what their crazy plans had been all along. The GOP should be thankful that inflation is high otherwise it could have been a lot worse.

They managed to pick up some seats in the House no doubt do to the gerrymandering that accompanies redistricting.

I'd love to see the combined vote totals for all House seats broken down by party.

Mon Nov 14 12:19:35
Murder, You realize the GOP actually won the popular vote, something that democrats actually claimed to care about.

Me personally? I still don't, nor will I advocate for such nonsense just to clarify.
Mon Nov 14 14:20:25

"Murder, You realize the GOP actually won the popular vote, something that democrats actually claimed to care about."

No I don't realize that. That is exactly the data I want to see.

Mon Nov 14 15:08:03
What election are you talking about that the GOP won the popular vote? That needs some explaining.
Mon Nov 14 15:17:16
Murder, I'll look for it, but from what Ive heard on tv shows they have a net gain of midterm popular votes.

Likely because of massive gains in NY and FLA. Alot of those NY gains didn't turn into wins, but losses at much smaller margins.Thats my guess atleast on why.

Patom, Midterm votes, this election appear 5-6 million more for Republicans.
Mon Nov 14 16:24:01

Best I could find was cook vote counter.

But Gingrich when calling for an "autopsy" of the election to see where gains/losses were and why said it was projected to be 5-6 million vote lead.

Mon Nov 14 16:42:01
Actually as of 11/11

52.3 M GOP house votes

48.8 M other votes

Subtract non Dem votes, probably less than 3 million.
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