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Utopia Talk / Politics / UK to ban air travel for plebs
Mon Nov 14 18:44:42
Stanley Johnson, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's father and XR poster child, on the plan to combat climate change:

"It actually means that countries need to divvy up this carbon budget regime, and then they need to divvy up the sectors. And then they need to have the measures that deal sector by sector with getting-...and if that means, some of us our told 'well you can't go on a plane,' that's fine, that's part of the national plan."


Silly Stanley. You weren't supposed to say that part yet!
Cherub Cow
Mon Nov 14 23:15:30
"That’s Not Happening and It’s Good That It Is!"

It's more of their carbon-serfdom. I know it's a bad movie, but "In Time" (2011) was a good visual example of this: people are locked into economic castes by transportation barriers and kept there artificially through servitude and shifting productivity demands.

This UN/WEF plan involves keeping people within energy sectors, such as neighborhoods and boroughs. They are given strict carbon output limits via CBDC controls (i.e., not allowed to spend beyond a certain daily allotment of carbon), and those limits always expire at the edges of these boroughs.

So, you want to go downtown? It's costly to take the bus, and you'll probably have to walk back, so you may as well stay home. Want to fly to Italy? Sorry, your carbon designation is "useless eater" (non-state functionary), so you have not earned that carbon privilege.

And, of course, "some of us our told" is key: this is Bolshevism. Inner Party members are allotted greater carbon freedom. State functions are *always* more important than any caste's small slice of the puzzle, so they get to fly to their villas in New Zealand or their new pedo island away from peasant eyes.

The best part is that this is still called "conspiracy theory" even while it is being effected more and more transparently.
Tue Nov 15 03:18:33

"It's more of their carbon-serfdom."

Currently it's just called poverty.

Cherub Cow
Tue Nov 15 03:30:14
Always good to see murder maintaining his patented immense ignorance. ;)
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