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Utopia Talk / Politics / Mike Pence on Jan 6th Coup Attempt
Mon Nov 14 21:22:35
Now that the clown took an L these guys can finally speak. Good interview.

Mon Nov 14 23:25:27
He could speak any time he wanted. He has a book coming out tomorrow and the interview is good publicity for a book launch.
Mon Nov 14 23:28:46
Polenta gives better interviews.
Tue Nov 15 01:12:09
trump will still announce tomorrow, he could give a shit if he divides the GOP and hands over the white house again
Tue Nov 15 01:32:40
He won't win the nomination. The other gop contenders won't do the same thing they did in 2016 and divide the conservative vote allowing for trump to consolidate the populist vote. If trump runs the other candidates will back out and support de santis and he will win the primaries handily.
Tue Nov 15 02:24:44
Here is a issue with Desantis.

His supporters are Meghan McCain, Liz Cheney and the Lincoln project pedophiles.

With supporters like that, who needs opponets?
Cherub Cow
Tue Nov 15 03:13:32
"coup attempt"
and lol at this transparent agitprop interview. Scripted garbage with edits cut in for effect — the type of stuff that midwits fall for on the daily and the same stuff they did in the show trials XD
It must be terrible to go through life without the ability to see through this, lol :D

"trump will still announce tomorrow, he could give a shit if he divides the GOP and hands over the white house again"

I see some people are drinking the establishment narrative on this one.
Brought to you by Daily Wire!

People need to be careful letting the NeoCon war-mongers back in power. DeSantis has done some solid things against the ESG/DIE totalitarians, but he has a pack of war-mongers riding his coat tails, which should at the very least caution people. If he tries to run the "moderate" position like the GOP midterm weaklings, he'll end up cutting deals with the Ukraine/Taiwan money-launderers.

The NeoCons are trying to make Trump's COVID/pharma position a wedge issue, but they do not seem to have much else but pearl-clutching bullshit that is not much better than the complaints of left-wing psychosis bots ("[Trump said mean thing!]"). And Trump was wise to ESG also, shutting down TPP and putting anti-ESG rules in place that Biden has been scrambling to undo so that the total-state can collapse the West.

The U.S. needs someone who will make ESG a mainstream issue and expose the Bolshevik infiltration.
Tue Nov 15 03:42:54

"He won't win the nomination."

He may run as an independent if he doesn't get the nomination.

Tue Nov 15 03:43:57

Or better yet, launch his own MAGA Party.

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