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Utopia Talk / Politics / ohhhh caaanada
Wed Nov 16 12:11:52

he left da room immediately.

Wed Nov 16 12:17:29
Canada is terrorist nation.

I may dislike Trudeau more than Xi.
Thu Nov 17 02:31:53
notice da lady at da end. everybody knew whatsup at that moment.

look at da lady, she wanted to laugh out loud but realized da camera was on her, so she held in.

Thu Nov 17 03:10:11
I seen another video that showed Trudeau walking away.

Wow, Xi spanked him so bad he walked funny.

No one is shocked he is a bitch.
Fri Nov 18 06:24:48
owned owned owned


so basically china was da most popular sports captain with dozens of meetings with countries.

nobody wanted 2 speak 2 canada and uk however...
so canada wanted a meeting too with china!!!

but was denied. this is da background to da g20 meeting.

so on first day, he snuk up to Chinese president, and China gave him 10 minutes of chitchat talk.

On second day, he waited impatiently on Chinese president who had another meeting with another country and when he came out, trudeau hurriedly came up to him. LOL

there, he was told that leaking private conversations and leaking lies are not appropiate. while the translator wanted to translate da second sentence, canada interrupted immediately.

He does not speak Chinese so how could he have known what mrXi was saying the second time. Oh yaaaa. he doesnt know.

Basically he wasnt even listening. EXPOSED.

What happened was, on da back of his eyes, he felt da media and camera rolling. And after the first sentence, he knew he was being reprimanded. So he felt da need to drum up da usual "da god of light is da one and true god, who will free us from walkin dead. fire and ice baby thats how things r done in canadaaaa"

u know its BS. u know it, we know it. everyone knows it.

so da correct response in that case, after being xposed is, "i dont got time 4 this shat, handshake. Adios"

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