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Thu Nov 17 15:19:42
But you better stop looking for it or else.


Federal agents conduct mysterious raid on Area 51 website creator’s homes

Someone call Mulder and Scully.

Agents from the U.S. Air Force and the FBI raided two Nevada homes owned by a man who operates a website about Area 51, which runs articles positing theories about what goes on at the top secret base, officials said.

The Air Force Office of Special Investigations and the FBI entered properties linked to webmaster Joerg Arnu in Las Vegas and Rachel on Nov. 3 and confiscated potential evidence, spokesman Lt. Col. Bryon McGarry confirmed in a statement.

While McGarry did not elaborate on the investigation, Arnu runs Dreamland Resort, a popular website dedicated to the top-secret Air Force base located about 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas in the Nevada desert.

The base is often the source of speculation by government fanatics and conspiracy theorists. Arnu’s 23-year-old site features photographs and drone videos of Area 51 and reports on the comings and goings at the base from people who travel to the edge and take a look.

He even writes about reports of UFOs and aliens at the site — reports that he dismisses as false and nothing but a “distraction from the real purpose of the base, reseaech [sic] and development of all sorts of Black Projects.”

Speaking to George Knapp of KLAS this week, Arnu said he was always careful to screen posts for content that might be legitimately classified. He said he learned the hard way that something on his website crossed the line when the agents searched his home.

“I’m asking, ‘Okay, what is going on? What are you doing in my house?’” Arnu told the outlet. “I’m looking basically at this point at a riot shield and a gun that was drawn and pointed at me and an agent in a stern voice giving me commands.”

Arnu said most of the warrant is sealed, and he still does not know what the agents were looking for.

“As it is right now, I have no clear understanding of what I’m being charged with or why my property was seized,” he lamented. “Cell phones, memory sticks, backup drives, my camera equipment that is worth almost $10,000, my drone, everything was taken.”

Agents also entered Arnu’s Las Vegas home, where he says they detained his girlfriend outside in front of neighbors while the residence was searched, he said.

In an email to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Arnu said he took down some panoramas from Dreamland Resort to “defuse the situation…although I believe that it was legally obtained and legal to publish.”

“I’m not sharing anything on my website that cannot be found on dozens of other websites and news outlet publications,” he insisted.

Arnu is meeting with his attorney this week, and does not yet know if he is facing criminal charges. He told the Review-Journal that he is considering legal action to retrieve his confiscated equipment.

“I believe the search, executed with completely unnecessary force by overzealous government agents was meant as a message to silence the Area 51 research community,” he said.


Thu Nov 17 17:25:24
” As it is right now, I have no clear understanding of what I’m being charged with or why my property was seized,”

Lol. Send him to Guantanamo.
Thu Nov 17 17:28:38
Yeah, dystopian police state.

Federal authorities raid people on whim and terrorize citizens.

Buy more guns.Better yet, print your own.
Thu Nov 17 19:01:20
Kind of like the movie Conspiracy Theory when he says something along the lines of having a lot of conspiracies and must have gotten one right.
Thu Nov 17 20:21:06

"Buy more guns.Better yet, print your own."

You probably want to stay away from talk of shooting feds or the cops.

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