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Utopia Talk / Politics / Europeans protesters burn US flag
Fri Nov 18 16:51:51
Greece: Protesters Burn US Flags To Mark Anniversary Of Anti-dictatorship Uprising In 1973

On Wednesday, November 17, Greek protestors burned American flags as thousands demonstrated a march to the US embassy in the capital city Athens to mark the anniversary of an anti-dictatorship uprising in 1973. The United States has been blamed for supporting Greece's far-right military junta, which seized power in 1967. A pro-democracy protest at Athens Polytechnic culminated the junta's tenure, with several people murdered when a tank rammed into the university gate. The protesters also raised slogans like "US out, NATO out" and "Americans are murderers of people" as they gathered near the embassy, which was cordoned off by police buses," reported news agency Sputnik.

Fri Nov 18 16:55:10
Im ok with them burning the flag.

I'm also ok with the US supporting a far right military junta.
Fri Nov 18 16:59:37
Looks like this is a yearly tradition. Burning the US flag. The link above is from the last year. This one is from today:

Greek protesters burn US flag on Polytechnic uprising anniversary

Greek protesters burned the American flag on Thursday during popular marches on the streets of the capital Athens, in commemoration of the forty-ninth anniversary of the student uprising against the US-backed military rule in 1973.

Fri Nov 18 17:11:34
I'm fine with dropping a country which is basically useful solely for tourism.
Fri Nov 18 17:21:12
Are they burning Chinese knock-offs or authentic made in the USA flags.

If the flags were not made in the USA it doesn't count.
Fri Nov 18 17:22:09
Hold on now, I like Gyros and greasy greek broads.
Fri Nov 18 19:26:09

"If the flags were not made in the USA it doesn't count."

Do we still make our own flags? Seems like we could get them cheaper from Haiti.

Fri Nov 18 21:13:23
you want cheap or do you want patriotic?

I suppose we could let central and south America make them. Maybe that would boost their economies enough they would stay home?
Fri Nov 18 22:20:08
"reported news agency Sputnik. "
Sat Nov 19 02:37:20
That was in 2021 when Europe had not yet censored and banned certain media. Yesterday, it was Al Mayadeen, a news media from the ME, who reported on the story. Media in Nato countries are not allowed to report that people protest against the US, because they think it will make the Empire angry. Dissenting opinions are not allowed. Everyone must be united and love America.
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