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Utopia Talk / Politics / Will france and colonialism?
Sun Nov 20 12:52:35
In what is largely viewed as the most racist nation on earth, France's continued exploitation of its african colonies is being called out in public again.

Biden should push for a new Africa policy to compete with China but really should pressure racist France to stand on their own feet and not exploit their colonial slaves anymore.How is the EU ok with this?

Sun Nov 20 13:25:49

How surprisingly woke of you.

Sun Nov 20 21:08:23
Damn, we need an edit button.

Murder, What? I love coloreds and queers, im down with the hipping hop and all that wakanda whiz my Papi.

It is super crazy though that the wokest place on earth (Europe) is cool with France demanding payments and influence over its African colonies. Maybe South America as well, that place is a shit hole, probably the worst part of the EU.
Cherub Cow
Mon Nov 21 06:40:47
Meloni's spat with Macron has been pretty funny:

"[Italy PM] Meloni hits back at France in migrants row"
[Reuters; November 11th, 2022]

"Italy’s president tries to calm Meloni’s fight with Macron over migrants"
[Politico; November 14th, 2022]

And finally, the most recent viral moment comes from a clipped video of Giorgia Meloni from *2018* which is being floated as "new" news, given the current spat with France's total-state-Macron:
(clipped version)
[November 18th, 2022]

Full video of her TV appearance:
"Non è l'Arena - Puntata 20/01/2018"
[La7 Attualità; January 23rd, 2019]
(clipped section occurs at 57:30)

Her point was to use the ESG/DIE West's "colonialism" rhetoric against them. The ESG/DIE total-state that Meloni opposes has been using resource scams to flood the West with African migration. Assuring the economic independence of those nations would prevent these mass-migrations, since these resource-siphoning initiatives are causing flight from these nations (mass poverty and corrupt African leadership which gets rich while selling out the country will do that). This is because France has been pairing with China's Belt-and-Road initiative to strip Africa of resources, improving Africa's population pyramids, and sending migrants north to destabilize Europe. These Belt-and-Road nations typically have healthy population pyramids but shrinking populations for this very reason: mass migration to escape Chinese slavery.

So Meloni is not suddenly going woke and wishing to end colonialism, she is simply pointing out the ESG/DIE scam's hypocrisy. That is, if Macron truly opposes "colonialism" (a Marxist social condition of ESG/DIE), then he can stop meddling in Africa while simultaneously ending the migration crisis. He won't, of course, since he wants to be an ESG/DIE oligarch, which means that he's just as corrupt as these Belt-and-Road African nation leaders: he's getting his cut of the Chinese assets while selling out his own nation.

Mind you, this comes only days after Bali G20 meetings and Chinese state media publishing a glowing endorsement of Macron for effecting Chinese total-state policies in France and Africa on their behalf (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, People's Republic of China; November 15th, 2022 https://www.fmprc.gov.cn/eng/zxxx_662805/202211/t20221115_10975348.html ). Chinese state media is *thick* with ESG/DIE language because they are beneficiaries of the scam:
"China stands ready to work with France to support Indonesia in hosting a successful G20 Bali Summit, step up communication and coordination on issues including climate response and biodiversity conservation, jointly uphold true multilateralism, tackle global challenges such as food and energy security, and find solutions to the thorny issues confronting sustainable development."

• "climate response" — climate as an excuse to reformat the West into serfdom
• "conservation" — China gets the resources and everyone else gets fucked
• "food and energy security" — the West starves itself while BRICS expands food production
• "sustainable development" — Marxist/Marcusean dialectic of forced serfdom through "carbon" as currency; CBDCs as oversight.

So yeah, you can see why the Politburo calls Meloni "far right" and "fascist". She is as threat to this total-state serfdom.
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