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Utopia Talk / Politics / Disney in full meltdown mode
Sun Nov 20 21:45:51
CEO fired

Layoffs announced

Stock down by over 40% this year

Earnings report massively underperformed expectations

Ron DeSantis nuked their special district status

Conservatives are boycotting their products

They were pressured into supporting the teaching of transgenderism to pre-K children

90% of their new releases have garbage leftwing propaganda and woke shit in them

Sun Nov 20 22:52:00
The big mouse ain't gonna die but he is definitely bleeding and people are freaking out.
Mon Nov 21 01:36:43
Onlie mickie mouze cumin out wit a MAGA hat 2 trol da libs wil saev tham now
Mon Nov 21 03:09:06
Punisher is gonna have a mini series
Cherub Cow
Mon Nov 21 05:19:50
I'm pretty psyched about DeSantis' work in disabling ESG here.

Disney was designated "too big to fail" by ESG logic, which meant that they could hemorrhage money with obvious propaganda and get away with it because ESG investments from the state would cover those losses. But, by disabling those investments and banning ESG in key areas (e.g., divesting state funds from BlackRock/Fink's portfolios), Disney had to take those losses *directly*.

Without Disney being able to siphon funds from the state, they'll have to lean on asset managers to keep the ESG scam and its total-state propaganda going. But, if other ESG businesses see that states can pull those loss-protections away from them as Florida has done (and as Texas and a coalition of other states have attempted), they'll demand more protections from the asset-managers, who will be unable to soak-up the increased cost of ESG's failures — this could wake up businesses who got into the ESG pyramid scheme late (they have fewer protections in a downturn). The ESG scam requires an asset-manager/government merger to hide the losses through subsidies, and Florida disrupted that.

That said, the ESG strategy was a ticking time bomb regardless. The hope of the total-state was to have the entire pyramid scheme collapse *simultaneously* to create a global economic catastrophe. Items such as Sri Lanka and Disney were *unintended* when it comes to that timing. They want to *hide* losses until it's too late to reverse course.

And this is not a total white-pill.
Bob Iger is not going to be returning to restore Disney to "glory" — this is the same CEO who oversaw Episode VIII and Disney's racialist/DIE revisions of former franchises. Iger is simply returning to signal to the ESG stakeholders that he'll better manage the global downfall. Disney will be leveraging protections it earned through deals with Third Point Management to cover these losses — Third Point having been newly engaged as a sacrificial money-hole only a few months ago in anticipation of these losses. BlackRock (Fink) and Vanguard also remain Disney's top investors — these are pure-ESG companies that will absolutely dump money into Disney to keep this propaganda apparatus active.

If people want to stop this from happening, more states need to force these divestments from ESG. This forces the losses to be apparent to common observers, and more businesses will see that it's a scam.
Mon Nov 21 06:59:11
I am ok with this, the subversion of these institutes. I have made my peace with what I believe is inevitable. Not Disney specifically, but some portion of these places will fall, I see it as creative destruction, like a forest fire. I’m a glass half full on this :P
Mon Nov 21 07:34:19
OMG!!! Is this a Liz Truss Moment?!

It's a mix of things with Disney. In general D isn't known to make their own great hits often. Lion king and Aladdin were some of the best, after that they relied on Steve jobs for 20 years to make hits.

They have one of the greatest IP libraries of all time,Starwars, Nat Geo,Simpson's + Disney. Starwars is going fairly well but other than that they have not made anything great since Moana, my girls LOVED moana, watched it a billion times.

But Shapiro has the right idea, make good shows/movies. Don't focus on oushing ideology. Why make Obi-wan love cock? It's unnecessary.

As for ESG in general I really hope to see more action from Republicans in the House and state level. WV & TX have banned companies like blackrock from doing business with state funds.
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