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Mon Nov 28 01:16:41
Can anyone confirm that they cancelled their Twitter to protest Musk buying it?

These creeps even making Kanye look normal.

Openly pushing for child rape *accidently*

If that's the sort of advertisers leaving Twitter, its a good thing.
Mon Nov 28 06:11:20
Its weird how LGBTism seems to repeatedly result in children being sexualized, isn't it.

Seems like an ideology that thinks that 5 year old are qualified to make decisions about their gender identity might not have an issue with putting kids in BDSM-themee photos. Gee, who would have guessed.
large member
Mon Nov 28 06:27:34
Wierd how capitalism seems to repeatedly result in children being sexualized, isn't it?

See what I did there?
Mon Nov 28 08:06:37

Some people seem deeply invested in defending pedo guy Elon Musk.

Mon Nov 28 09:09:22
"Can anyone confirm that they cancelled their Twitter to protest Musk buying it?"

Why don't you link to the allegation?
Mon Nov 28 11:17:53
Who is Belenciaga?
Mon Nov 28 11:39:25
Asdf, Its just something I seen on Twitter alot. But I also know one person can say that and this is something people would want to be true thus they would take that as true and repeat it yadda yadda.

The Kanye West thing is confirmed.

But who knows anymore, I seen AP was involved in a big cover up today, have not read the details yet.
the wanderer
Mon Nov 28 13:22:39
here's the bondage bear ads (that they've apologized for & claim was a mistake):

not sure the LGBT connection Rugian bringing into it

& not particularly good timing w/ idiots on the Right (who love shouting 'groomer!') claiming the Left is just upset at Elon for cracking down on child porn
Mon Nov 28 14:39:18
Tumbleweed, The ads go deeper when they snuck in legal papers on a case specifically about child porn.

That seems really wierd and removes any question about their intent.

Ive seen gays against groomers do a deeper dive and point out several other specific references in older ads where they will have specific books and such in the background that reference child porn.

These ads are specifically designed just for the add, so it really seems odd to add such materials.
Mon Nov 28 15:05:27
Yeah there is no surprise that the same group of people who actively encourage children to question their gender and sexuality to also not have a problem sexualizing children.
Mon Nov 28 17:11:43
Semi related...

While not Balenciaga, here is WAPO (openly hard left) praising a play called "downstate" and says

"Its a play about paedophiles and it's Brilliant"


Gee I wonder why the left routinely gets associated with child rape? Really baffling.
Mon Nov 28 18:53:04
"Wierd how capitalism seems to repeatedly result in children being sexualized, isn't it?

See what I did there?"

yeah, you spelled weird wrong and changed a word instead of refuting the point made. You did a whataboutism to justify something that is obviously not a good thing.
Mon Nov 28 20:49:41
I before E , except after C!!!

Thise bastards lied to us!!!

While I think the comparison is silly, I wouldn't call it a whataboutism exactly.

To me Jergul seemed to be pointing out correlation VS causation.

I think Rugian's lacks nuance. LGBTism can be different things. I think Rugian was referring more to the politicized variation and not just gay and trans ppl.

Even within the communities I see LGB and TQ+ as two distinct communities anyway.Its the TQ+ and the politicization of the group that has aligned itself with pedos both on accident and intentionally sometimes.

I think to a great degree pedos see the lgbtq shit and try to sneak in to gain acceptance under the guise of "maps".

But also very left wing wokeism will often welcome such perversions and call for understanding and acceptance for things that do not deserve it.

Pn the flips side IMHO the right jumps on this to exaggerate groomer claims as well and often I see people not separating different acts, such as sleeping with a 17 yr old prostitute and raping a 10 year old, one of these is vastly worse than the other just like when parts of the me too movement startex acting like forceable rape and smacking a woman's ass was equally as bad, which is insane.
Mon Nov 28 22:59:05
I've thought for a while the LBG should have been adamant about the TQ+ fighting their own battle instead of attaching themselves.

I think the main problem with both groups is the fringe not only wants to be accepted but wants to be celebrated. For example they (the plural not an individual) were upset that the NY marathon didn't make a bigger deal out of having more than two categories for gender when entering the race. It wasn't enough that they were included.
large member
Tue Nov 29 04:16:49
Unregulated or unenforced capitalism is inherently exploitive.

And shut up already about whataboutism. Its worse than being a grammar nazi. Way worse.
large member
Tue Nov 29 04:22:11
My feeling on the actual advertising is that the photographer (or stage setter) was aiming for edgy and went way too far. Probably gay. The staging had a gay vibe. Incredibly outragous. But part of the fashion industry that has been sexualizing children forever (see any catwalk). Where designers are also quite often LGBTQ.

There is not collective guilt, but there certainly is a collective responsibility.

Also. Better regulation. Capitalism is inherently exploitive if not curtailed by regulation. Billion dollar industries that mass produce their shit in china should not be able to cite artistic freedom when exploiting children.
Tue Nov 29 06:57:56

"And shut up already about whataboutism. Its worse than being a grammar nazi. Way worse."

But what about when you do it?

Tue Nov 29 06:58:33

"Unregulated or unenforced capitalism is inherently exploitive."

It's downright predatory.

large member
Tue Nov 29 07:25:28
I never complain about whataboutism.
Tue Nov 29 07:50:18
Tue Nov 29 12:24:52
Wow I mention whataboutism once in I think the history of these forums and jergul gets deeply butthurt.

And you did ask if we saw what you did. Would have been impolite not to answer honestly.

Almost any political or economic model in pure form is a disaster waiting to happen. Unregulated and over regulated are both serious concerns. I want the least government regulation possible but understand the need for meat inspectors.
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