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Utopia Talk / Politics / No end to corporate welfare in the US
Wed Nov 30 07:08:09
Report warns U.S. chip design market share to plunge without government support

Nov 30 (Reuters) - The United States has been a leader in microchip design with dominant companies like Nvidia, Intel and Qualcomm, but it risks a big drop in global market share without government support for the sector, warned a report released on Wednesday.

The U.S. share of chip design revenue has been slipping in recent years, dropping to 46% in 2021 from over 50% in 2015. Without government support, that could drop to 36% by the end of this decade, according to the analysis released by U.S. industry body Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) and Boston Consulting Group.

The United States has already lost its lead in chip manufacturing, prompting the Biden administration to pass the CHIPS and Science Act this year. An earlier report by SIA and BCG in 2020 showed the U.S. share of modern global chip manufacturing capacity had fallen to 12% by that year, down from 37% in 1990.

While companies like Intel Corp (INTC.O) both design and manufacture chips, so-called fabless chipmakers like Nvidia Corp (NVDA.O) and Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.O) design chips that are made by the likes of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (2330.TW).

The report also said government support is helping companies in countries like China and South Korea to gain market share in chip designing as well.

It said federal investment in semiconductor design and R&D of $20 billion-$30 billion through 2030, including a $15 billion-$20 billion investment tax credit for chip design, would be needed to maintain U.S. leadership in the long-run.

While the CHIPS and Science Act included $39 billion in manufacturing grants for chip production and $13 billion for R&D, nothing was tagged for chip designing specifically, according to a spokesperson for SIA.

The report also said the U.S. chip industry will face a shortage of 23,000 design workers by 2030, but funding from the federal government could help support training up a workforce.


Wed Nov 30 07:15:35

Farming? Taxpayer subsidized.
Mining? Taxpayer subsidized.
Oil and gas production? Taxpayer subsidized.
Railroads? Taxpayer subsidized.


It's hard to think of an industry in the US that isn't subsidized by taxpayers.

Capitalism is a racket.

Sam Adams
Wed Nov 30 10:25:42
Easy problem to solve.

Get rid of taxes
Wed Nov 30 11:22:04
Indeed. You look a bit silly when you call socialized actions capitalism.
Wed Nov 30 12:20:58

Get rid of taxes? That's just going to result in exploding deficits.

Bigger explosions.

Remember that the government can borrow all they want.

Wed Nov 30 12:21:59

"Indeed. You look a bit silly when you call socialized actions capitalism."

This is capitalism in the real world.

Wed Nov 30 12:25:34
State supported companies is not capitalism no matter how much you want to redefine words.
Wed Nov 30 12:25:57
You are arguing for less socialism and more capitalism.
Wed Nov 30 12:26:22
And we’re in agreement, so it’s semantic at this point
Wed Nov 30 12:43:09
Maybe we could do something that actually makes sense.

When foreigners (largely south/east/middle Asian) complete highly demanded degrees, we often send then home.

I like the idea of offering these people fast tracked US citizenship.Many of them would welcome US citizenship.
Wed Nov 30 16:48:53
No taxes at all makes sense though.

Print the money you need to fund govt operations. Everyone pays equally with inflation, but they can protect their purchasing power with I-Bonds.

At some point it's a pyramid scheme, but theoretically an infinite one since the money printer is infinite.
Wed Nov 30 16:59:58
Nhill, To be fair I didn't read much past skimming the OP. I wasn't saying tge otger posts didnt make sense, I was saying it doesnt make sense now is our current policy of training these potential job creators and booting them out to Asia.
Wed Nov 30 17:01:40
Oh okay. Yeah that's a good point.
Wed Nov 30 17:39:18
Murder hates America, freedom, and the military.

He is desperate for America to fail and be subservient to China. Murder likes China because they're genocidal socialists and they're honest about it.
Wed Nov 30 17:49:41
I don't think the porn industry is subsidized. Could be though I suppose.

The government did pay for a few studies on porn though. So the porn producers no government money. People watching porn score!
Wed Nov 30 17:50:26
"This is capitalism in the real world" lol wut? Murder fail.
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