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Utopia Talk / Politics / My cologne was discontinued!
Wed Nov 30 19:13:22
WTF! My absolute favorite cologne ever was Armani Code Sport. Armani Code smells like garbage.

Well, It lasts forever and I havn't been wearing cologne as regularly as I used to, so I went to re up, apparently it was discontinued 3 years ago.

2.5 of bottles sell for $250! I need like a Chinese knock off.
Wed Nov 30 19:14:35
I mean, come on they cloned am Apple store, Im sure they can copy a discontinued cologne.

Aqua di gio is OK. More of a winter only scent and it's heavier than sport.
Wed Nov 30 19:32:12
Gotta change to Joop! now
Wed Nov 30 19:59:04
I don't where any fragrances that rhyme with poop.

I havn't worn daily scandal in a few years, especially since covid, but I feel like I should again.

My old go to smell me goods were.

1. Armani Code Sport, I did find a knock off.This company specializes in discontinued "revival scents" but, I'll probably drop the $250 and also get ome more bottle of the real deal.


2. Aqua Di Gio , especially good at Winter.

3. This one sounds odd and is super cheap, but it's actually a really good fragrance, Candies for men, more of spring/summer scent, very citrusy.

When I was younger I had a whole shelf of scents.These were my favorites.
Wed Nov 30 23:11:57
That shit ain't good for you anyway, just give it up.
Wed Nov 30 23:27:10
I can send you a bottle of my farts free of charge.
Wed Nov 30 23:28:05

Anyways, here's a way to try new colognes for cheaper.
Wed Nov 30 23:45:57
Aqua di gio is my go to. Strong enough for a woman to smell it at a close distance and weak enough not to overpower a room.
Thu Dec 01 01:51:46
Dukhat, I'll check it out....not the fart jar.

I used to buy samples at a similar website that also probably doesn't exist anymore.
Thu Dec 08 10:05:04
I guess they reformulated Candies as well. This gift set was $10-12 at Kmart when I was a teenager.

Thu Dec 08 22:19:59
this will also act as my rant thread.

Ok so my sister's.ked closed her finger in the door an hour and a half ago, she was going to take her to the hospital, just in case something fractured, I really don't think it did, bit you have to check.

she drops the other daughter here, pulls behind me blocking my car and her tire blows. Her and her drunk (husband) try to put their doughnut on because its a bad blow out because she never takes care of her cars, she literally just srives her tires all the time until they blow.

They broke not one but two jacks (mine, how does that even happen?)

I said, call 911 and triple A, be done with it. But of course thebsrunk has to go, I'm all but certain that's his ticket to not going in to work tommorow.

There is no concern with getting Emma to the hospital, she is watching the grinche here and seems ok, but still.

I told her she needs to get triple A and her reply is she doesnt have the money!

Bruh, its like $40! I can use mine because it was at my house etc.

but $40!!! the people that always have beer( a case a day), lottery and cigarettes, went out to eat the night for $72 dont have money for Triple A, like what fucked up priorities! so dumb.

Yep, he is texting his boss now trying to get out of work. Imagine that.

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