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Fri Dec 02 01:55:35
average. they waited 2 long. he was old even in da last movie...which was what, 10 years ago.


average, all of them. gonna suck hard this one.


lol wut. they really milkin this shat dry. and basically this is like 6th movie or something and not a single one has been good. how fukin pathetic is this shat.


Fri Dec 02 02:22:17
Is that what you tell the girls?

Im guessing this is the new Indiana Jones movie without clicking.

Something the mysterious dial.

I'm glad they aren't ending it with that sped kid "He will not divide us"

Definitely looking forward.to cocaine bear, only in theatres.It's kind of odd that's Ray Liotas last film.Ive seen good fellas more than probably any other movie except maybe miracle on 34th street.
Fri Dec 02 04:52:39
Is it Indiana Jones in space?

At 1:08 it looks like he is sitting in the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars.
Fri Dec 02 05:07:16
he too old for this shit...

plus storywise i did not get any wiser watchin that shat.

as for guardians...looks sad man. da jokes r startin 2 become stale. was always average jokes and shat but its clear they runnin out of ideas. i dont give a crap bout groot and shit u know. they r cgi characters.

transformers, im even more confused and shit. wasnt da gorilla optimus prime and shit. so whose who and why is every frikkn human character different in each movie. this shit is like what, da 6th movie? 7th? i lost count.

and rlly da only two who were decent, were transformers3 and 4.

Sat Dec 03 17:59:13
Sat Dec 03 20:48:13
Time travel, an easy way to rewrite Indiana as a woke woman in another failed attempt to start a new verse with existing IP
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