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Mon Dec 05 10:20:23
My personal favorite, Moore V Harper starts Tuesday.

People are terrified of this case, but their arguments against it make no sense.

1. They know the wording of the law clearly supports State Legislature. doctrine. (Early case law as well)

2. They (legacy media)would have you believe "Nobody actually wants this to be law, its only a small group of people" but if that was the case, than why not just change the Constitution?

But also there is a challenge to section 230 in its current form.

The gist that I get is this.

Yes, platforms can not be charged with things that random ppl post, they claim they are not editorializing posts like a newspaper.

However, the challenge says, if you promote certain speech and ban other speech based off of your political persuasion or personal preference that THAT is editorializing like a newspaper.

Google is apparently freaking out.

Que the hordes of "influencers" going to bat to support section 230 as it currently stands.

And yes, if the case is won it would the Elons hands as well.
Wed Dec 07 15:56:34
Its HERE!!!

Moore V Harper started today. Havnt jad time to listen in yet.
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