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Sun Jan 15 11:24:48
BOSTON - A "marauding group" beat and robbed MBTA riders with a crowbar during the Thursday evening commute, police allege.

Transit police said the first assault happened at about 5 p.m. on a train at the Harvard Square MBTA station, where a man reported being attacked by three males and one female. The victim said one of the attackers was armed with a crowbar.

According to police, the alleged attackers traveled to the Park Street Station and attacked and robbed someone else on board a Green Line trolley headed to Kenmore Station.

"The group allegedly were also threatening several commuters on board the trolley with violence," Transit police said in a statement. "The marauding group continued to travel to Fenway where they robbed and beat another victim, on the platform, with a crowbar causing facial injuries to the victim."

Police said after the assault and robbery at Fenway Station, the group fled toward Brookline. Officers searched the area and arrested 25-year-old Parrish Jones of Dorchester, 21-year-old William Windham of Brockton, and a 16-year-old girl from Dorchester.

The suspects are all charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing bodily injury, assault and battery and armed robbery.

Sun Jan 15 11:25:46
Some context needs to be given for how fucked up this is.

These thugs started their spree at Harvard, one of the most heavily-used stations on the entire MBTA. They rode the Red Line subway train for four stops, long enough to cross from Cambridge into Boston.

They then got off at Park Street (also one of the the busiest stations on the system). They ascended up a flight of stairs and waited for a Green Line trolley to arrive. They boarded the trolley and proceeded to ride it for another six stops, taking them through three neighborhoods in the central city (Downtown, Back Bay, and Fenway). They finally got off at Fenway (a surface station) and departed.

In total, these people were allowed to ride two trains for ten stops, taking them almost six miles through two cities. And at no point were any police on hand to stop them.

I realize we're past the days of letting the cops smash in niggers' heads to keep order, but this total "hands off" approach that the police are now doing in order to avoid another George Floyd-type incident is simply not working.
Sun Jan 15 13:10:45
It wouldn’t have been such a big problem if the victims had been armed with a gun. The first victim could have put a stop to them.
Sun Jan 15 14:28:20
Another good reason to never live in a big city.
Sun Jan 15 14:36:20
It really isn't a big city problem. It's a problem with inner city blacks and their complete lack of civic responsibility.
Sun Jan 15 15:19:15

That should be multiple counts of attempted murder for all of them. Just tie them together and set them on fire.

Sun Jan 15 15:21:54
To be fair, one of the suspects lives in Brockton, which is in itself a far worse punishment than anything the criminal justice system could do to them.
Sun Jan 15 16:16:04
I realize it's not in Boston, but I still blame the turd statue.
Sun Jan 15 16:17:24
No, that's in Boston. Unfortunately.
Sun Jan 15 16:18:51
Assuming they all get convicted they will be in jail for some time. Unless the 16 year old girl gets charged as a minor inwhich case she will get out pretty quickly and start shitting out the next generation of din-du-nuffins
Sam Adams
Sun Jan 15 16:44:08
The negro in its classic environment... committing crime on public transportation.
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