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Sam Adams
Mon Jan 16 21:54:03

Democrat wants criticism of any nonwhite person to be a federal hate crime. Its still ok to criticism white people(she does so in her title).

Something so offensive to the very first ammendment, proposing this bill should result in an automatic life prison senetence.
Cherub Cow
Mon Jan 16 22:58:43
[2023 H.R.61]: "mythical falsehoods such as “replacement theory”"

It's not myth, and it's not false.
This is how slave morality infiltrates with its error of cause and consequence. This bill sets a precedent of denying reality itself (denying replacement) and using that denial to prevent people from taking action — political or otherwise — against that reality.

Notice also the "enforcement, monitoring, and reporting" section. This is exactly the kind of bill that makes the DOJ/FBI into a partisan apparatus. Bills like this force the FBI into a flawed definition of "white supremacy" (i.e., "[any action taken by white people in observance of reality]"), then creates reporting standards which inflate *actual* white supremacy via the false "white supremacy" definition in order to create a false statistic which tricks the population into believing that white supremacy is the largest domestic threat in the U.S.

That is,
• Make fake definition of "white supremacy",
• Force adoption of this definition by the FBI,
• Force them to add this to their reporting standards,
• Create inflated perception of "white supremacy" threat in the U.S.
• Use this to prosecute political enemies

Sheila Jackson Lee should be tried and hanged until she is dead — not because she is black but because she is a traitor to this nation, standing in direct contradiction to its principles of equality.
Tue Jan 17 07:01:14

A quick scan of this bill reveals nothing like what the OP alleges.

Tue Jan 17 07:40:31

Section 2(b)2(B) and its sub-clauses are so broadly constructed that I think it could plausibly be used in the way that Sam Adam's suggests.

Basically, if you say anything bad about minorities on say Twitter, and your tweet pops up in the feed of someone who goes on to commit a crime against a non-white person, then you would now be guilty of having committed a hate crime.

In that same vein it also definitely bans any discussion of great replacement theory. Agree or disagree with that idea, its bizarre that we shouldn't even be allowed to talk about it without the threat of getting slapped with federal criminal charges.

As Sam also points out, its likewise unjust that ONLY white supremacy would be targeted with this bill. This legislation could have easily been written to ban any sort of race-based "hate crime conspiracies," but for some reason its okay for blacks, Hispanics and Asians to engage in such behavior? Do black people for instance never commit hate crimes against Jews or Asians? Why are only white people targeted here?

Its a shit bill. I'll just say thank God the GOP took the House, because otherwise this would have had a good chance of passing.
Sam Adams
Tue Jan 17 07:52:57
"A quick scan of this bill reveals nothing like what the OP alleges."

You are bad at reading then.
Sam Adams
Tue Jan 17 08:02:35
"'ll just say thank God the GOP took the House, because otherwise this would have had a good chance of passing."

Even without it passing, its author is clearly a dangerous anti-american criminal who threatens the very fabric of freedom.
Tue Jan 17 08:31:46
Apparently this congresswoman is an insurrectionist.

"Presidential election objections
In 2001, Jackson Lee and other House members objected to counting Florida's electoral votes, which George W. Bush narrowly won after a contentious recount in the 2000 presidential election. Because no senator joined the objection, it was dismissed by Senate President Al Gore.[52]

In 2005, Jackson Lee was one of the 31 House Democrats who voted not to count Ohio's electoral votes in the 2004 presidential election.[53][54] Without Ohio's electoral votes, the election would have been decided by the U.S. House of Representatives, with each state having one vote in accordance with the Twelfth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

During the 2017 United States Electoral College vote count, Jackson Lee objected to counting North Carolina's, South Carolina's and Wyoming's electoral votes in the 2016 presidential election.[55] Because no senator joined her objections, they were dismissed.[56]"
Tue Jan 17 08:35:38
Also she thinks that hurricanes are too white.

"Hurricane naming

In 2003, Jackson Lee complained that storm names were too white. "All racial groups should be represented", she said, and asked officials to "try to be inclusive of African-American names."[57]"
Tue Jan 17 08:37:15
Apparently her staff think she's an asshole.

"Staff turnover

In 1998, The Houston Press reported that five of Jackson Lee's staffers had quit that spring: "According to Lee's former Capitol office executive assistant and events scheduler Rhiannon Burruss, the congresswoman's abrasive ways not only drove off staff members but irritated Continental Airlines staffers to the point where one suggested she fly on a competitor instead."[62][63]

In 2011, Jackson Lee was reported to have one of the highest staff turnover rates in Congress. The Huffington Post and Houston Chronicle reported that she had gone through 11 chiefs of staff in 11 years.[64][65] A 2013 report concluded that "the veteran Texas Democrat had the highest turnover rate for all of Congress over the past decade."[66] She again topped the 2017 edition of the biennial Washingtonian survey[67] and 2018 turnover statistics.[68]"
Tue Jan 17 08:38:21
She's a contemptible piece of shit (allegedly).

"Resignation from the CBCF

In January 2019, The New York Times reported that Jackson Lee planned to resign as chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. The move came in the wake of a lawsuit filed by a former staffer earlier in January that claimed the staffer was fired in retaliation for her planned legal action related to an alleged rape by a supervisor in 2015. The resignation came the day after the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence announced it would not support making Jackson Lee the lead sponsor of a law to reauthorize the federal Violence Against Women Act.[69] She also stepped down from her chairmanship of the House Judiciary subcommittee.[70]"
Tue Jan 17 08:39:45
She's not aware that South Vietnam is no longer a country.

"In July 2010, Jackson Lee said: "Today, we have two Vietnams, side by side, North and South, exchanging and working. We may not agree with all that North Vietnam is doing, but they are living in peace. I would look for a better human rights record for North Vietnam, but they are living side by side."[32]
Sam Adams
Tue Jan 17 09:26:49
That retarded cunt cant even appease north korea correctly.
Tue Jan 17 09:40:00
They all look the same.

Also LOL at the hurricane names being too white sounding.

It'd be hilarious to watch a news cast talk about how hurricane Hakeem is rampaging through downtown New Orleans. Just causing immense property damage.
Tue Jan 17 10:14:29
I vaguely heard something about this, once I heard it was from shiela Jackson I syopped listening, that woman is kind of retarded and just talks out of her ass.

IIRC she was the one claiming the AR-15 was .50 caliber and weighed more than "several large boxes" whatever that means.
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