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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump turns
Tue Jan 17 05:18:25
Trump has turned his wrath on them damned evangelical leaders who had the temerity to not grovel at his feet and aren't showing full support for him. Everyone knows that he is the chosen one of God.

Tue Jan 17 06:55:01

They should be more loyal. ;o)

I have a feeling that this coming election cycle is going to see some blackmail material made public.

Tue Jan 17 09:12:59
They should be very afraid. Trump will sue them.
Tue Jan 17 09:34:09
Trump will not go gentle into that good night. But instead will rage and rage at the dying light of day.
Tue Jan 17 11:03:56
Strategically, its probably not smart for Trump to be airing his grievances publicly. Dissention in the ranks is best handled behind closed doors.

But between me, patom, murder, obaminated, Ed Mazza (the article author), and Trump, I would bet that Trump is the only one of us who actually knows what he's talking about in regards to what evangelical leaders are doing for him. He's likely the only one who actually talks to those guys after all.

I certainly trust his take over Ed Mazza, a San Francisco area-based Huffpo editor who probably doesn't know any evangelicals but thinks they're all dumbass redneck trash.

At the end of the day, Trump might be half right/half wrong here (he's obviously looking for a scapegoat for his recent troubles), but I also don't put much stock in the OP's editorialization.
the wanderer
Tue Jan 17 12:08:27
he's also called Jews disloyal (many times)

& there's no confusion what he's talking about... he claims he's done more for Christianity than anyone in history (he's even saying it in that interview clip :p), thus all Christians should vote for him

& he's 'done more for Israel than anyone in history', so Jews should all vote for him (as they are all loyal to Israel... in his mind)

he's a simple transactional mob-boss of a 'man'
Tue Jan 17 12:12:57
The GOP in-fighting is going to reach glorious and epic proportions as the election approaches.
Tue Jan 17 12:27:12
I have an acquaintance named Jennifer, pretty, fun and flirty girl. She was once a staunch Trumper but since the 2022 midterms she has completely changed her world view and is constantly posting about how useless the GOP is and why it's important to support up and coming progressive politicians.
Tue Jan 17 12:46:19
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