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Tue Jan 17 06:11:54
Obaminated made a thread regarding the quality content that HBO used to put out. Velma is an example of the woke shit they now produce today.

Basically Velma is an origin story for the Scooby Doo franchise. To quote the Critical Drinker's summary of it:

- Velma is now an acid-tongued, race-swapped lesbian

- Daphne is now a bitchy mean girl and half-Asian drug dealer living with her two moms

- Shaggy is now a black high school news reporter with an unrequited crush on Velma

- Fred (the only straight white male left) is now a mentally-challenged, hormone-deficient rich kid who serves as the show's object of mockery

All of the characters are charmless, self-absorbed, neurotic trite unlikeable morons who talk and act like they just walked off the set of a Marvel movie.

Just one more example of how we are truly living in a cultural Dark Age now.
Tue Jan 17 07:10:57

I can't imagine getting worked up over someone taking an ax to Scooby Doo. Adults need to learn to let go of their attachment to characters of their childhood entertainment.

It's not like they weren't a fucked up bunch to start with.

Tue Jan 17 07:17:24

At least you acknowledge that an axe was taken to it.

And I don't care about Scooby-Doo per se. I care more about what this show is indicative of, namely Hollywood believing that their entertainment should be used as a mechanism to push woke ideology on their audience. I dare say that that's worth talking about.
Tue Jan 17 07:30:30

They can't push anything on you if you don't watch.

What amuses me is that what Hollywood is being accused of is what they've always done. The reason that people believe that the old days were the good days is because the entertainment industry convinced them that a time that never was defined America.

Hollywood whitewashed the hell out of American reality, and the same people that ate that the hell up are now upset that Hollywood is selling some different brand of bullshit.

Tue Jan 17 07:38:22

Hollywood has been appropriating and ruining our childhood memories for decades now as they run dry of ideas. The wokeness is such a small part of it.
Sam Adams
Tue Jan 17 07:59:46
Hollywood has always been retarded but cuckhat has a point. Hollywood has been extra gay since about 2010 and produced almost nothing of value since then. Wokeness is a big part of it, but the average slobbering moron eating up superhero movies is much worse, as is the complete lack of originality.
Tue Jan 17 08:36:43
u got butthurt coz fred is useless by himself and only got born rich.

and he got a tiny peepee.

sounds like showmakers did a wonderful job in showin reality

owned owned owned
Tue Jan 17 09:32:18
So I watched the pilot because I had to see if it was as bad as people claim and it really isn't that bad. Don't get me wrong. It is bad and it isn't funny, at all, but it isn't insultingly bad. It is a prime example of woke ideology being used in modern entertainment. It is also clear that HBO had zero confidence in Mindy kayling (sp?) Being able to produce a successful original IP, hence them taking what clearly was it's own thing and using the Scooby-Doo brand to prop up the show and hope for the best.

But no one likes it. So it'll get canceled. If you want a good adult orientated cartoon show check out Rick and morty. Or anything on adult swim really. Even though they tend to lean left with politics they never focus on the political and always serve to entertain.

Also, I recommend people to check out On Cinema At the cinema. Very funny adult swim show about a pair of movie reviewers from Victorville. Lots of good episodes on YouTube. The best stuff is when one is out on trial for the murder of 19 teenagers and they treat it 100 percent like an authentic court proceeding. It's the type of humor you either get or you don't. (Cuckhat it'll all go over your head).
Sam Adams
Tue Jan 17 09:34:26
People live in victorville? Lol i thought it was just where we store old planes.
Tue Jan 17 10:19:46
Lauren Chen did a great breakdown of the show.

The same ppl saying you shouldn't complain about shit shows like this are the same that will say previous shows were white supremacy because they didn't have enough gay blacks or its racist to show black ppl with big lips and bones in their noses etc.
Tue Jan 17 10:25:07
The Scooby-Doo franchise has an origin story prequel series.

Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated (2010)

It is great. Everything Scooby-Doo afterwards has been shit from what I've seen. Johnny test imitations or woke garbage
Tue Jan 17 17:31:28

"The same ppl saying you shouldn't complain about shit shows like this are the same that will say previous shows were white supremacy because they didn't have enough gay blacks or its racist to show black ppl with big lips and bones in their noses etc."

I have never once in my life complained about Scooby Doo for any reason.

As for other old shows, yeah it's white supremacy. But I always watched them, and will still watch re-reruns if the show holds up. Most don't.

Tue Jan 17 19:27:55
Pretty aren't complaining about the scoobs, murder.
Tue Jan 17 19:57:45
So apparently this show was so bad ledties online think that it was actually made by a Rightwinger making what he would imagine the left would think is a good show.

Even they don't like it.
Tue Jan 17 20:04:50

I wouldn't spend a minute watching it so I can't comment on it directly, but from what everyone is saying it sounds like they just packed it with too much. If you take something that is popular and change every single thing about it, what is there left for fans to relate to?

Tue Jan 17 20:13:47
That's what I'm saying. The bigger issue is that this is a clear example of production companies feeling more comfortable greenlighting an updated version of existing IP, regardless if it has anything to do with said IP, rather than take a chance on an original IP.

It is not 100 percent yet but in comparison to what was being made 20 years ago, the amount of reboots/sequels/prequels/fresh takes on existing IP is waaaay up. I think the last big budget IP in recent years was... shit. Pacific rim? That was in 2011 I think.
Cherub Cow
Thu Jan 19 22:36:19
The narrative that Hollywood is simply running out of ideas is not quite right. There exist very clear ways to take risks which have high payouts, and scripts are incredibly cheap compared to production costs (ask yourself if a writing team gets paid more than an actor); they simply do not want to appeal to that market, and they are incentivized not to.

They're not taking over these IPs and giving them some kind of majestic treatment. No. They are taking over these IPs and intentionally destroying them. Taking over old IPs is a way to degrade Western culture in any way possible. They will convert Theseus into an immoral degradation, sabotage productions which counter their decadent narrative, and promote slave morality as a virtue. This is cultural warfare and propaganda, and it is being funded by our own tax dollars.

"A Guide to the Total State's Cultural Messaging"
[By me; December 19th, 2022]
Fri Jan 20 02:11:30
Honestly, Hollywood and legacy media are almost dead.

Once YouTube has genuine competition it will be the final nail in the coffin.

The content coming from youtuber, rumblers and on Twitter is largely better than legacy media.

Scripted tv and movies are the hold out.They are largely done by the big services which is basically whats left of Hollywood and the nee Hollywood.

Does anyone watch modern sitcoms? I know for me I rarely watch movies anymore, if I do its its ere and usually holiday related or a classic I have seen a 100 times.

I do watch high end series (game of thrones, Dexter, Rome etc) and the expanded universe series shows like Starwars (Mando, Obi-wan, Andor)

So, Hollywood isn't totally dead, but other than that, I watch youtubers.ProjectFarm is my addiction.
Fri Jan 20 02:13:44
Shapiro has already ventured past news/politics/podcasts and into movies and kids shows.

I think* Stven Crowder just announced he was basically doing the same.
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