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Utopia Talk / Politics / This 4 year old is ready for pre-school
Tue Jan 17 06:25:17
Indiana man arrested after toddler shown on live TV with handgun

(CNN) — A man was arrested in Beech Grove, Indiana, after video was shown on live TV of a toddler, reportedly the man’s son, waving and pulling the trigger of a handgun.

The video was aired by Reelz series “On Patrol: Live,” during the TV show’s live broadcast on Saturday, January 14, according to a news release.

A police incident report obtained by CNN affiliate WTHR said Shane Osborne, faces a neglect charge. The report also lists “Ring camera footage” that was obtained and uploaded to a police server. A 9mm gun found at the scene had 15 rounds in the magazine, but no rounds in the gun’s chamber, the report said.


^ video included
Tue Jan 17 09:15:29
Gross negligence. Thank God the neighbors noticed and cared enough to take action.
Tue Jan 17 17:23:38

Just the kid being outside on his own is negligence. This is straight up not giving a fuck.

I guess he gets brownie points for not keeping a round in the chamber.

Tue Jan 17 17:38:06
If he's old enough to determine his own gender, then he's old enough to enjoy the other privileges of adulthood, including gun ownership.

But yeah fucked up story.
Tue Jan 17 18:29:20
I was watching this while eating supper and the police were about to leave because they had no evidence of a gun. Then another neighbor said wait I have a ring camera showing the kid had a gun. That is when they went back and searched the place. It was pretty obvious the father hid the gun because it was put in a place the kid couldn't reach.
Tue Jan 17 19:31:38
Hopefully there is a family member who can take the kid in because that dad is either a junkie or a drunk or both.
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