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Utopia Talk / Politics / yankee service indastry
Tue Jan 17 13:18:36
is a god damn joke,

owned owned owned frikkin OWNBED

look at this idiot


he on shroomz 4 sure
Tue Jan 17 13:46:58
I dunno if I'd classify someone working in a cellphone store as part of the service industry. If they are then they are on the high end of the service industry. I say this as someone who worked in the telecoms industry years ago. Definitely make a nice amount of money in comparison to someone working in fast food.
Tue Jan 17 15:07:24
u tellin me that idiot is not a service employee. how much culd he possibly be makin.

and look at dat shit service. what da fuck was he on. i want some of that. "u messed up" lmao. i wish i culd say that 2 customers.


Tue Jan 17 15:11:29
Average sales rep for Verizon makes 57k a year. Back when I did it it was more like 40k. But that's not bad for a job you get basically out of high school. But working on commission is a soul draining experience.
Tue Jan 17 15:19:37
" i wish i culd say that 2 customers."

get a job and maybe your wish can come true.
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