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Utopia Talk / Politics / Crowder v daily wire
Tue Jan 24 10:18:53
Boy what a shit show this has become eith crowder seemingly picking a losing battle and alienating a chunk of his fan base.

The short summary of it is crowder was negotiating with daily wire to be part of their platform as he was going to leave the blaze. Dw offered him 30 million for 4 years (I believe). He countered with 50 million. They said no.

He then recorded a private phone conversation with one of the execs at dw who was a friend of his. He then posted that conversation and had been essentially claiming that dw is abusing and censoring content creators and forcing them into contracts.

I could be wrong about the finer details but that's the general gist.

He has been ranting about this now for several days and not focusing on any issues his audience actually cares about.

It's funny in a sad way. Been a fan of crowder since he was on red eye with gutfeld like 15 years ago. Now he is a whiney drama queen who thinks he is worth 50 million. Money changes you yo.
Tue Jan 24 10:26:44
The recording the private phone conversation was an absolute scumbag move. You can agree or disagree with what DW proposed him, but that was totally unjustifiable.
Tue Jan 24 11:52:52

Understand that whatever your opinion on this is, you're being manipulated.

The Daily Wire is trying to convince you that it's about money. Crowder is trying to convince you that it's about content control.

Of course it's about money.

But what Crowder is doing is really no different than how FOX News got started ... by convincing people that the already established media was censoring and manipulating certain types of information. And then the same happened with Newsmax, and Blaze, and OANN, and the Daily Wire and every other little FOX News that followed. The pitch to the audience is always the same. Those other sources are controlled by corporations or special interests or woke college graduates or George Soros or whoever the hell ... but WE will give you the information that THEY don't want you to know.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

The Daily Wire is right ... it's about money.

Crowder is right ... once these operations turn into full fledged businesses there will always be some level of content control to avoid being deplatformed, or sued, or losing advertising dollars, or alienating their audience.

Fuck'em all.

Tue Jan 24 11:53:54

"The recording the private phone conversation was an absolute scumbag move."

It's always shocking when shitty people behave shitty, isn't it? :o)

Tue Jan 24 11:57:54

^ this reminds me of the shock that the right expressed when Donald Trump went after Ron DeSantis.

Ron DeSanctimonious???


How could he?! Has he lost his mind?!

As if it was any different from what he had been doing all along.

Tue Jan 24 12:04:47
I don't think anyone was shocked that trump didn't go away. I mean. It wasn't shock. It was more like a collective sigh and a resignation that he would do that because of course he would.

I like the daily wire and used to like crowder. The problem is crowder wants to keep the revolution going while dw/Shapiro realize they have won the war for legitimacy and now it's time to settle in and show why they can and should be trusted.

Shapiro is thinking long term with pretty big plans. Dw is becoming a media empire and their move into making subjectively decent films is a big shot across the brow for other left media companies that can't even dream of running their own film agency.

Crowder wants to continue the same shenanigans he has done for years, go to college campuses and record dumb college kids failing to coherently argue why the left is correct and the right is wrong on whatever topic is popular at the time.

That is fun to watch because some of the stuff is genuinely hilarious, but it doesn't nothing to help the movement, certainly not to the scale that Dw/Shapiro are trying to do.
Tue Jan 24 14:50:53
Catching up and OP does not seem to be correct, he was offered 50 million, not 30 and his problem is with the details in the contract penalizing content creators for getting demonetized on YouTube and other platforms, that have a habit of demonetizing Crowder among others. So, it isn’t about the money, his story is that DW contract penalizes content creators on behalf of big tech. He says the DW business model is broken.
Tue Jan 24 15:00:39
What a hatched job you did Obami! You sullied Crowder, a good upstanding Christian, husband, father and conservative hero. Watch his video where he goes through the terms. Repent!
Tue Jan 24 15:09:04

"So, it isn’t about the money ..."

He wants the Daily Wire to pay him to create content even if Daily Wire can't profit from it.

That's about money.

Tue Jan 24 15:19:46
In the most basic an facile ways, the way in which "everything" is about money one way or another. Have you listened to anything he has said? If no then fuck off and move along.
Tue Jan 24 15:39:39

He wants guaranteed pay whether or not he delivers.

Everything else is bullshit.

And yeah I heard his Big Con/Big Tech rant.

Tue Jan 24 15:54:40
While not the most aggravating part of the contract, it is incorrect, there was fee reduction for daily, quarterly and annual failure to deliver content.

See why I asked if you had watch any of it, fuckwit?

Now fuck off.
Tue Jan 24 17:58:06

And that's exactly what he's objecting to.

Tue Jan 24 19:07:29
brats fighting brats
Tue Jan 24 19:08:38

Yes. And the same goes for Crowder and Daily Wire too.

Tue Jan 24 20:42:06
moderate republicans reacting to democrats laughing at this grifter infighting.

Tue Jan 24 21:05:06
Yeah the extremes are embarrassing as hell.
Tue Jan 24 22:36:21

Suspect in viral restaurant outburst was out on bail from December standoff

MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee County judge Thursday raised the bond for a man accused in a December standoff that was captured on cellphone video going on a profanity-laced rant inside a Shorewood restaurant.

"[Expletive] you, Democrats," the man in the video could be hear screaming repeatedly at the Blue's Egg restaurant Feb. 10.

During a bond hearing Thursday, Circuit Judge Dennis Cimpl admitted he saw the restaurant video on social media earlier in the week. Assistant District Attorney Kelly Hedge admitted the same and added it was the reason she was asking Cimpl to raise Steven Connelly's bond on the standoff charge.

According to a criminal complaint, neighbors told police Connelly was in the hallway of an apartment on North Murray Avenue on Dec. 11 yelling about shooting females.

"He threatened everybody in the building so they evacuated all of us," a neighbor who didn't want to be identified said that day.

When officers arrived, Connelly was holed up in his apartment claiming he had an AR style rifle pointed at the door, the complaint said.

"The defendant continued to yell about two females who he stated had drugged him and allowed 7,000 homosexuals (to) rape him; he wanted his revenge," prosecutors wrote in the complaint. "He would kill all those involved with a machine gun and Liberals that were judging him. The defendant believed they (the police) were there to assault him and he would defend himself."

The standoff lasted approximately five hours before Connelly surrendered, according to the complaint.

During his initial appearance, court records show, Connelly was granted a $5,000 personal recognizance bond, which did not require him to pay any money to get out of jail; he simply had to agree to show up in court.

Assistant District Attorney Kelly Hedge said Thursday she asked for a $1,000 cash bond at that initial hearing.

She said Connelly's extensive criminal history should have been reason for a judge to grant her request. Hedge then read a laundry list of criminal convictions against Connelly from Washington state and Nevada, which included at least 21 convictions between 1995 and 2016.

The charges included multiple cases of domestic violence assault, harassment threat to kill, reckless endangerment, trespassing and multiple OWI convictions.

"Given his record alone, a personal recognizance bond was not what Commissioner [Grace] Flynn ought to have ordered," Cimpl said Thursday. "I trust that she was not made aware of that when she made the order."

Court records show that since Connelly was out on the recognizance bond, he failed three drug tests.

Hedge said she asked his bond be increased by $1,000 cash, but Circuit Court Judge Michelle Havas only increased the bail amount to $250 cash.

"The defendant started taking out 100 dollar bills and throwing them at the deputy and was irritated the deputy was still taking him into custody even though he was handing the money in court," Hedge recalled of the Jan. 15 hearing.

Court records show Connelly posted the low bail later that day, which was a little more than three weeks before the incident at Blue's Egg.

Hedge said when Shorewood police made contact with Connelly at the restaurant, he was only given a citation, but should have been arrested since the disturbance would have been a violation of his bond.

Hedge said she was working with police to file state criminal charges in the restaurant case. New charges had not been filed by the time this story was published.

Cimpl granted Hedge's higher bail request, citing the restaurant and standoff cases as well as two other incidents mentioned in the criminal complaint. Those included allegations Connelly yelled at employees of Café Benelux on Aug. 3 for not flying an American flag and a phone call police said Connelly made to them Dec. 2, threatening to take a sword and rifle to the Whole Foods on North Prospect Avenue to "chop up anyone who identified themselves as liberal."

"I think it's clear Mr. Connelly has some mental health issues and a competency exam is something that is appropriate," defense attorney Michael Verrilli argued. "I don't think having him sit in jail during the pendency of this action is necessarily appropriate."

Cimpl ordered the competency evaluation in addition to raising the bond amount. A hearing on the evaluation is scheduled for March 14.

Deputies took Connelly into custody. He will be held until he can post the higher cash bail amount, which Cimpl said he is entitled to despite the order for a competency evaluation.

Tue Jan 24 22:38:34

I can save the state of Wisconsin some money.

He's certifiably batshit.

Tue Jan 24 22:41:17

btw you'd be pretty angry too if you'd been raped by 7000 homosexuals.

Tue Jan 24 23:09:15
So its funny for him to have mental health issues.

Just so you fucking morons know, his degree of insanity is the same as anyone who thinks they were born in the wrong body.
Tue Jan 24 23:22:04

No ... only the ones screaming "Fuck Republicans!" at random strangers for no particular reason and threatening to kill all the men in their building for not drugging them and letting 7000 homosexuals rape them.

Tue Jan 24 23:24:05

Then again maybe he's not crazy at all. Maybe he just can't handle the recreational drugs he takes.

Tue Jan 24 23:25:30

Or were you referring to Steven Crowder? :o)

Wed Jan 25 04:38:30
Ok you idiots let us review this.

Crowder was NOT offered 30 million and then wanted MORE money and subsequently turned down. DW went out and tried to paint this as if he was insane to walk away from 50 million, like media did with Chappelle, ‘member?

He was offered 50 million.

The 50 million are not his salary, but the entire production budget for the show, equipment and salary for 30 emplyees.

Stipulations were such that if shows were missed the shows budged would get reduced. So if Crowder was sick (he has been sick) less money for the show.

Further he complains about slavish stipulation about ownership of content, inckuding social medoa studf in perpetuity.

Further he complained about punishment fees by DW if the various platforms “cancelled” him. He said no thanks and then admonished DW on IDEOLOGICAL grounds (muh country and conservatismkr on behalf of all the up coming conservatuve content creators that do not have the ability to make the choice he did and walk away from 50 million. Yes he made a big stink about this, like so many other content creators have about entertainment industry contracts, Chappelle and Kayne West come to mind.

I will help you out, not everyone is driven purely by money, some people are driven by ideology.

You can fault a person for being ideologically driven in maladaptive ways. Insisting that an ideologically driven person MUST be motivated by money money, when they are not makes you look like an idiot.
Wed Jan 25 07:18:33

Fine. So Crowder should have rejected the offer and walked away.

Everything he's done subsequent to that though has been pure shitbaggery. So you got an offer you didn't like? You don't proceed to secretly record phone conversations with a supposed friend and leak them while trashing all over the offering company.
Wed Jan 25 08:25:55

You know that you guys do not need to react on everything right? There are plenty of things more important to act indignate about. And you priorities even on this issue, of wage slave contracts for big media companies to exploit people. You are really not paying attention if you think the probklem was an offer he didn't like. This is why you me and everyone else is doomed. Big companies are fucking us all and you think a secret recording exposing something, we all know is the issue.

You deserve Biden and then Kamal Harris and then Occasio-Cortez.
Wed Jan 25 08:27:03
Big companies are fucking us all and you think a secret recording exposing something we all know about, is the issue.*
Wed Jan 25 09:24:34

Then what is the point of posting on this board, other than to react on shit.
Wed Jan 25 09:46:45
There is more important shit and let us not forget you are on the wrong side of this shit! Not to throw DW under the bus completely, I don't think they are "evil", but they are engaging in the same shitty business model and contracts. They didn't invent it, but they also didn't bother to think outside that frame.

I am not the one to say that our personal conviction should trump every instance of making profit and good business, but maximizing profits severely undermines your project if the project itself is based on ideological conviction and shaping political agenda!

You guys have spent YEARS here whining about big tech censorship and do not bat a fucking eye lid when places like DW become an extension of youtube community guidelines. Yea it's Crowder's fault for exposing DW's offer as WORSE than NBC and Fox news.

You guys worship money more than anything else and embody the godless nihilism of the right. No backbone, no principles, just reaction videos.

Very disappointing.
Cherub Cow
Sat Jan 28 04:55:14
This story got convoluted pretty quickly.

When people were first covering it, I was pretty disappointed that people were misrepresenting what Crowder said (like hyper-focusing on the dollar amount of the contract and assuming his motive). Very few people seemed to be addressing it in good faith... I saw maybe two: Rekieta and Lauren Chen.. and I don't necessarily follow them normally, so that meant that a lot of commentators were missing the mark on this one.

My take is this:

Years ago, when I was seeing that the DNC was capturing so many institutions, I started looking for the so-called "parallel economies", but the right has a serious deficiency. Daily Wire pops up very quickly in searches for content, and their attempt to make movies is definitely admirable given that pretty much all movies are currently released by captured production studios (a big part of why I don't review too many new movies anymore).

But DW has its own forbidden subjects and a clear aversion to systems-level thinking. They are very much operating within the domain of "[Things that the left does not like to be critiqued but things that are simultaneously safer to critique]". I'd thought about giving them money as part of a "movement", but Shapiro's October 2021 interview with Bari Weiss was a nail in that coffin; DW is not any kind of savior and they are not pushing in the right direction. They also have some obvious wasteful policies, like their overly produced studios where they attempt to project "establishment" credibility.

Timcast was also an easy "no". As much as Pool pretends to be working for a "movement", he has obvious blind spots and no-go subjects — he even believes that "systemic inequality" is a real thing, in the few times he's been pushed on it. He constantly wastes his guests, like how he's had James Lindsay on multiple times but never gets into the subjects of Lindsay's actual writing (why bring him on?). And the biggest red flag is how much he wastes the money that he's given: his Tesla, his $2,000 phone, his personal skate park.. it's like a Bam Margera spending spree funded by people who want a counter-culture but are getting a perpetual promise of one instead.

Crowder, though, I think deserved funding. They make a cohesive, high-impact show where they actually respect the audience's time and keep on topic. They're also hilarious, which is a good white pill given how little right-wing culture is being produced.

Still, I had complaints with his approach with DW:
• He should have anonymized his first video more. It was obvious to me in the first minute or so that he was talking about DW (I watched it before the commentary had started rolling in), and it was obvious to everyone in the comments too. He should not have held up a contract or mentioned any specifics. The closest he should have come was vaguely mentioning that "various" contracts seem to empower BigTech.. but then focus on BigTech, not on the problem of other "conservatives".

• Other conservatives should not be implicated here.
I don't like DW, but I'm not throwing them under the bus. Crazy people like tw will defend even psychotic people like Acyn, Buttigieg, and AOC; and I think the right needs to get on that level.. minus the reality-denial that the psychosis accounts hold. What I mean is people need to be convincing each other with sound understanding, not going scorched earth over minor disagreements. Frauds need to be outed, but there's a clear balance to be struck.

• Crowder should not have recorded that call. As much as I wanted to "get" it on his behalf, he just should not have done it. Even though negotiations had had issues, he should have been trying to convince Boreing of his position. And the recording did not even have a good payoff. When Boreing said, "Wage slave," he was clearly joking and even chuckled in the next word or two, with his point being that people accept a potentially bad contract up front because the terms immediately improve once viewership numbers start posting. Crowder misrepresented that, which was not very cash money of him. The contract *would* kind of do that, but Boreing was joking there.

• Crowder's "explanations" on Timcast were garbage. He clearly went on to joke away the issues rather than being direct, and it's hard to ignore that as a tactic. The big one was that he didn't want it to be clear how a counter-offer had taken place. His position was that he had *not* made a counter-offer, but he slightly revealed that maybe his agent had made one automatically on his behalf (perhaps when he himself was *with* his agent — again, not clear). There was a bit of obfuscation there that made it difficult to see him as sincere.

Those complaints aside, Crowder is *right* that people cannot just keep playing this game of "We'll just not talk about the things that the left bans us from their platforms for even saying." How did that go during COVID? How many people got the shots because they were completely alienated by establishment media? How well did the 2022 election go? How well advertised were the so-called "Extreme MAGA Republican" candidates?

I do *not* think that this is what murder describes where people have to protect their Overton Window once they go big. This is a question of how you build your platform from the ground up. This is the Fountainhead metaphor: if you build it correctly from the beginning, you don't have to make these cultural sacrifices, because the people who supported you recognized the virtue of the enterprise and stick with it.

"Men did not love Rome because she was great. She was great because they had loved her."

As for the business-model talk, DW was pretending like they couldn't possibly risk revenue loss from YouTube demonetization, but the ingredient they were missing is that paying people to take those risks would actually attract more viewers, since people would see someone willing to put their money on the line. That is, it would get them *more* money. That could even be the business model: be ready to advertise in the event of a demonetization by BigTech, have all non-demonitized people complaining about it (recovered losses), and build more subscribers just from taking the risk. The biggest wiggleroom that DW seemed to admit was that they would disregard the section on YouTube simply because Crowder was *already* demonetized, but that nevertheless left the formula in place, and *that* was the slavery: being stuck within the left's determination of acceptable speech.

TLDR: Crowder burned himself a bit on this one, but his point stands. The exodus from YouTube to Rumble or Odysee needs to begin, and there needs to be a business model for surviving the Bolsheviks. They Bolsheviks are *happy* to see infighting on the right, since they know that they can always convince plenty of stupid people in cities to obey, but if the market sees more direct competition, then more people can recognize what's going on and oppose it. I don't know if Crowder is going to be the one to do that, but everyone *knows* that the market is there. The left wing's want of slavery is *not* normal or healthy, and more people will stand up to it if they have a way to do so.
Sat Jan 28 05:26:12

"He should have anonymized his first video more."

Why? Don't you want to know the truth?

What color is the "I want a peek behind the curtain unless it unsettles me" pill?

Cherub Cow
Sat Jan 28 07:27:45
I know that you're a completely immoral slave whose operating emotion is pure cynical resentment, but if you have anything like virtue or principle or conscience left within you, you might want to ask why it's not good to directly expose a close ally before they've had a chance to repent of the complaints that you have against them. You might want to consider that when complaining about someone so publicly the best way to show them *how* to repent is to show them what paths they can already take rather than simply burning all paths that they might have chosen.
Cherub Cow
Sat Jan 28 08:05:06
This video from 2020 is pertinent here.

"The Fastest Roll-up of power in History, Dark City and You"
[Adam Townsend; December 26th, 2020]

He works from a metaphor of the movie "Dark City" where our current situation is living in this amnesiac hyper-present where we're preoccupied with the smaller narratives, when those smaller narratives are just "trolley problems" — they're forced false dichotomies where even entertaining them pulls us away from the more important bigger picture and places us in a useless simulation. At about 10:00, he mentions conservative infighting as an example of this, with them getting caught in "squabbles" with no resolutions.

Applied to Crowder/DW, the small issue is "Which one of them is right?" when the bigger picture is that *all* conservatives are being systematically destroyed by a totalitarian shift in the Overton Window. We see this constantly with the revolution claiming more "left-wing" victims who were not quite willing to run with the Party's narratives fast enough.

An early case was Bret Weinstein in 2017 at Evergreen State College, who, despite *still* being more left-leaning than I've ever been, was quickly swallowed by the psychosis left and called a "fascist". As the left-wing march continued, the march even claimed *Piers Morgan*. It claimed JK Rowling, who had even attempted to appease by revising the sexuality of her own characters. She is now considered a fascist. Jill Stein? Must be a Russian asset! Tulsi Gabbard? Same!

And people think this will *stop*?? Of course not. The Eternal Marxist Party comes for everyone, and the only people who "survive" the process have no conscience and willingly accept the hyper-presence of the Party Narrative. Fearing being made pariah with the title "right-wing", they submit, and their identity disappears into the collective. These are the people interviewed in "Shoah", who knew what was happening in the camps but had already been owned by the process. These are the Soviets who physically survived the Bolsheviks but could not recover their minds after years of isolation in the Urals. These are the child soldiers of the killing fields of Cambodia, given a terrible power.

As this march continues, everyone is swallowed around them such that most people cannot even remember the pre-2016 world of stable thought and rumination. They have been stripped for processing and deloused with Party propaganda.

Crowder rightly calls out Daily Wire and puts a hole in his own boat, but who stops the march of totalitarians?
Sat Jan 28 11:54:49
Well, fuck Jordan Peterson!

IDK why, but this guy wont get off my TV. After every show it either goes into one of his shows or an ad he bought which is really an episode of his show, Im sick of it, literally I'll watch the news or a cooking show and bam JP is up next..
Sat Jan 28 12:20:51

I wholly agree with you on the perniciousness of the international left. But you are way off base on the strategy for fighting back.

Sure, it'd be nice if you could say what you want without fear of being censored by Big Tech. But that's the world we live in, and in order to operate in it you have to be willing to play ball.

Crowder keeps getting himself suspended on YouTube. I don't think he should be, but he does. He's been demonitized for like four years now as well. That means that both his influence and his means for continuing his show are minimized. Meanwhile, DW does occasionally soft-pedal some subjects (Covid vaccines, for example), but the upside to that is that they get to continue posting new videos every day, letting them reach the widest audience possible (under the algorithm).

And just fleeing Big Tech platforms isn't a solution. Yes, you can go to Rumble or Truth Social or whatever and talk about politics to your heart's content. But the only people you'll be talking to are fellow conservatives who already agreed with most everything you're saying. The point of political commentators isn't to minister to the faithful, it's to spread their ideas to people who aren't converts but are potentially receptive to non-mainstream viewpoints. And that means being on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

In this way, DW's playbook is much more of a long-term asset to the conservative cause than Crowder's.


"but the ingredient they were missing is that paying people to take those risks would actually attract more viewers, since people would see someone willing to put their money on the line. That is, it would get them *more* money. That could even be the business model: be ready to advertise in the event of a demonetization by BigTech, have all non-demonitized people complaining about it (recovered losses), and build more subscribers just from taking the risk."

This strikes me as off the mark. First, people only watch what they're entertained by and/or agree with. They don't care about the personal financial situation of the hosts.

More importantly, we have seen tons of conservatives/independents get demonitized or banned over the years, and while it certainly gets them cred in conservative/independent circles, none of them have managed to break into the mainstream cultural milieu. If you watch Joe Rogan, you know who Jordan Peterson and Brett Weinstein are. But are either of them household names? I sincerely doubt it.

Leftists operate in one massive echo chamber. If conservative ideas are ever to flourish, they can't be relegated to an echo chamber of their own.
Sat Jan 28 14:46:02
Yea better they bow to the lefist echo chamber. Nothing you said made any sense. Nothing. And fucking lol @ ”under the algorithm”.

No pretty way to put it Rugian, you sound defeated. Can’t win over them so better play by the their rules, in their kingdom, as serfs.
Sat Jan 28 15:33:49
Another quality post by nimatzo.
Sat Jan 28 15:51:43
My man your “strategy” basically amounts to being polite to the camp guards so they son’t kick your teeth in ans that maybe in the long run something good will come your way. Forgetting how “under the algo” will not just shape your message “in the ling run” but also the thoughts in the heads of the audience you are serving. In the “long run” this will mean whatever sloppy brand of conservative tune you are playinf is watered down and tempered by woke molding. And soon you will find you are living in Sweden with a right/conservative block that has no balls, no convictions. A lot of people in Sweden who votes for them are waking up to that realization. Blue socialist, red socialists. All socialists.

I can only do so much with what you give me.
Sat Jan 28 21:35:03
Playing by fascist rules is tedious. It's also bitch work.

Also, I sure hope all of you take a few minutes a day to share news articles on your Twitter and fb so you can reach your immediate audience, or your debate over crowder and dw and whether or not martyrdom is superior to sucking cock is moot.

Although rugian is wrong
Sun Jan 29 00:02:51

Waaah waaah. I can’t get away with absolutely brazen lying 100% of the time. Waaah waaah.

You wouldn’t even need shitholes like youtube if there was actually a real audience for your stupid shit. You’d be easily able to go independent.

But it turns out only a small fraction of the turds that visit these places are true believers and the rest are just drivebys drawn in by cuckservatives always breaking the engagment algorithm by positing some bizarre lie-ofthe-day.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jan 29 02:05:53
[Cuck-hat, Left-Wing Projection Bot]: "Waaah waaah. I can’t get away with absolutely brazen lying 100% of the time. Waaah waaah."

Oh look, another projection by the projection bot. Here, he admits that the psychotic left does indeed lie constantly. He even repeats the Party Refrain that people aren't reaching people simply because their ideas don't have a "real audience" — complete propaganda which ignores the left's strangehold on media and their censoring to maintain and direct the Overton Window in their favor.
What a pathetic bed-wetter he is, constantly siding with the totalitarians, incapable of a single thought that he could truly say that he himself authored. Just admit that you would be waving and smiling at the trains as they arrive at the camps, you fucking coward. :)

[Rugian]: "but the upside to that is that they get to continue posting new videos every day, letting them reach the widest audience possible (under the algorithm)."

That's the issue, though. They can reach a wider audience, but with what? With language controlled by BigTech itself. Daily Wire is totally neutered. They're playing directly into the Overton Window that the left itself controls. With that logic, they're only reaching viewers with the message of Leftism-Lite, which is the same cucked conservativism that's been preaching, "Slow down," for years (i.e., always just a few years behind the DNC's own policies). All YouTube needs to do is progressively add more rules, causing the right to just be controlled opposition, constantly shedding whatever new "fringe" "extremists" were just created by the new rules.

Consider it the metaphor from "The Imitation Game" (2014): once they have a code-breaking machine (here, control of BigTech algos), they don't outright "win" in a sweeping moment because then everyone would know that a 3rd party is controlling them. Instead, they feed themselves strategic wins and losses, always making sure that the Party gets two victories for every one right-wing victory. It's incrementalism and system manipulation. That system has to be broken.

[Rugian]: "The point of political commentators isn't to minister to the faithful,"

I agree on this, at least in part (I think it's to do both), but my thinking is that they should continue Crowder's model: say what they want on all platforms (within reason.. like with innuendo to let people know that they're self-censoring and openly evading bans, as Crowder does), and, having migrated to other platforms, the alternate platforms hold the content that was removed, which illustrates to people who use the other sites that YouTube is indeed censoring (i.e., people recognize, "[Hey, what are all these extra videos? I didn't see any of these on YouTube]".)

Jimmy Dore is another example of this. I am by no means endorsing him since he's a China, UBI, and Universal Health-Care apologist, but when he has to repeat Party Propaganda (e.g., YouTube's insistence on repeating CDC guidelines) he delivers it with thick sarcasm and tells people that he's being censored.

The obvious pitfall is Truth Social, which is the "minister to the faithful" / echo-chamber issue. Getting new users must be tough for them. But I think the near-term goal is to simply keep telling people to use multiple platforms. Lots of people want to settle into one platform (typically YouTube), whereas simply telling people, "[Hey, YouTube removed my last video because it was spicy. Check it out on Rumble]," eventually gets people to cut out the middle man of YouTube, making YouTube a secondary site with Rumble or Odysee being their homepage. This ends up incentivizing Rumble to improve their UI, like they did last week with a big update.

The longer-term goal is to migrate people to something like the Fediverse, where you say whatever you want, it's broadcast to all sites, and people can see which sites are banning the identical content. Odysee adopted this pretty openly; they're basically a YouTube clone where you even migrate your content and have almost the exact same UI but with no censorship.

[Rugian]: "First, people only watch what they're entertained by and/or agree with. They don't care about the personal financial situation of the hosts."

I'll big disagree on that.
When in 2019/2020 Timcast was first pushing into the indy mainstream (that's contradictory but it's the situation), he was constantly telling people that they need to support him financially by signing up as a member on his external site. This got him called "grifter" constantly — and I don't necessarily disagree with that assessment — but simply asking repeatedly ended up working since it got people to understand that they need to protect the content that they want to see. This meant that — at least initially — he didn't worry as much about self-censorship since he had a guaranteed monthly income. Timcast adopted this from Mug Club which did the same but better, since Timcast eventually started self-censoring to maintain both their YouTube and website incomes (he got greedy).

And people do not agree with Tim Pool on most things. Their almost stated policy is that they're presenting as "fence-sitters" to direct people to better thinkers.

[Rugian]: "If you watch Joe Rogan, you know who Jordan Peterson and Brett Weinstein are. But are either of them household names? I sincerely doubt it."

True. But again, big moves have to be made to keep the potency of right-wing messaging while evading the trap of corporate capture in the mainstream. Rogan was able to keep and grow his audience despite weird business moves because there was a huge desire in the public for that content. People instinctively know that the right is being censored, so they're looking for answers. Rogan was able to become a gateway.

Even people like Tucker Carlson have started catching the indy stories *as* they develop instead of the traditional method of seeing how things play out over a few months and *then* feeding it to the masses. People just need to be willing to take that risk and say, "Fuck you," to the left.

It's a staged attack, definitely.

This is the strategy that I'm seeing as best at the moment:
• Multi-post across all platforms.
• Constantly tell viewers that they need to do the same.
• Tell people specifically when censorship is occurring.
• Do not gatekeep (Timcast fucks this up constantly); direct people to the next higher level of the discourse (e.g., non-censored pay-walled site, non-censored site and non-paywalled site with donation portal).
• Take risks and rely on other people in the space to direct traffic to you if banned.

This produces the red-pill ladder:
1) You start with the corporate gatekeeping (e.g., Fox News, CNN, Reddit) — this traps most of the midwits in the uni-party narratives.
2) Even corporate gatekeeping gives hints that people can find better red pills (e.g., Carlson talking about Project Veritas)
3) People find the non-banned red pills (e.g., YouTube), who drop hints about the next red pill.
4) People follow those red pills to small channels on YouTube; banned channels that only operate on BitChute, Odysee, Rumble, etc.; and private sites.
5) Once people get red-pilled, they return to the bottom of the ladder to drop hints to the midwits, who begin to ascend.

So I'm not saying that all "conservatives" should just go to Rumble and delete their other account platforms, because yeah, many viewers would just be confused and not figure it out. But they need to make sure that the self-censoring required to remain on YouTube is *overt*, and they need to be protecting each other from losses by advertising censorship. This last point is the one that DW did not understand:

The ballsy move would have been for DW to say, "[If YouTube censors you, we'll pay you an *extra* 20%]". This does a few things:
• DW *must* find a way to regain those losses after a ban.
• DW is incentivized to redirect views from their non-banned accounts to their paid site where the banned content is shown, growing their subscriber list and red-pilling people.
• YouTube realizes that their attempts to control the Overton Window are being explicitly undermined and even *encouraged* in the *opposite* direction. Every time they try to censor, they feed the right more Viagra.

TLDR for the TLDR:
The masses must be red-pilled. These little faggots like Dukhat, tw, Seb, Jergul, and murder have had their day. That shit needs to end. They need to be bullied back into their pathetic little masturbation dungeons where people can just look at how fucking disgusting they are and *know* — on sight — that they are garbage people who could only survive if trillionaire asset managers were giving them money as a sick fucking joke upon the world. And that's the case. Their ideology is pure disease.

The right can do this. Incentivize risks. Encourage bigger and bigger red pills. Move the masses.
As people have said, once you have the biggest red pill, no other pill will do.
Sun Jan 29 08:10:51
Anyone else wanna spend their Sunday shitting on dukhat and his complete late or self awareness?
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