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Utopia Talk / Politics / Voldemort Zelenskyj banned from Eurovisi
Fri May 12 06:52:21
…from Eurovision in England.

Looks like they don’t want Ukraine to win.

Eurovision 2023: Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy Banned From Addressing Contest Audience Of Millions

Ukraine was unable to host the 67th Eurovision Song Contest due to the war taking place inside the country. Now President Zelenskyy has been banned by event owners from addressing the huge audience at the event.

The Times reports that the Ukrainian president had asked to make an appearance during the Grand Final on Saturday May 13, but his request has been rejected.

The paper reports that Zelenskyy had been expected to press for international support for his country in the face of Russia’s ongoing invasion, but that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has always insisted that no political statements be made during the performances – something enforced by the EBU’s ‘Reference Group’ – and this extends to speeches beyond the music.

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