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Utopia Talk / Politics / Diaper-Shitting Ped0 & Totalitarians #9
Cherub Cow
Sun Aug 06 05:22:31
Full title:
"Dementia/Parkinson’s Diaper-Shitting Ped0phile and Totalitarian Ass-Clowns and Sycophants" the thread series!

Contained in this thread series is a road map elucidating the actions and imperatives of the rising totalitarian state.

Previous Thread (#8):
Cherub Cow
Sun Aug 06 05:22:42
Comments here will generally stick to these categories:
The Octopus Model of Totalitarianism (via Neema Parvini in his book "The Populist Delusion")
• The [Money] Chest — Investment Banks
• The [Idea] Network — Foundations, Corporations, NGOs, World Organizations
• The [Legislative] Crown — National Governments, Lobby Groups, Policy Agenda, Legislature
• The [Local] Chamber — Local government, Civil Service, Secret Services
• The [Legal] Bench — Judiciary, law enforcement, lawyers
• The [Religious Control / Paul's Catholic] Church — I'll also call this the Synagogue
• The Head — Funding Bodies, think tanks, elite universities
• The Mouth — Media, Arts and Culture, Social Media; Zeitgeist propaganda

due to Parvini's recent anti-Americanism (e.g., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lf2OVxXU4QM ), I may also focus more directly on the 8 imperatives of ESG's infiltration of world governments. These are elucidated in the UN's asset-manager document "Who Cares Wins" (2004). I described these 8 imperatives in my July 11th Article on the House Oversight Committee:

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) — The "Sustainability" Economic Framework for Totalitarianism

ESG's 8 Imperatives

1) Analysts / Brokers
ESG funds Analysts and Brokers, getting them to incorporate ESG into their evaluations of ESG businesses (i.e., the evaluators are encouraged to positively evaluate based on ESG criteria).

2) Investors / Asset Managers
ESG rewards investors and asset managers for integrating ESG into their corporate frameworks and punishes those who do not.

3) Pensions trustees / Governments and Multilateral Agencies
ESG supports and funds politicians, managers, multilateral agencies, and pension trustees who mandate and/or adopt ESG principles.

4) Regulators / Stock Exchanges / Governments
ESG funds regulators, stock exchanges, and governments that implement ESG reporting standards.

5) NGOs
ESG funds NGOs that carry the social imperatives of ESG (i.e., they pay for activist organizations that will create "grassroots" (read, "Astro-turfed") movements that support their goals. This scheme can be traced to nearly all of the recent climate activists, for instance.

6) Consultants
ESG funds consultants who support ESG, give ESG positive evaluations, and conduct research for ESG industries.

7) Accountants / Educators
ESG funds educators and accountants to "train" people to think in terms of ESG and to standardize the goals of ESG. This means ESG-funding of education.

8) Companies
ESG funds companies that adopt ESG governance. The key note here is that this is the virus giving itself a mechanism of replication. Every corporation becomes a clone working on behalf of the asset-manager imperatives. This is everything from corporations offering food, beverages (e.g., Budweiser), entertainment (e.g., movies, streaming), gaming (e.g., computer, console), computing (e.g., Microsoft), media (e.g., Fox News, CNN, Facebook), clothing and home goods (e.g., Target), and nearly any other imaginable service. All become factories which replicate the ESG virus.
Cherub Cow
Sun Aug 06 05:27:23
For a general outline of totalitarian power, see thread 5:
"The Levels of the Agenda — Macro to Micro"

Reposted from previous threads:

The Overall Goals of the Totalitarians:

• World Serfdom; what they call the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", the "post-economic state", or the Western service economy; this is a movement to total control through "Sustainability", which is the merging of Environmental ("Green" policies), Social (Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE)), and Economic/Governance controls. This is enforced through ESG, which captures businesses and governments under this totalizing plan.

• Massive depopulation; eugenics and dysgenics has been applied for generations in order to create slave groups (groups more likely to possess slave morality; a compliant, servile caste). These eugenics programs have in the last few decades more brazenly begun targeting Western groups which are likely to oppose this enslavement. Where famine and pestilence fail to wipe out billions, hot wars are to be used to push these target groups into destroying themselves while the totalitarians watch from "neutral" positions. A facet of this is mass-migration, which is used to collapse Western birth rates, out-pace integration/assimilation efforts, allow global education to further infiltrate, and cause migrants to out-breed their host populations.

• Medium-term (2030 – 2040 goals), the West collapses itself with "Green" energy policies while Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, and a rising coalition of nations which includes Saudi Arabia (i.e., BRICS+) increase oil and nuclear production, vastly outpacing Western energy. The West finds that all of its energy then comes from BRICS+, with ESG being its ruin.

• Long-term (2040 – 2050 goals), the East and BRICS+ find that their destruction of the West was not actually their win; they too are infiltrated and were merely used to destroy the Western powers.

Totalitarian State Tools:

• Problem-reaction-solution — the totalitarian state seeds and creates problems, propagandizes the problems in the Zeitgeist, and offers "solutions" which expand totalitarian controls.

• Divide and Conquer Propaganda — false binaries of populism/conservativism versus progressiveness, left versus right, and oppressor versus oppressed. This is the government-led influence and funding of "Antifa" and "Nazi" groups; the seeding of threats which the government uses to justify the suppression of anti-totalitarian dissidents.

• Dissolution of Western Power — to effect total power, the global totalitarian order seeks to destroy the foundations of Western civilization; ideas such as liberty, individualism, anti-totalitarian gods, and private property are to be eroded in favor of carbon collectivism (the collective belief in a necessary self-policing of carbon) and perpetual serfdom under the oligarchs ("sustainability").

• Slave doctrines — Maoism, Marxism, Leninism, Hegelianism, socialism, and other slave dialectics are to be treated as an à la carte menu of control options. People have already begun going through struggle sessions such that they repeat the Party Dogmas.

The true binary is totalitarians versus the world, as no one should desire his or her own enslavement. A totalitarian movement would necessarily debase humanity into a species not fit for survival.
Cherub Cow
Sun Aug 06 05:33:16
This article (from above and last thread) works as a kind of master list on ESG's legal developments and its functions:

"The House Oversight Committee Discovers ESG"
"A Look at the Legal Arguments Forming Around ESG"
[CherubCow; Totalitarian Antidotes; July 11th, 2023]


• ESG is an anti-competitive scheme
Businesses and governments that do not adopt ESG are targeted for destruction by the asset managers (e.g., via NGO activism, board replacements, proxy voting, compliance and regulatory fines, refusal to deal), and those that do adopt the scheme are given exclusive dealings (e.g., support for Chinese technology monopolies, horizontal mergers, artificial investments, market security). ESG engages in price fixing by falsifying the true cost of “green” substitutes.

• ESG is a pyramid scheme
ESG requires a growing amount of wealth under management to fund its market losses. It siphons wealth through government subsidies, horizontal agreements, corporate participation/compliance fees, proxy wars and conflicts (e.g., Ukraine), international money laundering, and strategic market manipulation. Red flags are that ESG managers specifically reward “companies that take early action”, and companies pay into ESG to “earn” higher scores and expanded benefits.

• ESG is a protection racket
ESG positively evaluates its own market manipulations. ESG protects businesses from its own attacks if these businesses adopt ESG compliance. Asset managers sell ESG as a protection from the market while they themselves manipulate market conditions in favor of ESG.
Cherub Cow
Sun Aug 06 05:36:22
This article (also posted before) explains how ESG totalitarianism translates into media:

"A Guide to the Total State's Cultural Messaging
"How the WEF's ESG/DIE Plan Reveals Itself in Narrative"
[CherubCow; Totalitarian Antidotes; December 19th, 2022]

ESG's capture of nearly every corporation includes the entertainment industry and therefore means the wholesale transmission of Marxist propaganda designed to demoralize and collapse the West by debasing heroes and promoting resentful client groups.
Cherub Cow
Sun Aug 06 05:37:13
[Regularly scheduled new-thread content begins shortly] ;p
Cherub Cow
Tue Aug 08 03:28:00
"Tou Thao gets 57-month [federal] sentence [347 days already served] on state charge for his role in George Floyd's killing"
[CBS News; August 7th, 2023]

Thao is the officer who was doing crowd control when the Patron Saint of Fentanyl ODed.

Not even Chauvin should be doing time, but Thao was sentenced this harshly because the judge thinks that Thao's senior role could have been used to prevent the Saint of Fentanyl's death and that Thao should feel remorse and responsibility for the death throes of a criminal. This is absurd, of course, since Floyd had swallowed a bunch of drugs, but that is irrelevant in an anarcho-tyranny.

Some people on the right are pushing the ACAB logic of "[don't know why anyone would want to serve as a police officer now]", but this is the exact self-fulfilling prophecy that the Regime counts on. The psychological trick is to get good people to not want to be officers since they'll see it as immoral work, and this simultaneously convinces Regime immoralists to seek out the work. (Think similarly of banking and politics.) The long-term effect is that the Regime controls policing via useful idiots and can further its anarcho-tyranny.

The means of countering this Regime self-fulfilling prophecy is to show the virtues of policing and to promote the value of good police over these new Regime police. This isn't a reach. Even movies such as "Lethal Weapon" and old shows such as "Columbo" and "Sherlock Holmes" showed the value of detective work and exceptional police who held Western values independently of bureaucracies attempting to control them.
Cherub Cow
Thu Aug 10 05:35:31
Something to think about:

"Who Keeps Starting Fires?"
[The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters; August 6th, 2023]

Short version of that video is that while there are indeed weather-related fire incidents (e.g., lightning-caused fires), the media seems to be under-reporting or obfuscating direct human action (e.g., arson, accidents) to play up the "climate change" angle. This, of course, relates to the media needing "climate change" fear to generate propaganda for useful-idiot activists and to justify ESG/"sustainability" governance.

There's a wall-of-text comment near the top ("Dude, I lived in Oregon in 2020 during the INSANE fires...") which makes some specific claims about Portland, Oregon during the DNC's Summer-2020 Insurrection, with left-wing activists committing arson in the area to justify "climate action".

This would be largely consistent with the NGO scheme of sustainability governance, since the hiring and supporting of left-wing activists would necessarily mean larger and larger terrorist activities. Many of the climate psychotics who have been seen blocking traffic and trashing artwork are funded directly by such NGOs, and with the direct funding of such psychopathy comes also indirect terrorism. That is, an NGO-collective of left-wing radicals paid to effect DNC policies would naturally have their own even more fringe elements that would be willing to use accelerationist politics.

This relates to two other topics:
1) Intuitive useful idiots know the direction that their oligarchs desire, so they take extreme action to create conditions which favor the growth of power of their oligarchs (e.g., starting fire to enable "climate change" propaganda).
2) The left-wing psychosis is being used to push many such activities, including a55a55ination propaganda, since left-wing psychotics have been told by their handlers that the deaths of certain people would be fortuitous to their movement. Starting fires would be a tamer version of some of these imperatives.

This would need some autistic tracking, though. They mention many cases of arson in the last few years, but a map with arson cases overlaid with forest fires and lightning storms would be useful.
Thu Aug 10 06:19:58
For whatever reason, it never struck me that while most 80-90% of fires are man made, some huge portion of them could be the work of ecofascists. These are the same people who encourage people to sabotage oil infrastructure.

I don’t know how news reporting around weather is where you live, but there is always a montage of horror. Dry cracked ground, fires (hell) or flooding and storm. Yesterday the news said 33 people had died in floods. In China. THIRTY THREE PEOPLE DIED IN CHINA! We never get the numbers and damage in context, it’s just “extreme weather” montage porn made to illicit anxiety and fear. As a specie we are wired since our days on the savannah to respect the weather. Behavioral research also shows Women specifically are more concearned about ecological threats (men about dangers with an antagonists). Not exactly a thousand piece puzzle this one.
Thu Aug 10 14:24:51
S&P Global drops ESG ratings.


Thu Aug 10 14:32:09
@nim - Canada was blamed for the shitty air conditions in the upper east coast because apparently under Trudeau they weren't doing regular controlled burns. I don't think it's common at all for ecoterrorists to start a wildfire. Not because they would be morally opposed to it (some are crazy and wouldn't care about human life lost... but may factor in loss of those precious innocent animals) but because it seems that fire fighters or forest fire fighters are able to find the source of the fire and its pretty rare for it to be from a lighter or otherwise man made.
Thu Aug 10 15:52:38
I don’t think they are intelligent enough to think that far. Like I said they promote the idea of sabotaging oil infrastructure because ”oil is killing people”. At scale this fantasy would result in 100’s of millions of dead people, as society collapses.
Cherub Cow
Mon Aug 14 23:49:11
"Fulton County grand jury returns indictments in Georgia election probe"
[August 14th, 2023]

Despite jokes about this being the lowest-IQ indictment of the lot, Trump and others named are supposed to turn themselves in by noon Friday (EST). The prosecutor's tone almost seems to enjoy the baiting of political violence, and DNC-leaning police are pretty psyched about the possibility of taking mug shots for Trump's political campaign.

Pretty wild to think about what kind of political a55a55inations lay ahead. People such as tw will, of course, be appropriately shocked, and, in obedience to the problem-reaction-solution will, of course, be ready to sign emergency totalitarian powers to his overlords. Too few people seem to know what's going on to stop the tide. The Regime still owns propaganda.

On the plus side, the DNC's baiting here is not the final word. Trump could come out with some light-hearted memes to disable the strategy.

Reminder of the current DNC–Totalitarian strategy for the 2024 election in priority-order:

1) Success here is sticky charges which take him off the ballot (the same strategy the DNC uses to remove the Green Party from elections in swing states).

2) Tie-up Trump with litigation which limits his campaigning time and poisons the well against him. This mostly works to polarize, since the DNC needs to activate their most psychotic voters in order to get numbers in the polls. The risk in polarization is that GOP/Trump voters are polarized too, but the DNC edges out with house rules here since their cities can produce greater numbers in a polarization war (i.e., more DNC ballots are available to be polarized than are GOP voters)

3) If polling numbers still look bad, the rhetoric can escalate, with more DNC extremists re-iterating that democracy "literally" "dies" and turns into "autocracy" if Trump were to be elected. This is where the FBI's MSNBC guests such as Donny Deutsch come in ( http://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/msnbc-panelist-warns-trump-could-162904192.html ), and the slack is picked up in left-wing echo chambers such as Imgur, which openly call for Trump's a55a55ination. They use this to provoke their Manchurian Candidates from among fringe groups.

4) Rhetoric escalation simultaneously activates right-wing Manchurian Candidates, accelerationists, and psychotics. This is where the DNC baits a Biden a55a55ination, which can be propagandized as "a threat to our democracy". This would be a huge win for the totalitarians, since it gives them license to do literally whatever they want. I list it as priority 4 only because the CIA and FBI have been struggling to get the right to take the bait. The best they've come up with so far is that immobile boomer, and they botched that by executing him with the hopes that an execution would inspire people who can actually travel without a cane or grocery-store mobility scooter.

5) Election fraud. Despite the hopes of people such as Ramaswamy for repairing elections via, e.g., Voter I.D., the reality is that reform first requires a victory and 2024 election fraud still favors the DNC. This is why Ramaswamy and others have been calling for an absolute tidal wave of voters in 2024 — to make it abundantly clear that even in a fraudulent system that voters show up for the GOP's 2024 candidate.

6) Election engineering (forced candidate selection). This cannot happen with establishment candidates such as Pence, so the DNC will continue to push for Pence and Haley. Some think that Trump is more useful since he pushes DNC psychotics to the polls, but Pence and Haley are disgusting to most GOP voters. DeSantis bots are trying to make DeSantis happen, but the enthusiasm simply is not there, and DeSantis' desperate appeals to Israel are icing him.

7) Biden dies of natural causes, allowing the DNC to use FDR propaganda about how they "hid" his illness "to save our democracy". This pathos plea won't work on a lot of people since its language is most dependent on DNC propaganda (e.g., "democracy" coded as "good" despite it really meaning "Marxist-oligarch domination"), but it's useful for getting the left to attack the right for not being "empathetic" enough or for not grieving hard enough. It lets them sweep Biden's pedophilia and treason under the rug.

8) Biden lawsuits allow the DNC to use the Nixon strategy: Harris resigns, Biden appoints Jeffries, Biden Resigns, Jeffries runs as the DNC candidate.

9) WWIII to create an emergency which bypasses the need for an election. This is one that people such as Roseanne have pointed out. There are variations, of course, such as a repeat of the COVID strategy allowing mail-in ballots again; and people can use their imaginations to think of which propaganda strategies could sell that ruse. Climate change has long been a COVID replacement, which is why there are a lot of conspiracy theories floating around about the Maui wildfires, though I have not seen any realistic ones besides hidden arsonists. Wildfires peak in the summer, so most voters would not have the memory to make that a November issue, so the DNC would have to get lucky with hurricane season. WWIII would be more useful, but it also reveals Russia and China's interest in a DNC candidate.

10) The Trump Anti-Christ. If all else fails, the DNC can use Anti-Christ propaganda against Trump if he is elected, repeating their 2016 loss strategy. This is the domain of numerologist schizos such as @DonnieDarkened, who interpret right-wing religious memes and Jesus-freaks praying around Trump as "proof" of an emerging Trump cult that wishes to see Trump usher in the end times.

All of these strategies are used simultaneously, since there is never just one plan. Most observers pick the most useful plan as "the" plan so that they can gain followers on Twitter (e.g., Biden a55a55ination), but there are thinktanks and NGOs working all of the plans to see which one bears fruit. It all amounts to focus groups being tested on which propaganda works at that particular political moment; it has little to do with a single and determined course and more to do with the Regime making sure that it benefits from all outcomes.
Cherub Cow
Fri Aug 18 05:09:47
Hilarious Community Note on Secretary of State Blinken's Tweet from August 16th:

Blinken: "Congratulations to new Pakistan Interim Prime Minister @anwaar_kakar. As Pakistan prepares for free and fair elections, in accordance with its constitution and the rights to freedom of speech and assembly, we will continue to advance our shared commitment to economic prosperity."

Community Note: "The US State Dept. under Antony Blinken on March 7, 2022, encouraged the removal of Pakistan's previous democratically elected prime minister Imran Khan. In April 2022 Imran Khan was removed from power and arrested."
Cherub Cow
Fri Aug 18 06:35:14
I mentioned the conspiracy theories about Maui, and this thread is a good compilation:
"Remember “Build Back Better”?
"The picture gets clearer after reading this:"
(This connects also back to the idea discussed above (in comment "Thu Aug 10 05:35:31" and afterwards) about arson in forest fires.)

The short version of the Twitter thread and of ideas floating around Twitter/X is that some people believe that the fires were started intentionally by the UN/WEF oligarch network so that people such as Oprah and celebrity residents of Maui could poach properties for their future development goals (e.g., for 15-minute-city projects). I do not support all of the arguments in the thread, such as the erroneous belief that it's strange for cars to burn while nearby trees are (apparently) okay. Still..

It seems there is an issue here:
Does it need to be *arson*?

In other words, the UN/WEF network is already in place just about everywhere, and as someone comments below the thread, "Never let a good crisis go to waste".

This is, again, the "problem-reaction-solution" Marxist framework. Just as politicians have legislation already prepared for specific types of tragedies, so too do these global organizations have investment and building strategies prepared for specific events. This was the design of the "Great Reset" strategy; it was already in place, and it swooped in for COVID. This does not, however, mean that COVID itself was the "pandemic", since COVID policy was part of the Great Reset — policy *was* the pandemic.

So these global organizations are buzzards, vultures, and tragedy-eaters for their awaiting designs. Does a vulture interest itself in the well-being of potential prey? Certainly not in nature, and instead the vulture may do what it can to accelerate an outcome favorable to it (here e.g., death, tragedy, fire, famine, disease).

This is the flawed psychology of the determinist-globalist. If the globalist needs fire to claim the world so that the globalist can effect a global system, then the globalist will create conditions which become fire or tinder for fire. This may be outright arson, the encouraging of arsonists, an aversion to controlled burns, strategic de-funding of fire services, or any number of strategies. This is the self-fulfilling prophecy of many such sociopaths, such as Larry Fink showing up in Ukraine to manage newly acquired Ukrainian wealth after BlackRock funded the conditions which led to Ukraine needing such wealth.

This is the meme of countries with oil suddenly needing Western "liberation". It is popular presidential candidates having law suits against them. It is Green Party candidates not making it onto ballots because of obscure clerical errors. Like Jacques the Fatalist saying, «C'est écrit là-haut!» ("It's written on high!") — while himself being the writer — so too these global actors both manufacture and capitalize on tragedies.
Fri Aug 18 06:56:16
Did you read this one?

Hawaiian Electric Knew of Wildfire Threat, but Waited Years to Act
Four years ago, the utility said it needed to do more to prevent its power lines from emitting sparks. It made little progress, focusing on a shift to clean energy.


If you increasingly focus on the green delusion, things fall into disrepair and inevitably things working will break, because resource are finite.
Cherub Cow
Fri Aug 18 07:01:01
D: D: D: D:
Fri Aug 18 07:02:00
Is it on purpose? Either that or complete incompetence. My experience is that midwits don’t understand budget above their own household or immediate work, anything above that and they seem to think there is a magic faucet. I lean towards it being on purpose from higher up, let the old stuff break, use the disaster to further the agenda. And these disasters lend themselves very easily to climate apocalyse narrative.
Cherub Cow
Fri Aug 18 07:17:13
Yeah, it has to be on purpose. :/
The formula is just too pervasive and too consistent. We're at the point in the witch trials where we can be pretty assured that anyone "accused" (i.e., any major event with a hint of human interaction) probably holds strategic value to the global Regime.
Fri Aug 18 07:38:54

If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, look at the eerily similar situation that already played out in California.

Fri Aug 18 11:30:56
"Grandma, what did you do when the nazis* started a civil war and we had to kill them all over again?"

"I was one of their most pathologically obsessed followers"

*“They're nazis, they’re boogaloo boys, they’re Proud Boys. These are the same people we fought in [the second world war],” - chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Gen Mark Milley
Fri Aug 18 11:57:33
Milley is a far-left piece of shit who has been turning the military woke. Fuck that AOC-worshipping faggot, seriously.
Fri Aug 18 15:43:56
California, Germany, Hawaii and Sweden have all degraded the energy infrastructure according to the same formula. I am afraid it is all intended and congruent with a "great reset", but the optimist in me wants to think it is a dooms day cult mind virus playing out the same pathology.
Cherub Cow
Sat Aug 19 06:27:51
"*“They're nazis, they’re boogaloo boys, they’re Proud Boys. These are the same people we fought in [the second world war],” - chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Gen Mark Milley"

Milley is absolutely delusional. He's talking about his own citizens that way.
I've made the joke before, but he always looks like he's quietly wearing red-lace underwear under his uniform. He looks like a victim of sexual blackmail. He must be wtb's hero.

And hilarious still is another drive-by wtb seizure. Wtb is openly supporting the Bolshevik totalitarians, who have historically killed more people than the Nazis could ever dream of killing, yet he drinks their Reddit-level propaganda about "Nazis" "returning" with *them* ("Nazis") starting a "Civil War" (totally unprovoked! lol). This is because wtb-Bolsheviks worship the God of Death, being as they are dead in spirit — nihilists, weaklings, perpetual academics, drug-abusers, delinquents, and parasites. This is wtb's own genealogy. He knows the truth of this. His sickness of spirit is why resentment for the strong is all he will ever know. :)

[Rugian]: "look at the eerily similar situation that already played out in California."

That's troubling.

Rep. Langworthy (R, NY) mentioned this exact sort of thing under ESG in the May ESG hearing (video set to his part: http://www.youtube.com/live/y0cgHxQLrsE?feature=share&t=8516 ): energy shortages, rolling blackouts, and investors planning for energy alternatives which do not even exist. The last one is part of that "Chain Reaction" (1996) delusion where we have a secret clean-energy source that just needs the right market conditions to emerge.. but which is totally undermined by the fact that disabling Western energy would prevent innovation since the market would prefer pre-existing Chinese resources.

Regarding the wildfires, even Russel Brand seems to get it, even though he always seasons y'all's vidz wit leftism:
"Something Doesn’t Seem Right"
[August 17th, 2023]

End-of-video summary clipped here, with Community Notes hurting another leftist:

The same political-actors always seem to benefit.

[Nim]: "but the optimist in me wants to think it is a dooms day cult mind virus playing out the same pathology."

I keep wanting that to be the case, but yeah.. the same formula invariably appears behind too many events. I'm honestly disappointed every time a potentially unconnected tributary turns out to be part of the same river.
Sat Aug 19 07:39:26
Yea, it stops being accidental contagion if you systematically infect and spread the contagion.

Willie is a real stickler for confirmation bias and arguments from authority. Willie hates military people, he has gone on at length about it and his own experience. Yet because he thinks conservatives and right wingers blindly worship anyone with general stars he will find a quote that supports him. For reference see the thread about group differences in IQ.

It’s The children with better english. Think about it. He certainly has the time.
Cherub Cow
Sun Aug 20 05:41:09
[Nim]: "Yet because he thinks conservatives and right wingers blindly worship anyone with general stars he will find a quote that supports him."

Wow. It really is sad if wtb thought that the fallacy of authority (itself a blunder) would work with *Milley* of all people. That's worse than tw trying to legitimize the January 6th Show Trials by citing *Cheney* or Seb thinking that the "Regime" in Britain is merely the falsely named "Conservative" Party simply because they have the majority in Parliament. That sort of logic is completely blind to the idea of infiltration and controlled opposition, or, as I've mentioned here (previous thread), one of Robert Conquest's Three Laws of politics:
"The behavior of any bureaucratic organization can best be understood by assuming that it is controlled by a secret cabal of its enemies."

It's not even that difficult to trace the proper value judgement here. I've repeated "slave morality" vs. noble morality ad nauseam here, and even more simply it's the downstream policies of slave morality, such as positions favorable to the UN/WEF, globalism, open borders, DIE, LGTBQ2S+NAMBLA, ESG / "green" energy, central banking / asset managers, Net Zero, Chinese Belt-and-Road energy, etc.

Milley has openly and infamously supported DIE, LGTBQ2S+NAMBLA, and the leftist degradation of the military (not to forget his tipping off of China), so if wtb were to have a clue, he would realize that he was feeding this thread the argument of a Regime sycophant while mistakenly believing that it was the position of a right-wing authority whose words would thus provoke cognitive dissonance. People such as wtb, Seb, and tw don't even know enough to do more than play into the Facebook-level GOP vs. DNC tribalism.

In other news (Banking and World Governments):

I mention this in my ESG Hearing article (linked in comment "Sun Aug 06 05:33:16"):
"If ESG is a pyramid scheme, as indeed it is, then should investors not be concerned with what happens to their investments when the pyramid scheme runs out of wealth to shuffle around to cover its losses, all businesses fail simultaneously, and the entire Western economy collapses? Is it “responsible” investing to short-sell the West while betting on BRICS? Perhaps to the asset managers it is!"


"'Big Short' investor Michael Burry appears to be betting on a market crash - but after predicting the 2008 mortgage crisis he has also made multiple false doomsday prophecies
"Financial disclosures this week suggested Burry is betting on a market crash
"He took bearish position on $1.6 billion worth of S&P 500 and Nasdaq ETF shares
"Burry predicted the 2008 mortgage crisis but has also been wrong before"
[Daily Mail; August 16th, 2023]
• "A securities filing earlier this week showed that Burry held bearish put options against shares tracking the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 Index worth a combined $1.6 billion at the end of the second quarter."
• "Regulatory filings show his Scion Asset Management bought put options against $739 million worth of shares in the popular Invesco QQQ Trust ETF during the last quarter, and separate put options against $886 million worth of the SPDR S&P 500 ETF."
• "also liquidated its stakes in Chinese e-commerce companies JD.com and Alibaba Group Holdings, as well as regional banks PacWest and Western Alliance Bancorp"
• "Among its long positions, the fund more than doubled its stake in online luxury goods market RealReal Inc, which is up nearly 100 percent for the year to date."
• "The fund also increased its holdings in stocks related to oil and gas, media, and travel and tourism."
• "It also added new stakes in iHeartMedia, Carter Communications, and Warner Bros. Discovery"
• "The fund also added a huge new position in travel technology company Expedia Group worth $10.9 million, and a block of shares in MGM Resorts International worth $6.6 million."

The headline is a bit sensational given some of the smaller options that Burry is making, and the article isn't too high detail on "related to oil and gas" (related positively? negatively?), but the article does clarify, "That means Burry's bets against the market may be part of a more complex trade or long-term strategy that can't be deduced from the filing alone."

The key takeaway is that even though Burry has been wrong in the past, it was inevitable for people to start short-selling the U.S. market given the cascading effects of ESG. The IMF identified its canaries last year (see thread 6 comment "Tue Jan 03 05:05:25"), which placed economic dangers in Q1–Q3 of 2023, and ESG businesses have been sending out regular emails in the last few months about their internal cost-saving to prepare for market contractions in Q3–Q4. This means that Burry would be making this move right in the middle of Q3, when the IMF suspected market instability.

I'm curious what markers Burry is looking at, of course, since he's looking at it from an investing perspective (i.e., maybe not from the ESG lens). ESG canaries were Chad, Ethiopia, Zambia, Ghana, Lebanon, Surinam, and Sri Lanka, which were all indexed poorly by ESG and were explicitly named by the IMF as nations which needed to be protected from 2023 market losses [i.e., to protect the scheme during economic turmoil by sending them Western aid]. They were referred to as part of the "global debt bomb" which would begin in low-income nations without G20–Chinese intervention (July 4th, 2023; https://www.aljazeera.com/features/2023/7/4/is-a-global-debt-bomb-about-to-explode).

Fun quotations from that article:
• "China holds more than half of Zambia’s external debt. Sri Lanka owes more than 10 percent of repayments to Beijing. In fact, for more than half of the 73 countries that are part of the G-20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative – under which debt payments to creditors were suspended owing to COVID-19 from May 2020 to December 2021 – China is now the largest official bilateral creditor."
• “The main difficulty is that China does not want to delegate decisions on debt relief to an institution like the IMF, so it has been reluctant to sign up to the Western debt restructuring procedures.”

Almost like China is attempting to own Belt-and-Road nations to secure rare-earth minerals which can be used to control the West? Hmm.

News from the canary nations:
• Chad — war in Sudan pushing migrants into refugee camps in Chad, which cannot bear the costs ( https://www.africanews.com/2023/08/18/more-than-300-000-sudanese-refugees-seek-sanctuary-in-chad// ). Reuters reports an end to previous FACT vs. junta ceasefire and recommencement of civil conflict (August 19th; https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/chads-fact-rebel-group-ends-ceasefire-over-alleged-attack-by-junta-2023-08-19/ )

• Ethiopia — Seeking $20-billion in relief following the recent end of its Civil War (August 19th, 2023; https://www.ft.com/content/cdd73748-58f3-41d4-add1-cd563372c6de )

• Zambia — like Ethiopia, is currently undergoing debt-restructuring under G20 provisions.. with China's help, of course.

• Ghana — Same as Zambia and Ethiopia; also, "lost more than 50 percent of its value between January and October 2022, causing Ghana’s debt burden to rise by $6bn. Ghana defaulted on most external debt in December and now aims to reduce its external debt repayments of $20bn by half over the next three years to secure a $3bn loan deal from the IMF as a part of its debt restructuring" (AlJazeera link above).

• Lebanon — Undergoing a financial implosion; one of its central bankers tried to flee the nation with stolen wealth (August 19th; https://www.ft.com/content/8a5a27b9-2f08-415f-b1a3-4d9850fd7575 )

• Suriname — News in March 2023 had anti-government protestors complaining about the president's "green" policies ( https://apnews.com/article/suriname-protest-government-elections-428a76c9febb577807d9feb37ca9934d ). In early August 2023, Suriname of ACTO signed onto a sustainability pledge, likely to appease the UN/WEF oligarchs (August 9th, 2023; https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/8/9/amazon-nations-launch-alliance-to-protect-rainforest-at-key-summit ). Local detractors of the Suriname government point out that "climate" policies were being used to kill Suriname's exports by claiming that many of its exports could not be accepted by the West because of their relationship with deforestation (August 9th, 2023; https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/8/9/amazon-summit-calls-on-developed-nations-to-fulfill-climate-funding-deals ). There's not much of a jump from here to seeing that China is controlling its competition to become the West's singular supplier.

• Sri Lanka — After Sri Lanka's June 2022 economic crash following their president's move to improve its E-Index ("green" movements) to make up for the legislature's low G-Index (globalist capture), naturally, they've had to sell themselves to BRICS — in particular by making further economic ties with India (July 21st, 2023; https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/7/21/india-sri-lanka-agree-to-boost-economic-and-energy-ties ). They also agreed to debt restructuring with the IMF in July 2023 ( https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/7/20/sri-lanka-passes-anti-corruption-bill-as-part-of-imf-bailout-plan ).

I think the news from canary nations reveal two things that have been persistent themes:

1) Crashing economies [and businesses] are purchased by the ESG scheme at lower prices to consolidate global governance; these nations, facing their economic demise, are being forced by the protection racket to work with asset managers / IMF to restructure their debts, with the IMF demanding adoption of ESG governance to improve the G-Indexes of these nations (i.e., the scheme crashes these nations, buys them for cheap, then controls them via a unified global governance standard).

2) China mostly manages the debt, but their strategy means that the West *pays* that debt via IMF restructuring. I.e., the West will be paying for the relief of these crashed nations, which means that whatever Burry saw is currently being duplicated through these canaries.

I guess the question, then, would be how much people will "feel" this in the West. I know I'm personally spending about three times what I used to on groceries, but that doesn't scale the same to Burry tripling his $1.6 billion short-sell. Are we really only a month or so away from a 2008-scale collapse? That would seem to be a highly inconvenient prospect for the Western oligarchs who need to retain power in 2024 elections.
Cherub Cow
Mon Aug 21 22:52:16
The Regime is pleased to have a puppet in Guatemala:

[Raskin (Bolshevik)]: "Congratulations to President-elect Bernardo Arévalo on his election as president of Guatemala. In large numbers Guatemalans took to the polls to show their passion for democracy and opposition to corruption. America looks forward to a a renewed partnership between our nations."
[August 21st, 2023]

Bernardo Arévalo, of course, promoted "climate change" policy for his election campaign, which means UN/WEF donors and future infiltration. This would be a big win for the Regime since Guatemala's G-Index is currently at 28.3 (i.e., low), so they can bypass Guatemalan governance with executive action as they did in Sri Lanka. The people will get to suffer for this, and the U.S. may get another surge of Guatemalans at the border (not that that would be unusual under the Biden admin).
Tue Aug 22 11:49:56
Apparently biden compared the Hawaiian fire to a kitchen fire. At some point we have to remember this guy is the potus and is actively seeking reelection. We can't pretend his corruption and senility won't effect us anymore.
Cherub Cow
Thu Aug 24 08:10:35
The DNC Totalitarians got mug shots of their political opponents yesterday.

I refer again to comment "Mon Aug 14 23:49:11", regarding the Regime's terrible plans.
Cherub Cow
Sun Aug 27 06:41:41
Returning again to the Maui fire situation, this is another re-hash of things already discussed here, but it's fairly concise:
(Dr. David Martin discussing arson as land allocation)

It goes with what I've been saying about
• the reasons for ESG giving power and land rights to "indigenous" peoples,
• the intentional mismanagement of competing organizations through ESG's anti-competitive practices (through organizations having catastrophic failures due to that mismanagement; causing preventable and catastrophic disasters such as fires, explosions, and total system failures),
• the Salem Witch Trial strategy of levying accusations at people to crash their businesses and livelihoods so that those lands can be purchased by the accusers (in the modern case via NGOs and Regime media),
• the closing and prevention of new energy leases in the West (e.g., oil, gas, nuclear),
• mass migration's vote-value destruction (destruction of sovereignty by franchising settler colonists who vote for land redistribution),
• the expansion of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land authority (i.e., lawfare designed to place the control of U.S. lands in the hands of a Regime-captured organization), and
• WEF "hubs" sitting on the ruins of destroyed cities (e.g., Dutch farm lands, 15-minute cities, service economies for Chinese benefit).

All of these details (and more) combine onto the simple formula of China and foreign powers purchasing Western lands and reformatting these Western lands with their totalitarian architecture.

More shortly:
Sabotage the West's control of its own lands, then purchase those lands from underneath the West.

Long Side note in this enclosed section:
To clarify "totalitarian architecture", I explained this in part for ep here:
"White people are not real Londoners" UP thread
(comment "Tue Aug 22 01:36:46")
..but he used it as an excuse to show that he is a monkey who can use the ChatGPT app and is too lazy even to read what it wrote for him.

Still, it should be obvious to anyone with two brain cells, but I'll simply add here that totalitarian architecture is not a "conspiracy theory". Many, many scholarly works have been written on the subject (a quick Google search would have taught ep that), and it has an undeniable history. At university this is taught explicitly, with the connections being to postmodern architecture, Nazi Germany architecture, French Revolution and architecture Napoléonienne, Frankfurt School architecture, and architectures of decay — I'd even bet that ep went to some of those classes but had to forget them to troll me.

This includes subjects such as
• Foucault's discussion of Panoptic architecture ("Discipline and Punish"),
• postmodern architecture as terminal "incompleteness",
• German architecture as re-invigoration,
• French Revolution architecture as civil defense against monarchy powers,
• post-revolution architecture as Napoléon power consolidation,
• Frankfurt School architecture as thought reform (e.g., Walter Benjamin and the Parisian arcades, Enlightenment structures intentionally hollowed of truth in Adorno),
• architectures of decay being a facet of the postmodern (e.g., Robert Venturi and Denise Scott); this connects also to the consolidation of architecture school best practices to remove the variety of architectural possibilities.

It is not "conspiracy theory" that people design cities and buildings with their ideologies. Rand wrote "The Fountainhead" (1943) specifically with this in mind. By extension, certain ideologies produce certain birth outcomes. Would we deny that a Mormon fundamentalist has a different view of the importance of procreation compared to the ep city-nihilists? Would we forget that the Germans specifically engaged in architecture projects as an extension of the restoration of ethnic German birth rates?

Exactly how much history does someone such as ep have to forget, deny, or revise to pretend that it is mere "generative narratives" that the way that a society is constructed will determine its prosperity and its birth rates? How many children will be produced in an all-male prison versus the bazaar formula of Niger?

Is architecture *the* *singular* issue of birth rates? Of course not.

Shareable memes even point out that the biggest factor in population increase in the last 100 or so years was tied mainly to the expansion of energy production (e.g., oil production). Population explosions post-1900 tied most closely with the market expansion of oil. This is a big part of why the Malthusian oligarchs want to dismantle Western energy production: energy destruction is the biggest way to collapse Western birth rates (among energy's other utility to BRICS+, such as in the war effort).

But as I have repeated often in these threads: control is never just one thing.
Why would a totalizing framework *only* target energy?
Would a gardener kill a weed by chopping off whatever is on the surface?
Of course not. The entire weed is addressed.

ESG's 8 Imperatives are a whole-of-society approach. Energy is a core aspect of these imperatives, but there is no place within society that is to be left untouched. The World Economic Forum (WEF) does indeed have an architecture plan:
This includes "sustainable cities", which are resource-transitioned cities (cities with lower energy output? what could that do to birth rates?). These cities use materials sourced from BRICS (how lucky for them), resulting in a society standardized by universal construction plans (compare to cities of the past which were sourced from the materials most available in their immediate surroundings).

And beyond materials, the architecture forms in projects such as the infamous "Line" project in Saudi Arabia:

Simply searching for "sustainable city plan" will show you the god that ESG is building, with the between-the-lines reality being restrictions on movement akin to "In Time" (2011).

But ep searched ChatGPT instead for "grand conspiracy to design cities to decrease birth rates" or something — a pure demonstration of Celebration Parallax at work in him, whereas evading the Parallax can be done simply by searching for the thing that the totalitarians describe in their "benevolent" terms but terms which for everyone else mean slavery. People who see "sustainable" cities as some kind of Jetsons paradise believe the lie of stacks of home gardens pouring from balconies and do not see the construction of a society whose energy can be turned off to starve its inhabitants on a whim.

Where the outright ownership of Western lands by China is too transparent, WEF oligarchs step in to apply totalitarian architecture on behalf of the scheme.. but through the same mechanisms of society-wide destruction. We saw these ideas expressed, for instance, by Trudeau when he said this about China:
"There's a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say, 'We need to go greenest fastest'..."

Many such Western oligarchs (e.g., Ardern and her replacement, Daniel Andrews, Sadiq Khan) have been captured by these WEF talking points, and they are the builders of Western slavery.
large member
Sun Aug 27 06:52:12
Unbundling. The grid should not be owned by power producers. Grid ownership should be by a independent entity.

So then you get the correct focus on preventive maintenance with costs rolling over to customers.

The only thing broken you your example was capitalism and a bundled monopoly.
Sun Aug 27 07:01:42
There is nothing broken in the example*s*, since the power operators in Sweden and Germany don’t own the grid and this has not stopped the degradation of the energy infrastructure, because that is done through political decree, manipulation and media propaganda.

I preempted any jergulian attempt to reduce the problem to any specific single component or actor on the market, because the problem is higher up and political/ideological.
Cherub Cow
Sun Aug 27 07:39:34
"Greece wildfires: 79 people arrested for arson"
[BBC; August 25th, 2023]

All of these arson arrests are making me believe in climate change or whatever.

(found via http://twitter.com/DrLoupis/status/1695484092538671611 )
Sun Aug 27 11:00:17

Back up one. I hope you weren't talking about forcefully sterilizing the descendents of *legal* immigrants.

large member
Sun Aug 27 12:52:23
What raging forest fires cause by sparks from transmission lines due to underinvestment are currently burning down Sweden and Germany?

A well run grid company will do adequate preventive maintenance and roll the costs over to customers.

The example you gave is a classic example of the problem being a bundled company that owns both the grid and energy production. Unbundling is a political and regulatory issue.
Sun Aug 27 13:28:01
Why would you expect the exact same malfunction in something as complex as an energy grid? This is a wet part of the earth, fires in nature are rare, problems manifest different.

Come on man, this isn’t worth the time.
Cherub Cow
Sun Aug 27 20:04:05
[Rugian]: "Back up one. I hope you weren't talking about forcefully sterilizing the descendents of *legal* immigrants."

I don't think I made those points.
I wouldn't advocate for sterilization, since that is anti-life. I *would* advocate for the denial of the franchise. I.e., immigrants can have children, but those children will be denied the vote and welfare/incentives (e.g.; immigrants should be denied poverty-funding and high occupancy in housing so that they cannot, for instance, have 10 people in one apartment while collecting government checks). This is to prevent, say, an Indian couple from moving to the U.S. and having 10 children who all vote for policies favorable to India's dominance over the West. That is clearly settler colonialism and is being incentivized by DNC/left-wing policy, since the DNC needs pure numbers at the polls.

But I would advocate for rescinding "legal" status, yes.
There's no soft intermediate stage here: "legal" immigrant should only apply to those who can prove through difficult service that they can fight on behalf of the nation in which they live. Certain ascensions within Western society should be denied to first-, second-, third-, and even fourth-generation immigrants who have not proven that they are capable of this high barrier.

Sadiq Khan, for instance, should not be eligible to serve as London's mayor. London's failures at cultural assimilation of foreigners compound when a second-generation Pakistani (and married to a Pakistan-born wife) is allowed not only the vote but eligibility to govern British affairs. The *smallest* compromise is that the third-generation Pakistani should be allotted local votes, and a fourth-generation Pakistani could be allowed to hold office. We cannot pretend that there is no consequence for foreign powers to place loyalists in Western governments.

If we were to work towards that StarTrek:TNG future where a multi-cultural Western-style Federation can exist, then there must be a system which thoroughly determines loyalty to Enlightenment values. Such a system does not currently exist, and the consequence is the naturalization of enslavers, infiltrators, and conquerors within the West.
Cherub Cow
Mon Aug 28 01:22:09
Walking based-meme and Argentine presidential candidate for 2023 Javier Gerardo Milei gets it:
(purge the bureaucracies)

Unelected bureaucracies have attached themselves to world governments nearly everywhere, and this is reflected in the G-Indexes (high where most present). Argentina currently sits at 57.3%, which is considered a "B".

The Regime would prefer a win via Sergio Massa, since he is owned by the climate scam. Milei's campaign may be pure theater as controlled opposition, but you'd love to see him win. :D
large member
Mon Aug 28 01:43:31

"Leveringspåliteligheten for strøm er knyttet til hyppigheten og varigheten av avbrudd i forsyningen. Leveringspåliteligheten i Norge er stabilt meget god, og er nærmere 99,99 prosent i år uten ekstremvær, og for alle år siden 1996 har den aldri ligget under 99,96 prosent, se figuren under."
Mon Aug 28 02:33:36


Cool, you are as good as Hawaii electric, a system where the operators also own the grid. Because apparently Europeans are retarded and don't understand how to make budgets where resources can be allocated and costs calculated, without creating two different companies, with separate overhead costs.
Mon Aug 28 04:02:11
Just to fill in and repeat what I posted in the previous thread, it's all immigrants, regardless of country, they make your country more left wing. It is true of European immigrants as well and has been since early 20th century.

Look at the break down: You get more women than men, a lot of academics and then the simple fact that people who leave are generally high in trait openness, which correlates with progressive thinking. So yea, the brains you are draining also have political leanings and they are weighted in favor of Democrats.

It is more complicated for non-European immigrants because they are not "white" and the object of the racism of low expectations that is the core of woke narratives.

Considering how weak enlightenment values are among European and descendant societies, where the enlightenment started, it drops off a cliff outside those societies. It is obvious, to me, that those values and ideas are not something you necessarily learn to appreciate, as that requires a degree of conscientiousness and adherence to principles. You can see that now as crisis after crises is relieving each other and the total lack of principles is laid bare.
Mon Aug 28 15:09:07

I'm sure it's a total coincidence that this trial date is set a day before super Tuesday.
large member
Mon Aug 28 16:44:08
Way better than Hawaii. Read your own link (they excluded loss of electricity due to natural events) and perhaps factor in multi year coverage. This year is probably not that great for example.

Unbundling is an important anti-trust tool (monopoly busting) in addition to giving seamless services.

But you do you. Why let facts interfer with your agenda?
large member
Mon Aug 28 16:48:47
There are legitimate complaints to be made. You are simply not making them.

For example. We are about to get 500 miles of 450 Kv lines to electrify an LNG plant that is perfectly happy using gas turbines currently.

It makes no economic sense, but is policy driven. I am sure the 450 Kv lines will function admirably once built, but they should not be built.
large member
Mon Aug 28 16:51:22
The company building them charges at cost, which would be prohibative, but cost sharing would be from all customers, not just the gas company.

Which happens to be bundled and is a powerhouse that often gets to write the policies it wants government to mandate.
large member
Mon Aug 28 16:55:12
Mon Aug 28 17:32:04
You still have to produce a paper of equal quality, Hawaii electric is transparent with their methodology.

This is, however a sidetrack, because as I said earlier that problems do not manifest the same way and plus nobody actually cares about Norway. You are doing an even lower quality reductive argument than seb does. Germany and Sweden have heavy industries and are not getting 90% of their electricity from hydro, the degradation of their energy infrastructure has consequences for those sectors. Neither Hawaii or California have heavy industries, their problems manifest different.

It all flows from the same ideological malady, that for reasons of geography and hydrology does not affect Norway. I have explained this for you and I thought you understood, whatever it is that is working for your country, does not scale or can be exported elsewhere. Very parochial, very low resolution.
large member
Mon Aug 28 17:46:14
Yes, Hawai is transparent in not including outages due to environmental disruptions. The mother of all copouts.

Yes, the flat topography Norway is famous for gives its power grid a significant advantage /s.

The topical point here is why do companies underinvest in grid maintenance. Not what conscequences that might have for industry.

I am saying tha decoupling and regulation are the solution. Let a grid company pass on maintenance costs to the consumers with profit outakes regulated by the State through ownership or law.

Unbundling like the EU has done with Natural Gas and is in the process of doing with electricity. So demonstrably scalable.

Some things are just too important to be guided by capitalism's heavy hand.
Mon Aug 28 17:48:58
I mean, I don't understand this grid and electricity stuff as well as evolutionary theory, but the things I am wrong about are on a higher level than the things you are getting wrong. You have simplified this to engineering components e.g "It isn't a peak issue, it's grid capacity". Remember you said this? Well that is an unwitting admission that one does not understand even basic things about energy grids.

Mon Aug 28 17:50:50
Ah so, you don't even have a similair quality report for the side track. Fair enough.

There is a new word in Swedish, "killgissa", somewhat sexists, but it is when someone is guessing assertively, so as to pretend that they know what they are talking about. Du är kung killgissare.
Mon Aug 28 18:00:01
It is somewhat peculiar though Jergul, because while we do not have as many nor as powerful storms as Hawaii, we have one or two every 20 years. I still remember Gudrun/Hilde and that certainly should have put a dent in the figures, if the numbers you posted take them into account, as the damage were of similar magnitude in Norway and Sweden.

This is what you get for lifting marketing texts and not using reports with actual methodology.
Mon Aug 28 18:11:12
Ok closer reading reveals those natural events have only been excluded from the *normalized figures* which several years show 100%. They are not excluded from the un-normalized figures which are slightly better than the figures you asserted for Norway. But I will not split hairs here, your grid is as reliable as the one in Hawaii. You are as good as an American backwater outpost.

So yea, this side track went into the ditch upon closer inspection.
Mon Aug 28 18:17:14
table 1: 2021 unnormalized 99.970% (including the weather outages)
table 5: 2021 normalized 99.980% (excluding the weather outages)

Oh the humanity...
large member
Mon Aug 28 18:21:20
Your link does not even have a chart for un-normalized transmission and distribution losses (it should have followed table 6).

You misunderstood your link again.

So sure. Hawai's grid is as good as Norways when we discount environmental caused outages for Hawai, but include them for Norway.

Also, 2023 will look good for Hawai too, since the outages caused by the fire also removed the impacted customers, so they don't need to be included.
Mon Aug 28 18:23:22
lol, it's right there table 1, right at the beginning. Those figures are slightly lower than the tables that have 3) indicating the weather outage have been removed.
Mon Aug 28 18:26:49
I have no idea what you are confused about here. It's all there, with and without weather outage.
large member
Mon Aug 28 20:07:49
You are the confused person in the room. We are talking about the grid, not about generation. Grid outages are table 6+

Tue Aug 29 02:02:18

There are 8 tables, the first 4 are unnormalized and include weather outages, the last 4 are normalized and do not include weather outages. The table titles are indentical in these two sets:
Table 1 - 5
Table 2 - 6
Table 3 - 7
Table 4 - 8

The table you were looking for, is table 2, transmission and distribution outage, unnormalized.

Anyway, this is just lazy socialist thinking, where the only way to solve an issue is to create many more jobs and companies/authorities than is actually needed. This is a baseline issue however and not relevant to the alternative costs that policy and propaganda give rise to, which affect energy infrastructure regardless of how grid and production have been organized.
large member
Tue Aug 29 09:25:44
Unbundling is an antitrust move to lessen monopoly structures in a market you lazy socialist thinker.

I realize you have never heard of unbundling before. So read up on in in the natural gas and electricity sector in the EU. You think better with a broader information base.
Tue Aug 29 13:43:05

We already have that Jergul and that has bot stopped policy and propaganda from defrading our energy infrastructure.

Learn to keep mpre than one thought in your head at one time. Energy is like complex and stuff.
large member
Tue Aug 29 14:38:01
Just read up on unbundling in a EU framework. Key words are anti-trust and anti monopoly. I know your Apple gut whispers to you that monopolies are good and universal charging adaptors are bad, but inform yourself a bit.

Because energy is indeed complex and stuff. Educate yourself a bit.
Tue Aug 29 14:57:16
We already have that jergul and that has not stopped policy and propaganda from degrading our energy infrastructure.

The purpose of entertaining your moronic little side track, was to show you, once again, that you do not understand what you are talking about. Now that you have learned how to read table headings, you are just stuck repeating the same thing, which I have not said anything about, one way or another, because as I said from the start, it doesn't matter, notwithstanding what is the "best" way to organize the ownership of the grid and the turbines.

"muh unbundling" x 10 times
large member
Tue Aug 29 16:12:07
The florida fluffpiece is just one of your red herring.

Entertain the possibility that there are structural reasons for why US electricity distribution is grossly undermaintained instead of leaping the the nearest CT you can find.

Structurally, energy producers and energy transmission companies have to be separate entities.

Unless you want transmission infrastructure to be chronically underfunded. Which perhaps you do. To name a CT with a bit of credibility.

Are there policy problems too? Yes, there are. I mentioned one of them earliers.

Maximalist "it is all a conspiracy" agendas are trite and rather boring to be honest. Let me help you revigorate your arguments to something worthy of a university education.

large member
Tue Aug 29 16:15:13
Or is this just a CT nuttery thread you use to blow off steam and follow the devils of your baser nature?

If so, then fair enough. Everyone can be crazy sometimes :).
Wed Aug 30 05:15:24
I listened to the whole thing, don't know his chances, but I can't really find deal breakers, so far. He is making sense.

Wed Aug 30 07:05:26
Cherub cow

There's a concept that's been occupying my thoughts for quite some time: the apparent surrender of the metaphysical battleground by conservatives and the right, seemingly in favor of a strictly materialistic stance. That is the lefts playground and they have a far more coherent and compelling meta-narrative. I am not saying it isn't religious, because it clearly is, but that the right has abdicated the religious metaphysics as being strictly materialistic.

While it's true that social constructivism lacks empirical validation, unraveling it requires study and investigation, while in contrast, simple correlations like impoverished neighborhoods leading to higher poverty levels appear intuitively evident, requiring no further investigation. Having said that, it is still very often leading a horse to water, the emphasis on social justice within the left's narrative resonate strongly both emotionally and culturally.

Consider this: the left's meta-narrative is embedded with idealistic visions for the transformation of society, fostering a broader sense of purpose and a drive for change. In contrast, the right now tends to approach matters through the lens of philosophical pragmatism, primarily addressing immediate, tangible concerns. What is the right offering in this landscape - Free market capitalism as the new creed and money as the new god.
Cherub Cow
Wed Aug 30 07:52:59
Good points and definitely something to think about. (And I'll have to watch the Candace interview later today).

It goes back to that (currently) unanswered question in the Vivek thread ( http://uto...hread=91999&time=1693311347501 ).. (I.e., what can be the right's vision?)

Even people like Auron MacIntyre, who is praised for *diagnosing* the illness, has not offered much for a cure. I think Vivek is on the right track, even though I'm suspicious of him.

..Changing this march of history requires tremendous vision.
Cherub Cow
Thu Aug 31 06:34:38
Nim, I watched that August 10th Candace interview of Ramaswamy.

Very interesting!
He basically demolished DC_Draino, which was fun. DC_Draino almost apologized at the end for having been fooled by an out-of-context smear-quotation. That's one reason I don't follow Draino on Twitter. He keeps getting promoted in the feeds, but he is not popular for being correct, just for being sensational. That's Jack Posobiec's problem too.

Key new information for me was that Ramaswamy *is* aware of the abuse of meritocracy that I mentioned in the Vivek thread. He was subtle about it, but he was addressing claims that he would just use his power to make things easy for Indian immigrants, but he specifically said that he was *not* talking about meritocracy just for "tech bros" and would be going after H-1B Visa abuse, which is something that most readily benefits Indians. That's a strong statement against nepotism claims.

He had an interesting solution to BRICS+, which is to turn the economic engine away from China by making trade deals with India and Russia. That's a tough one. That's probably the smarter move compared to just economically icing-out *both* India and China as payback for their recent anti-Western economic warfare, and it actually gives power to that "Average Ameriacn" joke in the Vivek thread about pushing India to fight China. Disempowering China would be probably the single greatest thing for the health of the planet at large, and getting India's help to do that would be pretty uplifting. :)

I really want to find flaws with him, but he really is the highest information candidate and has the best strategies and best vision. His "Capitalist Punishment" book (April 2023) understands so many of the things I've been complaining about here that it makes me wonder if he found this forum or my SubStack (lol; not likely).

Everyone seems to have an "ask", but I don't see that he has one (yet?).
Thu Aug 31 07:49:24
Yea, I have only heard of Rogan's name, never seen anything he has written or said, he was terrible. He was literally owned on every point he made. I especially cringed at the attempt he made to attack Vivek because of "affiliation" with Pfizer. What a wreck that was! I really respect Vivek's ability to counter such crude, yet potentially devastating attacks, since the explanation is not as simple. WILL YOU DENOUNCE PFIZER!? Yes (before he had even finished the question) AND I will remove their immunity! Many questions come into my head, as I am watching some of the media treatment of Vivek. They don't want him to succeed, because they see the same thing you and I are seeing. He has refined Trump politics yet strangely, is unlikely to drive as many people insane as Trump is.

With all that said, I am like you very cautious whenever one of these characters like Vivek pops up, because, well we were not born yesterday. We have seen how, regardless of political affiliation, people say one thing when they are candidates, and then once elected, they become corrupted. In some ways Vivek reminds me of the candidate Obama, intelligent, well spoken, charismatic, having an optimistic forward looking message, all the good stuff, I would say he has several things on top of Obaman, such as being financially/independent accomplished at such a young age. Regardless of what one may think of Obama's politics, we can agree, he utterly failed in living up to his own promises and principles, far beyond what could be blamed on republican interference.

It is frustrating, because like you I wish I had something more to fuel my suspicion that the generic suspicions towards people running for office. We just have to wait and see.
Cherub Cow
Wed Sep 06 05:54:35
Nicely put! :)

"I wish I had something more to fuel my suspicion that the generic suspicions towards people running for office."

True. :/
It's a shame if things have gotten so cynical that it's not possible (or difficult) to see that a candidate may well be legitimate and honest. If he were not a candidate and simply said these things in a different context, would there be an issue? (Probably not.) Does candidacy itself do this? (Probably so.)

He just did another surprising interview, this time with An0maly, who is one of the few people who was defending Ye and steel-manning Ye's arguments a few months back (i.e., it's surprising that An0maly isn't blacklisted by Ramaswamy's team):
"Vivek Ramaswamy & An0maly Discuss Controversies, Big Pharma & Soros Scholarship"
[September 5th, 2023]

The time format is again becoming the message. Ramaswamy seems to like doing 30-minute blocks, and that might be giving him an advantage when it comes to follow-up questions and misunderstandings. But.. the Fox debate was longer format, and he's already done a 2-hour Timcast appearance:
[July 19th, 2023]

Even so, he stays an extra 11 minutes on An0maly's show, and he very quickly answers some of An0maly's pharma and scholarship questions.

On the pharma question, Ramaswamy explains that his work with Pfizer was indirect, which seems true to the industry. A lot of pharma companies contract out to other pharma companies when they need specific peripherals — like how a restaurant might buy their bread from a bakery. An0maly gets a bit frustrated and accuses Ramaswamy of using "shell" corporations to recover his pharma losses. That section starts at about 35:50, and the "shell" part is at 37:30.

Partly, you can tell that An0maly had a bunch of questions that he tried to fit into the time limit, but you can also tell that An0maly wasn't expecting to have his concerns directly addressed and dispelled. Pretty wild. An0maly definitely isn't as bright as he thinks he is, and he gets stuck in these loops where he trashes Trump for supporting pharma's regulatory capture (it's useful info, but it gets redundant); so seeing him meet his limits is kind of fun. ;p He thought he could just draw connections to Pfizer and have that be enough to poison the well.

I may have to just commit to going through all of Ramaswamy's appearances and just become an expert in this one person, lol ;D
Wed Sep 06 14:04:25
I watched it.

Another swarm of dizzy gotcha attempts, that Vivek swats effortlessly. If you sell your soul for 50 000 USD, do you keep being a slave to Satan when you are worth almost a billion dollars? I bet he didn't know these things would be questioned when he released 20 years of tax returns! The cynic would say he has them public, to set himself for up for softballs that look scary when served. Let's not go there :P

An0maly completely lost it at the end as you point out, implying he used other investors as bag holders, and when he responds he didn't, he took the hit and it's in the public record, he shifts the goal posts "you acting like it hurt you", you're still wealthy. Shame on Vivek for intelligently taking risks and not using other investors as exit liquidity in the process.

I think it is the merits of his vision for the future that are important to explore. Nobody is doing that.
Cherub Cow
Sun Sep 10 05:42:02
"If you sell your soul for 50 000 USD, do you keep being a slave to Satan when you are worth almost a billion dollars?"

Some people have tried to say that scholarships come with checkups on your future progress after graduation, but this is a stretch. They're trying to say that a $50,000 award would mean being some kind of infiltrator for a secret benefactor, but that's not exactly a contract one can sign for a scholarship.

A better conspiracy theory would be that his success was fed to him artificially like in "Great Expectations", where his talents were falsely appraised to place him on a specific trajectory. But that doesn't fit with his high competency.

I don't watch a lot of Viva Frei's videos since he gets a little too whacky and he's more complaining about known things than offering new insights, but he had an insightful video on TDS' connection with the psychosis:
"Bill Maher's Terminal Case of Trump Derangement Syndrome Exposed on Joe Rogan! Viva Frei"
[September 6th, 2023]

I think Frei is pretty well known at this point, but for anyone unfamiliar with Frei:
Frei, a lawyer, appeared most notably during Canadian COVID lockdowns and again during the January 2022 trucker protests in Canada, since he was giving a lot of on-the-ground coverage and complaining very early about Trudeau's authoritarianism. Since then he's turned out to be very high information on a lot of globalism-related things and has appeared on pretty much every right-leaning podcast (e.g., Timcast). He swears a lot on Twitter and tends to go full speed into a lot of responses, but he seems like an honest enough fellow who's against the totalitarians. :p

One major thing Frei points out of Maher's TDS in the video is something we've observed in tw: he cannot take a hypothetical position to try to understand Trump's actions (I've pointed this out to tw with the "how would you feel if you hadn't had breakfast this morning?" meme). That is, Maher cannot even *entertain* the idea that Trump was working within a factual framework.

Even more simply:
What if Trump were correct about fraud?

This question is impossible to someone with TDS. In tw's case, he'll immediately pivot to some specific claim that Trump made and say that it's "false" because it's not 100% true (e.g., he'll take Giuliani's "600,000 plus unlawful votes" claim and dismiss the entire thing as a lie).

The problem?
This *still* is not addressing the hypothetical.
This is engaging with why he believes that the hypothetical *is* "false" — *not* with the hypothetical itself. Engaging with the hypothetical would mean taking the position that perhaps Trump was right about fraud (in general, not necessarily specifically) and asking what would be an appropriate response to said fraud.

This inability to engage a contrary hypothetical is a big marker of someone in the media psychosis. They cannot test a null hypothesis because the cognitive dissonance immediately activates a rabid defense mechanism. There's also a sunk cost fallacy here. If someone has invested a great deal of time and energy into a false position, entertaining the null hypothesis means potentially revealing that one has wasted his or her life on false premises and jeopardized his or her own very survival.

Frei's major point is that Trump/TDS is an excellent diversion from DNC criminality. It allows all Regime activities to be given an outlet for rage, a time suck, and a scapegoat. (I point this out to tw by frequently asking him if he's heard of ESG yet — he's remained ignorant on key issues because his focus is always drawn to Trump.)

TDS maintains people as completely useful one-issue voters.
Bad economy?
Bad crime?
Border failures?
Constitutional erosion?
Well... *Trump*... (*useful idiots vote Blue*)

In the case of Maher, people on the right have repeatedly tried to "redeem" him for having "sane" takes on various issues, but many others have pointed out that Maher will always vote DNC. He can always be counted on to be activated for this purpose.

Have I tested my own null hypotheses? I think so, and I've gone through various nulls at length previously.

A null hypothesis in these threads would include that there is no emerging totalitarian order.

I've looked at this in a few ways:
• The Celebration Parallax — This is the semantic game. Is it totalitarianism or just good global corporate governance? Sebbish people would code "sustainability" governance as "good" because they appease all bureaucracies for their procedural nature.
I think this null is contradicted by the fruits of these bureaucracies. ESG poisons movies/culture/beauty, medicine, economics, and all of society with its one-size-fits-all approach to global governance. This governance is also reductive/reducing. It reduces the world to the lowest common denominators. This is anti-life.

• Availability heuristic and hyper-immediacy — because the Internet allows news from all over the world and sensational topics prevail, the overall picture can look more dismal than it actually is. I apply this to many aggregators on Twitter, who re-post videos that often capture events from years prior.
I think this null is contradicted when looking at current day global-leader meetings, such as the WEF and various foundations, where prominent oligarchs outright reveal their aggregate designs and elucidate specific downstream effects.

• A standalone complex — Tim Pool mention(ed/s?) this a lot (e.g., as far back as July 2021; time point 1:08:00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etDMsaB0YeM ). His thinking was that maybe various world oligarchs simply saw the writing on the wall following world events and started taking self-interested actions which "happened" to all work towards the same thing.
I think this null is contradicted by colluding structures such as the United Nations and World Economic Forum. ESG itself incentivizes all structures to work towards one goal — all from one governance structure.

• The Managerial State as inevitable — People such as Auron MacIntyre and the Neo-Reactionary (NRx) movement (inspired largely by Nick Land and also the untrustworthy-by-strategic-omission Curtis Yarvin) seem to agree with Samuel Francis that a society of growing complexity will necessarily adopt more bureaucracy and that that bureaucracy will take over society. This is similar to points that earthpig has made about cities simply "becoming" left-leaning because "[smart people lean left]", smart people go to college, smart people fill complex jobs, and therefore society becomes left-leaning.
I think this null is contradicted by paying attention to the system-designers. Bureaucracy is not the world itself; it is written by people with particular politics. Tracing who wrote the systems and tracking their ideologies contradicts the lie of inevitable progression. A popular example is a John Adams quotation: "Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." How, then, might a system designer subvert the Constitution? By incentivizing immorality and irreligious beliefs. This does not happen accidentally. I think that determinism itself is a delusion when applied to the affairs of the living.
Cherub Cow
Mon Sep 11 07:55:37
I had been a little standoffish about Dinesh D'Souza's "2,000 Mules" because he seems a little hokey, but I had seen clips at least (e.g., the data scene was clipped and available on YouTube).

Even so, he posted the full movie for free on Twitter (again, I think?), so I finally watched it:
[September 8th, 2023]
(The video may not work for much longer since he said he'd remove it after the 10th.)

It's pretty frightening.. at a glance.
It has its corny moments where they reenact conversations, but removed from this theater the allegations themselves are pretty convincing.

This is the short version of the chronology they assemble for 2020 election fraud:

1) DNC donors strategically fund immoral DNC NGOs which set up shop in DNC cities.
Donors that contributed include:
• Soros
• Zuckerberg
• Warren Buffett
(Incidentally, this scheme is supported by the ESG funding of NGOs too; NGOs leverage resentful people by giving them funding for operations.)

2) These NGOs recruit mules from activist networks.
NGOs seem to specifically find Antifa-types who are already criminals or otherwise have the DNC's requisite lack of a conscience (i.e., less likely to be whistleblowers). The movie shows this by displaying an overlap between the mules and some DNC riots (the same people appear at the riots and on mule routes).

3) These NGOs collect ballots for the mules:
Ballot collection methods (mentioned at about 1:12:00)
• Going through voter roles to see who has not voted historically and intercepting these ballots (i.e., these people would not pay attention to their ballot activity)
• Filling out ballot request forms and forwarding to DNC activists
• Going to low-information voters, minority communities, and homeless encampments; and coercing inhabitants to fill out ballots favorably
• Stealing ballots from mail boxes
• Stealing ballots from old-folks' homes
• Outright manufacturing ballots

4) The mules surveyed visited at least 10 different ballot boxes *and* visited DNC NGOs. Their assumption is that the mules visit the NGOs to pick up ballots. They give a conservative estimate that the mules drop off an average of 5 ballots per drop box to avoid red flags from election workers, though they also claim that entire suitcases may have been delivered in some cases (they seem less data-driven on this claim, though).

5) Once ballots are delivered, the laundering process is complete; the ballots now appear legitimate in an audit since the mule process is not audited (though, outside of "Mules", Kari Lake's lawyers did show that illegitimate ballots were accepted). This is because the ballots themselves are real, and the only way to detect malfeasance would be to perform a thorough survey of voters. But, a survey would be of *all* voters, the muled votes would be a fraction of those, and people who had been coerced would be unlikely to come forward as a fraction of *those*.


The Wikipedia page is very angry about this movie and picks it apart pretty thoroughly:

On the one hand, this is because Wikipedia is heavily captured by left-wing activists (as I've mentioned for years on the subject of the edit war on the "fascism" page), but on the other hand, while many of the Wiki page's comments are petty (e.g., just how much their organization was "part" of the University of Mississippi versus renting office space there), the biggest gaps seem to be these:

• If the data center which assembled this data *has* reliable data on movements and already has that data tied to individual identities, then law enforcement would have specific people to interview. But.. there seems to have been no law enforcement activity even after a year. While it's true that the DNC has captured many institutions, it would only take one GOP prosecutor to push for interviews, and I don't see that that has happened.

• Reuters notes that "none of the surveillance videos showed the same person more than once"
( https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-usa-mules/fact-check-does-2000-mules-provide-evidence-of-voter-fraud-in-the-2020-u-s-presidential-election-idUSL2N2XJ0OQ ).
This is major and apparent even while watching the movie, because the data people show D'Souza a few clips of drop-offs but show the *same* clips to the pundits at the end. This makes it appear that they only had these few clips — despite their claims of having a huge amount of surveillance footage. And, worse, Wiki notes that at least a couple of the people shown were tracked down and were just dropping off ballots for their families — one is even suing for defamation (Wiki ommits, however, that other defamation suits have been dropped, as in April 2023: http://www.truethevote.org/gregg-phillips-on-war-room/ ). It is a major oversight of the movie to not show footage of one person making multiple drop-offs. They closest claim to this is video of one person who was pinged at multiple drop-offs, but no video is shown of those drop-offs.

• There is a big question of *actual* geo-data versus the *presentation* of geo-data. Here, I disagree with Reuters pretending that geo-data is not reliable to fine detail since even an old cell phone can show what side of the street you're on. This is also important since Reuters claims that people might just happen to pass by lots of ballot boxes since they're in convenient locations (lol)..
but.. D'Souza's data people *do* sort of skirt over the issue of locations and chronology (at about 33:00 and 36:30). That is, they *show* images of a path taken from ballot box to ballot box, but is this an actual *route* or were all of the locations pinged at different times and the route was assembled independently of the pinged times? At 37:00, they seem to show the information they *actually* see, and it appears to be GPS pings rather than continuous tracking. This should make people wonder how much they had to "smooth" the data.
Amazon reviews of the book of the same name sort of reveal this in quotations:
"We identified in Atlanta 242 people that went to an average of 24 drop boxes and 8 organizations during a 2-week period"
I.e., they assembled visits to drop boxes not sequentially on one day but via pings over a 2-week window. This is a big difference from saying, "[Mule went to NGO (presumably to pick up ballots), then dropped off ballots here and here on the same day, then picked up more ballots, then went to boxes here and here]."

I can even overlook a lot of the Wiki/Reuters criticisms, such as D'Souza's payment scheme for the movie. Of that issue, at face value, you could say that charging for evidence looks like grifting more so than wanting to get the word out. Combine this fact with the sensationalism of the movie (e.g., bringing in pundits for a kind of 'reaction video' of them when shown the evidence), and it looks like they were just giving people a popular narrative and charging them for it. But, I can overlook this because the data-miners explicitly said that they paid a great deal of money for all of this data, and many boomer conservatives work on the premise that they should be well paid for their efforts.. so.. a payment scheme could be to reimburse the cost.

Still, that one issue can't be ignored: why no video of one person at multiple stops?
Even Barr pointed this out shortly after the movie's release:
(Some of his argument is faulty, but he points out the video issue)

This is their response in the book, quoted in an Amazon review:
"The book contains his responses to objections to his film. Of “the most serious allegation… Where is the video footage of the SAME MULE at multiple drop boxes[?]” he replies, “My answer … is not to dispute the point raised, but to show why it is an unreasonable demand to make of the movie… It is the failure of the states to install the cameras that explains my inability to provide what … critics want.” (Pg. 168-169)"

That's fair in the sense that this is indeed a small operation, they do show that many organizations "lost" footage or did not have it, and it's probably asking a lot of a small operation to comb through more data and footage, but the easy counter-argument is that with so many potential mules there would have to be at least one trail to follow to an arrest.

And it has now been more than a year. Have they examined and released more data? Not really. The data-miners have two websites:

Open.ink appears to be a skeleton site (mostly portals with content behind logins). Initiatives on TrueTheVote talk about working with sheriffs to look for *future* fraud, but there do not seem to be calls to interview "mules" or to help go through their data. This really fuels the "grifter" aspect.

It kind of makes it look like they bought a bunch of data, applied faulty criteria to the data, found some suspicious people while browsing surveillance video, and fudged sequences. The possible method of fraud is convincing (the five numbers listed above), but they did not actually demonstrate any evidence that would hold up in court. This makes it appear to be theater and after a year has born no fruits.

I could argue that the DNC's control of media prevents a thorough will-power in the public to create forward movement on the steel-man details of the movie, and that would be consistent with the DNC's malevolence. But, again, the movie needed just *one* trail.
Cherub Cow
Sat Sep 16 23:59:36
Funniest Tweet of the year so far:
(From Washington Post)
"An all-Muslim council’s decision to block the display of Pride flags on city property in a small Michigan town has angered allies and members of the LGBQT community, who feel the support they provided immigrant groups has been reciprocated with betrayal."
[September 16th, 2023]

It's funny (leftists complaining about losing an "ally" who was only using them for infiltration while the left used them against the right), but..

The right would be mistaken to ally with Muslim groups (at large) against the left.
Muslim groups are not "based" in any Western sense. Many traditional values do indeed overlap, but Muslims definitionally sampled the Judaic strategy of enslavement via Muhammad's foundational doctrine.

@AurelianofRome is a good example of this trap: he says lots of "based" things, but his ultimate "solution" is to conquer the West and institute a Caliphate. It's not exactly a beneficial alliance, and, in fact, the Regime is using Muslims for this exact purpose (i.e., using them to infiltrate and destroy). So it is a tremendous error to trade one slave doctrine (Western leftism) for another (Islam).

This recognition of slave infiltration was the major subject of Nietzsche's "The Anti-Christ" (1888) and also comes up in "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" (1885). The short version is that Nietzsche recognizes the slave doctrines in, say, Hinduism and Christianity/Catholicism, but he only partially applauds Judaism and Islam. Of Judaism, he respects the Jewish survival instinct, since their duplicitous morality (e.g., nepotism, repressive tolerance) has given them survival as a unified people — even under diaspora. Of Islam, he respects their strength and their rule by a manly master class, since noble values often overlap with master values.

But the "master"/"slave" binary remains an error, since it enforces systems of slavery which weakens one genetic group towards the favor of another (e.g., as Islam creates inferior women who can be more easily subjugated by men); all Abrahamic religions are at fault, albeit small sub-sects have done better to resist slavish contamination (e.g., some Protestant groups). This error of monotheism is why those against slave morality often adopt paganism as an alternative (e.g., 4chan "pagan frens" of different varieties); a singular god causes a singular vision of "salvation" and therefore enslaves the world to this ruling vision of the oligarchs (oligarchs being the designers of monotheistic totalitarianism).

But, rather than loitering on paganism, Nietzsche went to religious origins and experimented with a new Zoroastrianism in "Thus Spoke Zarathustra". The idea was to conceive of an anti-religion through Zarathustra's parables — one which freed people from the mistakes of all religions, preventing and undoing the formation of a "master" class through the «Übermensch» (Over-Man / Overgoing-Man / Bridging-of-Man-to-more-than-Man). I explained to wtb before he realized I wasn't a pathetic leftist and when he still recognized my education that the «Übermensch» represents the synthesis of all of Nietzsche's positive values: intensely critical of the lies of history, strong, ungovernable, and absolutely driven to greatness (among many other positive values). An entire population bred and driven to be beyond the weaknesses of enslaving-man and enslaved-man would possess a noble morality but would not need nor desire slavery.
This population could not be enslaved.

Naturally, this was an inspiration for Hitler (Hicks looks at that here in "Nietzsche and the Nazis": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2C90l7YlT8 ), but Hitler fell into dialectic traps to gain power. The belief with a Nationalized Socialism was that Germany could be bred to support only a rising «Übermensch», purging weak bloodlines that would re-enslave it to the occupiers. Socialism, however — even amongst a group of would-be Over-Men — is an enslaving doctrine. And were that Germany had no external enemies, it may still not have worked, possibly because the rush to implement it caused errors of bureaucracy and standardization (e.g., *forcing* people to adopt these values on behalf of fellow citizens who were not actually «Übermensch» and therefore relied on public welfare). Worse, though, is that this effort to create «Übermensch» was opposed by the international Bolsheviks, who used Germany's war to create a massive dysgenics battle against Germany. This is because Germany's finest fighting stock (its most likely progenitors of an unconquerable «Übermensch» bloodline) were defeated by the international Bolshevik coalition — a world slave army was mobilized against Germany, much as Persians against Leonidas, but the slave army of WWII was one of morality rather than genetics (e.g., American genetics were mobilized on behalf of the enslavers).

Recognizing these National Socialist errors and speculating on a coalition-against-slavery became a subject for Frank Herbert's "Dune". He foresaw the current threat of a return to serfdom, but he offered Paul Atreides as an anti-slavery «Übermensch» and stand-in for Nietzsche's Zarathustra. In some readings, the Bene Gesserit *are* Jewish and have bred a Jewish «Übermensch» to singularly enslave all of humanity (the latest version of "Dune" took this very literally by casting Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides — Jewish on his mother's side, indicating that the Bene Gesserit were Jewish), but Herbert masked this "are" possibility by saying that the Bene Gesserit had simply studied Jewish tradecraft to effect their own eugenics. (It's possible that Herbert was aware of splits in Judaism, but I don't have that level of familiarity with Herbert at the moment.)

Still, the point of Dune in these terms was that an anti-slavery uprising might look like a "master" being bred (i.e., the Bene Gesserit intent) but ultimately being uncontrollable and desirous not of Judaism's ever-expanding slavery but of a coalition of all noble and un-enslavable peoples — which included most obviously the Fremen, who were descendants (mainly) of Islam who had *shed* enslaving doctrines. In other words, Herbert was redeeming Islam as a possible road to ending humanity's slavery.

The question, though, is how practical that is today. I think all genetic groups have «Übermensch» within them who will oppose *any* enslavement (e.g., ethnic-Arabic peoples who oppose Islam's own slaver codes), but they live within cultures most often dominated by those taking part in the modern slavery movement. Then, it falls right back to explaining the true issue (that this current war is the people versus the totalitarians), and that message is isolated from the Zeitgeist, which is controlled by the totalitarians.
Cherub Cow
Mon Sep 18 18:07:40
Just look at this delusional nonsense from Bret Weinstein...

"The American founders (including late arriving founders like MLK) solved a governance problem and created the freest, fairest, most dynamic, most productive system the world has yet known. It is the West. All its members are now in trouble. America might be best off because of 2A"
[September 15th, 2023]

(Focusing on "late arriving founders like MLK"):
Weinstein is another case of someone who is really great on a lot of issues but completely wrong on demographic replacement issues. MLK was a subversive agitator, and his one line about the "content of their character" does not overcome the total lie of the Civil Rights Act or MLK's utility as an agitprop generator.

The Civil Rights Act must be abolished, since it is the codified subversion of the Constitution. "Protected classes" are merely foot-in-door methods of empowering those of slave morality — i.e., giving power to people *despite* the content of their character. "Content of their character" was *never* codified in the Civil Rights Act — it was the equivalent of calling a massive surveillance program the "Patriot Act". People seem to think that the "Dream" speech was an act of legislation rather than a massive act of propaganda.

In reality, the founding principles, the initial drafts of the Declaration of Independence (i.e., where Jefferson excoriated slavery), Washington's presidential farewell address, and Enlightenment belief in natural rights opposed *slavery* whereas the Civil Rights Act *reversed* this course by *empowering* slaves such that they could re-enslave the West. MLK was a "founder" only of this re-enslavement strategy.
Cherub Cow
Sat Sep 23 22:29:49
This is redundant for anyone who's read anything in these threads, but I just posted this comment under a fresh Dave Smith video that addresses ESG. ESG was raised by Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Rectenwald, who may only be running to boost his public profile, but his information is good:
"The ESG Coercion Machine Explained"
[September 23rd, 2023]

"Yes! ESG is an extremely important issue.
ESG is a massive anti-competitive pyramid scheme and protection racket that is using taxpayer wealth and investments to dismantle Western civilization. This is behind the West's cultural revolution, the propaganda we see from film studios and video games, our involvement with China and Ukraine, Western energy and food shortages, and so much more.

"They are using our own money to destroy us.
If candidates are not directly addressing it (as are Rectenwald, Trump, and Ramaswamy) then they are hugely missing a core issue.

"And it's great that Rectenwald mentioned Biden's veto.
The Department of Labor passed a ruling to change ERISA which basically made it so that "fiduciary duty" could by bypassed by "climate change" imperatives, which essentially means that ESG businesses and asset managers can do whatever they want with Western wealth if it's ear-marked for "climate change"/"sustainability" action. That means that they can lose your money and jeopardize your investments for their pet "climate" projects. When 2023 House Resolution 30 was passed in the House and the Senate to block this undermining of investments by stopping this change to ERISA, Biden vetoed it. (This was in March 2023).

"If you want to know why the Regime is absolutely hellbent on ensuring a DNC or establishment victory in 2024, it is largely to protect this veto power. ESG is collapsing the distinction between asset manager monopolies and governmental action by forcing the government to adopt its own "sustainability" frameworks (i.e., ESG is not just a private formula). To collapse the West they need to keep this runaway train going by preventing "sustainability" governance from being excised from the bureaucracies."
Cherub Cow
Mon Sep 25 05:41:36
Neil DeGrasse Tyson (low-IQ Aspy Black Science Man) went on Triggernometry to explain just how retarded he is on the gender question following some interviews where he made the "feelings = sex" argument:
[September 24th, 2023]
Extended section here:

Top kek moments:
• "Why do you care?"
• "cosmic perspective, [bro!]" / "All the same species, [bro!]"
• "[You can't see chromosomes, bro! I literally can only see sex differences based on grooming standards, bro! Muscles aren't natural, bro! Sex is 'choice', bro!]"
• "My only point [is that people should be able to play dress-up, bro! Why do you want to stop dress-up time, bro!?]"
• "You have more than two [examples, bro??]"
• "It's a solvable problem [to a problem that we created]."
• "Contest [hormone levels, bro!]"
• "[Sex quotas in governance are good, actually.] Perfectly noble cause."
• "Now ... we get the best [of] who's out there" (lol)

He's such a goddamned idiot that I had to keep pausing and processing just how fucking stupid he is. Really great rage bait at just 14 minutes. Would recommend.

To pick these apart briefly:
• "Why do you care?" is a pathetic and common deflection that has been picked apart pretty thoroughly as the rhetorical deception that it is, but I'll just add.. People care because this is not just some quiet and irrelevant issue reserved for some niche travail-story. It is being forced by NGOs, hospitals, corporations, asset managers, media, and the government as a wedge issue to remove parental autonomy, expand medical Lysenkoism, expand Pharma capture of health, demoralize the population, and butcher children in genetic warfare. We are being forced to care since it is a totalizing intrusion which cannot be ignored.

• "All the same species" is reductivist delusion. Being unable to discern important distinctions is an IQ failing akin to agnosia; it is not a virtue of some benevolent alien observer. Distinctions do indeed matter when you leave your weed haze, commie. "[You *can* own property if you're not a penniless hippy.]"

• "Chromosomes" — Neil's argument is based in his terrible perceptions. His argument is that because *he* foolishly guesses sex based on the *performance* of sex (e.g., hair removal) that those are the *only* or *major* characteristics of sex or that sex is otherwise just a product of the "Beauty Industrial Complex".
This is obviously retarded on its face, but to spell it out: "gender performance" *of* sex is typically to *emphasize* obvious and apparent sex-specific traits. Women *do* grow less facial hair and men *do* grow more facial hair (on a normal distribution), so *emphasizing* those per-existing traits is part of the grooming behavior of the sexes. That is, grooming is the emphasizing of what makes one attractive as one's sex. He even gives the faulty example of those things not existing when one wakes in the morning, yet *obviously* he would have to admit that an un-groomed male or an un-groomed female is *still* totally identifiable even after months or years without the "Beauty Industrial Complex" being summoned. And, of course, are people like John Walker Flynt ("Brianna Wu") or "Esqueer_" fooling any honest person? No. So his "If that's how you establish gender" line is a straw man based on a false premise. And, more alarmingly, you can see exactly how a person must deny his perceptions to accept the Regime dogma.

• The "we solved the bathroom problem" thing is purely a band-aid on a bullet wound. Those "private bathrooms for all" spaces are usually train wrecks that quickly devolve into Starbucks bathrooms. This relates closely with the next issue..

• "Interesting, fair matches" is re-inventing the wheel. It's like designing a sport for a breed of dog that does not even exist yet rather than putting greyhounds against greyhounds. The simple reality is that sex-based sports already *address* competitive distinctions. But do you think that NDT would advocate for simply putting transwomen in men's sports? Lol, no. Don't solve it with the old rules, right? We need *new* rules, and that's the *point* — the cultural revolution needs to constantly upturn foundations.

• NDT stupidly thinks that a lack of women in governance is itself a product of naked biases and something "wrong" in society.
On the plus side to this, he wonders why such a "gap" exists in representation in governance between the sexes and speculates that that gap could be addressed. But... anyone think that his solutions would fit the Regime's "equity"/"Harrison Bergeron" insanity.. *or* would it dive into the creation of an ungovernable Überfrau? Obviously, NDT supports the Regime's solution, which is unqualified people given power.

Anyways, they probably asked a lot of these questions on Locals to expose him as an idiot, but Triggernometry is itself a subversive program that deserves no money, so that'll require the clips to roll in. The key thing is that Neil DeGrasse Tyson is yet another example of a useful idiot with a low-IQ and high rate of compliance who was given power specifically to put weakness and stupidity into the Zeitgeist.
Mon Sep 25 14:06:15
Neil DeGrasse Tyson did this incoherent rambling a while ago in some other interview. He is so far gone, he does not even try to separate gender and sex, meaning he is stage 4 terminal, beyond all hope.

Now I feel better over the fact that I never liked him and found him really annoying.
Cherub Cow
Mon Sep 25 19:35:53
Yeah :/
Even when the Internet was fawning over him a few years back, I mainly took it as a "Black Science Man" meme rather than someone to go to seriously.. like TV-programming for kids. He clearly wasn't fully functional intelligence-wise. You can always look at someone's eyes to see which parts of their brain are firing up while they think, and he has had to cut some corners there to feign intelligence. I.e., he never reconciled social realities with science but thought that he could just segue without issue.

I think it's useful for looking around and seeing why these people were selected by producers for fame. There is a psychological profile somewhere of the perfect useful idiot, and people like NDT simply fit the criteria.
Tue Sep 26 11:40:40
"Black Science Man"

Yeah... An unfortunate side effect of these things broadly is that I now find myself having instinctive skepticism towards people belonging to a "protected group", be they women, black or whatever, in positions of power, that isn't an entrepreneurial achievement. Degrees, positions etc. these things mean almost nothing, you have to be convinced with deeds.
Cherub Cow
Mon Oct 02 09:18:24
Yeah it seems an unfortunate aspect of Marxists activating the West to respond under a racialist framework is that people are forced to look around their world using tribal markers so as to empathize with enemies that see only by those markers.

I wasn't going to respond to this originally because it's just par for the course for an old issue, but it's slowly made its way through the pundits (e.g., Liberal Hivemind picked it up on October 1st https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8zIIeq1xxU ):
"@VincentOshana and @SteveSchmidtSES (The founder of Lincoln Project) get into a heated debate over the severity of the 9/11 attack vs. January 6."
[September 29th, 2023]

A lot of the debate devolves into insults and rhetorical deception, and I'm not focusing on that. I'm also not focusing on Vincent Oshana's "guided tour" line, which I understand within his framework but which is a red herring for a lot of people because January 6th has to be understood both as its "guided tour" *portions* and as events such as people outright slamming police barricades into an entryway. I think these discussions are minor issues compared to the core argument that is made by people such as tw, murder, and, here: Steve Schmidt.

Going off the unedited PBD video, the terms of his steel-man argument are not even logically consistent.
The typical argument these delusional types make is that January 6th was worse than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor due to *symbolism* — ignoring all physical factors altogether.
In other words, they are saying that what was attacked was more "symbolically" important, regardless of the scale of the attack (i.e., regardless of casualties and material damage).

But, for this to "work", they have to attach ultimate symbolism to January 6th while depriving all symbolism from 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. It goes like this:
• Capitol Building — a symbol of "our democracy"; the sacred counting of electors; the grand halls of our elected officials
• Trade Towers and Pentagon — just some buildings
• Pearl Harbor — just some boats

You may say that's a straw man of their position, but they *must* avoid symbolic consistency for 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, otherwise they must admit..
• Trade Towers and Pentagon — symbols of the economic prosperity of the United States, of the global role of the United States, of American military power, of servicemen and their most distinguished leaders, of a legacy of bravery and martial culture
• Pearl Harbor — symbolic of American power in the Pacific, of American strength, of prosperity, of the military and its servicemen

And worse, if they apply symbolic consistency, they must also admit that another target on 9/11 was believed to be the Capitol Building. It is typically suspected — even in the official narrative — that Flight 93 was headed towards the Capitol Building when it was downed. In other words, 9/11 *included* a planned attack on the Capitol Building which would have been far more devastating than the worst events of January 6th. Thus, symbolically, 9/11 includes the symbolism of the Trade Towers, the symbolism of the Pentagon, *and* the symbolism of the Capitol Building; whereas January 6th includes the symbolism of the Capitol Building *alone*.

The fallback here would be that the symbolism of the *process* taking place is important for the Capitol Building on January 6th. But, again, on 9/11, the Senate and House were in session. There were thousands of people conducting business in the Capitol Building.

The fallback still further would be that the business of counting electors is more symbolically important than the business of health care, budget surplus, medicare, and social security (issues on the floor before the 9/11 attacks occurred). So, again, they have to sub-divide symbolic importance:
• Capitol Building processes on January 6th — the electoral process; the observance of executive power
• Capitol Building processes on 9/11 — devaluation of currency undermining American labor; death being exported overseas via poor health policy; the labor of Americans not being available as dividends in their retirements.

And there's some fairness there. That is, is the ceremonial transfer of power more important than daily debates on health care and such? I would accept that.
However, even while autistically ignoring casualties, we would have to talk about delay of process. That is, how much did the January 6th protestors delay the electors versus how much would a plane hitting the Capitol Building on 9/11 have delayed processes (i.e., not just the processes taking place *on* 9/11)?

A concrete reality is that the January 6th protestors delayed the process by a few hours. The chambers were evacuated at 2:20pm and re-convened at 8pm.
If a plane had hit the Capitol Building on 9/11, how long would it take to to re-convene?

Now, for Steve Schmidt, the casualties of losing the House, the Senate, and most of the legislative staff would be irrelevant, since we're still talking symbolically. So, what is the symbolic depth of having to re-initiate the election/appointment of hundreds of members of the legislature (i.e., hundreds of elections or appointments) and the mass-hiring of new staff members? And, comparatively, is the observance of executive power (transferred or maintained) greater than the transfer of a mass of legislative power?

Combining the symbolism, is the delay of a few hours for the counting of electors better or worse than
• the symbolic weight of sorting through the rubble of a then 208-year-old-building for symbolically important symbols of U.S. governance (i.e., people),
• the delay of months or years for the reconstruction of a symbolic building,
• the symbolic weight of hundreds or thousands of funerals held in a symbolic city and in the symbolic homes of those symbolic offices,
• the symbolic weight of replacing senators and congressmen via new elections and appointments, and
• the symbolic weight of a nation in mourning for symbolic losses of security, liberty, and perhaps innocence?

Perhaps delaying a process by five hours and forty minutes is less symbolically impactful than the many horrors seen in 9/11 and Pearl Harbor which Steve Schmidt and those like him refuse to see because they refuse to assign symbolic weight to service-members, to fire-fighters, and to death itself. Perhaps trying to ignore the true severity and concrete realities of historical events by opportunistically applying a muddled sense of symbolism to favor one's wedge issue is not a healthy way to perceive the world. If that is so, then maybe those who died on 9/11 or in Pearl Harbor, their families, or the family of Ashli Babbitt lost more than five hours and forty minutes. Symbolically and literally.

Mon Oct 02 09:44:44
Having never heard of Vincent Oshana before
...obviously had cause to call Steve Schmit out on his BS, but he ruined his credibility by just yelling over Steve in that entire clip.

He comes off like an unhinged madman in that, holy shit. I guarantee you he changed zero minds in his favor with that clip.
Mon Oct 02 11:47:13
Funny, because PBD recently has 2 Christians and 2 Muslims to talk religion. One of the Christians is ex-Muslim, christian convert, the other was Richard Spencer. First 5 minutes they manage to drag out of the Muslims that, he should be put to death for apostasy. The show goes and PBD tries to see "both sides of things". I have no idea what his end game is, but he is a fucking moron. He has his moments where he says something intelligent of the first order, but his inconsistent. He strikes me as being the fight promoter, one of those without any ethics and completely lacking a moral compass. And yet he is the most intelligent person in his crew, because the others are dumber than rocks.

You can see it in this clip as well, he just stays silent and lets the car crash have its' course. No attempt to cool things down, no attempt to mediate. He knows the clips will rack in views.
Mon Oct 02 11:48:07
Sorry *Robert Spencer*, of Jihad watch.
Cherub Cow
Mon Oct 02 22:49:07
[Rugian]: "but he ruined his credibility by just yelling over Steve in that entire clip ... guarantee you he changed zero minds in his favor with that clip."

For sure. Vincent Oshana's success there (where it occurred, anyways) was in preaching to the choir in the presence of a devil. You'd have to agree already to see where he was coming from, and you'd have to be annoyed by Steve Schmidt's initial (immoral and deceptive) attack strategy as a prompt for Oshana going nuclear (e.g., Schmidt dismissing "Twitter videos", straw man argument of "didn't happen", "bullshit conspiracy", "you're a fucking nut"). Oshana basically ended up looking like he was in the middle of a roid-rage episode.

This does not take away from the words of Oshana's argument for me, but a lot of people gauge these debates entirely by emotional cues, deciding who "won" based on whether or not someone appears enraged versus in control. A lot of leftists know this of their audiences (the left is very emotion-driven), so they intentionally throw in these baiting arguments as a Gish-Gallop to get an emotional reaction, then they just breathe slowly and pretend that their new-found Stoicm is itself the argument.

Vaush and Destiny love this tactic. I've also seen Michael Malice (I consider him an infiltrator of right-wing spaces) use this. Malice will be the one yelling when he wants to crush counter-arguments by emotionally overwhelming someone, but then he'll suddenly pretend to be coy and reasonable when someone else starts yelling in response ("Why are you yelling?" — Malice cliché). So Schmidt found which thought-terminating clichés worked to get an emotional response out of Oshana and just kept repeating the most effective clichés to push Oshana into becoming outright violent. That's why I just wanted to dismiss all of the rhetorical deception and look at Schmidt's only actual steel-man argument, which was just a false equivalency based on faulty metaphors.

[Nimatzo]: "I have no idea what his end game is, but he is a fucking moron. He has his moments where he says something intelligent of the first order, but his inconsistent. He strikes me as being the fight promoter, one of those without any ethics and completely lacking a moral compass."

Agreed; I can definitely see that. He only came onto my radar because he interviewed Jordan Peterson in February 2022 in a popular clip ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivegf9THOf8 ), then he picked uo on ESG, Disney, and China in a couple of videos from a few months ago ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fk2iu2_3pek and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNUpcfBOsos ). After that I'd ignored him as a redundant pundit until this clip started circulating. I tried some of his other material, but he's not very helpful.
Cherub Cow
Mon Oct 02 22:49:48
Quick note on sovereignty and the slave society:
(I posted this under an Auron MacIntyre video on Joseph de Maistre)

Speaking in terms of the human who exists as he is and then constructs a society based on that being, "human nature" as "[being] ruled over" is the logic of the enslaver and the enslaved who design a society in which they and all others are kept within their enslavement. It is not the natural state of all men but rather the natural state of the slave "to be ruled over", and so a slave will design a society wherein this slavery is maintained. On the other side of this coin, Hegelian "masters" perceive themselves as rightful enslavers, and so they design a society wherein this mastery is perpetuated over eternal slaves, who are bred to "prove" this destiny after-the-fact for these oligarchs. This is the self-fulfilling prophecy of the Masters over the Last Man, the conquered, the nihilists, and the weak. Masters and slaves who design societies by this dialectic can only poison their religions with slave morality, sicken the will of man in decaying societies, and debase humanity by denying man the stamina to last through the ages.

Meanwhile, a person whose natural state is neither to be slave nor master will design a society wherein his natural state is reflected. This society will be constructed such that neither Hegelian master nor slave is allowed to design the society; if those men exist within his society then they have no franchise and no access to corruptible powers. This is the natural state of the «Übermensch». The Over-Man's natural state is not "to be ruled over" nor to rule over cowards, weak castes, or sickly and debased man. He does not "give alms to the poor of the spirit" nor demand alms via the false sovereignty of the "Master"-class parasite. The destiny of this society is the growing sovereignty of its individual people and their families, who similarly reject masters and slaves and have a will of Lightning wherein would-be conquerors cannot merely replace a few "Masters" to win but must face an ungovernable sea of sovereign families.

The question here is who is currently designing societies, and what spirits within the multiplicity of man are being selected and enabled to build them — the poor in spirit or the eternal sovereign? If a people believe that the sovereign man is a myth, then it is the Hegelian conqueror's self-fulfilling prophecy that designs this people's spirit and makes them long for slavery as an inevitability. This people intuits not nature but the will of these destroyers, whose lies are found in their deterministic fallacies and the materialistic error of life itself as obedient to those fallacies (i.e., the error that atoms behave by physical properties and that life behaves identically — a belief which ignores life complexity). No great man will help to design a society that poisons itself with this doom.

The Founders largely attempted to design a society which would purge slavery and its immorality, but it was not Enlightenment principles which undid them but Hegelian destroyers who sought to undermine Enlightenment society with this temptation of re-enslavement. The problem that every free society faces is designing a system which excludes destroyers and empowers the sovereign.
Tue Oct 03 03:03:05
”so they intentionally throw in these baiting arguments as a Gish-Gallop to get an emotional reaction, then they just breathe slowly and pretend that their new-found Stoicm is itself the argument.”

Bingo. We have people like this on this board, and I have had this exact conversation with them. Saying crazy things calmly, doesn’t change the nature of the conversation. I believe I have said this to seb.
Cherub Cow
Tue Oct 03 04:31:37
Definitely Seb does that. He'll say absolutely outrageous things (e.g., overt lies about your argument) and then pretend to take the high horse if you don't remain civil about him lying to you. I think it's totally fair to become uncivil if still addressing the argument, though I admit that that probably isn't a great idea in podcasts like the one above.
Tue Oct 03 05:05:50
The optics doesn't look good. He could have conveyed the same sentiment, basically using the same behavior.

"the error that atoms behave by physical properties and that life behaves identically"

lol, like seb? :)
Cherub Cow
Wed Oct 04 05:33:25
"lol, like seb?"

lol, yeah. :D
Amazing how much overlap there is between determinists, materialists, bureaucrats, leftists, and slaves. That materialistic/deterministic fallacy is a really common one among them and traces largely back to Spinoza. It's the kind of delusion that is dreamt up in a lab where everything is simplified and controllable, whereas the more complex the life form the less controllable it is.

"Life, uh, finds a way."
Cherub Cow
Tue Oct 10 03:52:33
Regarding the DNC-Regime's use of client groups and patronage networks ("rewarding friends and punishing enemies"), one issue that Auron MacIntyre and Will Chamberlain (lawyer who very early predicted that Rittenhouse's weapons charge would be dismissed but who became too annoying lately with his DeSantis talk) have talked about is the issue of the left having a major incentive structure for their client groups: education and indoctrination.

Talked about in detail here:
"Make the Colleges Pay! | Guest: Inez Stepman | 10/6/23"
[Auron MacIntyre; October 6th, 2023]

The formula is that the DNC can pump money into universities by forcing the government to take on the risk of student loans; universities can charge absorbent amounts because they know that young students will agree to any number and have zero concept of the decision that they're making. The DNC can then pretend that they'll forgive loans whenever they need a little push before an election. The right's central response to this is, "lol, pay your loans."

The reasoning behind this is sound, of course, such as
• the right not wanting to pay-off student loans taken out by med and law students who should be expected to pay off their loans through their high-paying professions
• loans being the sole responsibility of the debtor
• paying off these loans merely being a tax on everyone else
• this being a tax on the working class and a wealth transfer to high-earners (assuming that people with degrees make more)
• universities clearly being indoctrination centers that should not be further incentivized (i.e., education no longer educating)
• university incentive structures are broken, creating debt, despair, resentment, and entitlement.

"Don't Walk, Run!" even made fun of this yesterday:
(The DNC via CNN has basically been starting another propaganda push to get their low-information voters to think that debt forgiveness is the only solution for students.. though the people they select as examples have clearly de-prioritized loan repayment)

MacIntyre has on Inez Stepman, who is a great follow on Twitter. She basically provides the solution repeated by Chamberlain: "Seize the endowments!"

If universities are taxed based on the student debt that they create then they will be forced to contract their spending, reduce low-paying degrees, and boost high-value degrees based on market conditions. This forces them to individually evaluate students based on criteria that would normally be applied for any standard loan (e.g., ability to pay back the loan, value of the enterprise).

Problems, though, are that getting the left to agree to the dismantling of its university patronage network could be difficult. Stepman's response is that increasing university taxes does not necessarily require the left's agreement; this just needs to be a GOP position under a GOP president.

Another issue is MacIntyre's thoughts on Nick Land's "IQ Shredder" (discussed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3bIioYK2A0 ), where even if universities are formatted in this way they may still pull all of the IQ from surrounding regions and create a ruling class which does not return to its original homes to organize its people. Traditionally, a college graduate would return to his or her city and be an organizing influence there, perhaps even marrying outside of his or her education, but in an IQ Shredder scenario these high-IQ/high-education people abandon their communities to join the elite in elite-only communities (think also of the United States as an IQ thief in this respect, pulling talent from a global market.. though that's less true with open borders).
Stepman's response to this (though somewhat between-the-lines) is that contracted universities would shed their bloat and therefore pull less from the overall IQ pool (i.e., fewer people would attend and their goals would be more practical).

So an interesting discussion. I haven't heard anyone talking *practically* about solutions to overcome university Marxism issues since a DarkHorse discussion from May 2022 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2SHx7eKK4s ). ESG partially addresses the issue, but university indoctrination pre-dates ESG.

A major annoyance I had with Timcast (one of many) was that Tim Pool, a high-school dropout, has zero understanding of universities and therefore wanted to "burn" them all down as a solution. Clearly, this is stupid, if only as a matter of wasted infrastructure. The central issue in Western universities is that they are largely not teaching valuable Western canon. There still exist remnants, of course; but the rigor has dissolved, such as Latin and Greek language requirements and the unabridged Greek and Roman literary canon. I, myself, had to deliberately seek those things out in poorly attended classics and language classes (i.e., these courses are no longer mainstream).

The short version here is that the "theme park" aspect of universities can definitely be contracted with Stepman's approach in order to re-prioritize the Western canon.
Cherub Cow
Tue Oct 10 04:38:28
A positive write-up of the Canadian Trucker Convoy by CatGirl Kulak on Twitter:
[October 9th, 2023]

Kulak's position is that the news memory-holed the protests because the Regime in Canada lost a great deal of ground and had to reverse many of its positions in the aftermath.
Cherub Cow
Mon Oct 16 22:35:49
Ramaswamy appeared on Crowder today for a long-form interview:
"How Vivek Plans to Save the World - Ukraine, Israel, Deep State & Donald Trump"
[October 16th, 2023]

Good stuff! He went through more of his strategy for dismantling the bureaucracy.

It's funny, though, because, again, he's saying things that I've been saying in this thread series. So, another way to put this is that if anyone thinks that this thread is just "conspiracy theory" or some "Average Ameriacn" joke of these threads (see the cowardly comments from that multi in the Turtle Crawler thread:
http://utopiaforums.com/boardthread?id=politics&thread=92169&time=1696019679246 )
..then.. umm.. no. Listen to it directly from a presidential candidate who is being very careful about his words and has written multiple books on these very issues. I'd say to just go to my article on ESG( https://cherubcow.substack.com/p/the-house-oversight-committee-discovers ), but people such as "Average Ameriacn" are illiterate, so that ship has sailed.

I'll push back on one of Ramaswamy's claims, though.
At about 30 minutes he talks about the source of ESG's formative-year power, and his claim is similar to a mistake that Seb made in the trans-delusion threads, which is that asset managers were merely reacting to the government's pre-existing wishes. Ramaswamy develops this by saying that asset managers after 2008 (during Occupy) merely saw who had the greater power over institutions (the DNC and their Marxist coalitions) and adopted their positions in order to get greater market power.

This is not correct.

2008 was *not* the beginning of this asset-manager scheme. This is why that 2004 formation document from the United Nations and the 14 asset managers ( https://www.unepfi.org/fileadmin/events/2004/stocks/who_cares_wins_global_compact_2004.pdf ) is so important: they expressly state their political objectives *before* they had government powers. 2008 was the asset managers *effecting* these powers through the government's search for "solutions" to the disaster that the asset managers themselves had *caused*. Their motives were expressly stated *before* 2008 and they enacted them on their *own* behalf, *empowering* the position of certain government coalitions that merely reflected these pre-existing positions.

It's maybe a minor point give that Ramaswamy is high-information on just about everything, but it's worth stressing since his current objective seems to be to compete for the asset manager investments. This is a noble cause and may bring about the alternative economy for which he advocates, but asset managers should not be taken as some reactive neutral. Most of these asset managers directly represent foreign powers. Larry Fink is not investing in Chinese belt-and-road monopolies because he's just "reacting" to government wishes; he's doing it because directing the market in this way gives the asset managers more power and influence globally.
Cherub Cow
Sat Oct 21 03:35:14
My response under an Auron MacIntyre video which focused on Australia's recent rejection of "The Voice", which would have given inordinate political power to aborigines:

"Privatizing Popular Sovereignty | Guest: Furius Pertinax | 10/20/23"

Glad you both mentioned at the end that these (e.g., Biden, Fetterman) are indeed short-term puppets who can be jettisoned by the Regime to avoid further scrutiny on the Regime's long-term policies.
They did this exact thing with Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand, who was taking too much heat and became a liability. Meanwhile, her replacement, Chris Hipkins, is arguably worse but is less "public" about it.
Another example is Larry Fink. People are blaming him specifically for Blackrock's global strategies, but he too is a puppet. He's already training successors after all the public reactions he was getting after 2021. And what would Blackrock do if Fink stepped down? The same thing. "Sustainability" has already embedded itself in global governance frameworks.

1:02:28 — "intellectually deficient leaders" ... 1:04:20 — "we've transitioned to distributed oligarchies that want weak leaders"
This is true of the intersectional hierarchy (i.e., the Regime seeking out perfectly malleable client groups who will simply follow orders), and there's an added dimension for "indigenous"/aborigine groups: land rights.

A major part of the Regime propaganda on the indigenous is that they're the most "sustainable" client group (i.e., the Regime indulges the fantasy that indigenous people all lived in tents and ate berries and had no other impact on the world), but indigenous people can also be used to secure land rights. Think in terms of the Salem Witch Trials. The accused were not always just random people who seemed "Satanic"; accusations could be used to get land-owners convicted and their properties seized and auctioned to their own accusers.

In the case of the indigenous, if the indigenous are given expanded powers over Western lands then those lands are no longer controlled by the West.

This is useful in some obvious ways:
1) Scorched-Earth Warfare — in scorched-earth warfare, farmlands and buildings are destroyed so that an advancing enemy cannot use them. In the case of indigenous land usage, no burning is even necessary; those lands simply cannot be used due to the "fire" of lawfare. Those lands can thus remain pristine until foreign occupation begins. An example is Biden's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rule (88 Fed. Reg. 19583), which attempted to give total control of BLM lands to the government via "sustainability" and "Indigenous Knowledge" assessments, which amounted to not being able to use the land if land use has any kind of environmental impact. This is currently being opposed by Governor Noem via 2023 HR 3397.
2) Mineral-Rights Competition — China and BRICS+ at large currently control the majority of rare-earth minerals. In order for BRICS+ to secure a monopoly, they need to make sure that the West divests from oil, gas, and nuclear and that the West cannot mine its own rare-earth minerals for "green" alternatives. Western policies are intentionally preventing the mining of Western minerals (part of the West's self-destruction on behalf of BRICS+), and indigenous land rights are just another excuse to facilitate this objective.
3) Legal Loopholes for Foreign Ownership — Indigenous ownership and control of lands also allows foreign speculators to more easily bribe land-owners and control those lands via investment groups. Arkansas was recently in the news for a variation of this: China essentially owned Arkansas farmland via an intermediary and was using it for seed research. There are also many cases of indigenous lands having untouched mineral deposits on them. All a foreign power would need to do to get those lands is bribe the indigenous people into allowing mining operations... through "subsidiaries", of course.

Bottom line is that there are very concrete objectives in mind here. Caring about the feelings of indigenous people or getting a few million indigenous votes is just for the propagandized masses of the left. The concrete strategy is political and energy warfare. If foreign powers cannot have Western lands directly, they'll put those lands in the hands of people who will give away those lands to foreign powers. Indigenous people have a good track record of giving away their lands, so it's a good bet.
Cherub Cow
Sun Oct 22 03:17:29
This guy gets it.
Vince Everett Ellison appears on an October 20th episode of Tucker Carlson to explain that the DNC actively keeps the black community within a slave morality:
As an example, he explains what I have repeatedly explained in UP: people such as George Floyd are presented as "heroes" to the DNC because they possess the inverted morality of slaves. The DNC *wants* the black community to be composed of slavish drug addicts and destroyers, since slaves best serve their politics.
Cherub Cow
Sun Oct 22 07:18:14
Bret Weinstein was one of the good ones during COVID, and has, as I've pointed out before in these threads, been aware of the regulatory capture that we were facing at that time. His brother, on the other hand, is not so great and is an identitarian.

Recently, Bret has been addressing the "rising anti-semitism" issue on Twitter, which he hasn't really been handling very well. One example is that he made the claim that Western values are for a race-blind society, but he did not address in the comments (and he was active in the comments) how those values can be subverted for the West's destruction (e.g., by making some groups race-aware and others hobbled reactionaries). He's now expanded on the topic from a kind of pathos argument related to the Pink Floyd member:

"Bret discusses anti-Semitism and its rise (from Livestream #196)"
[October 20th, 2023]

I made a long reply in the comments which is a combination of things I said in the Israel threads here and something I was getting ready for a SubStack article that I might not post now that this comment is made:

There are some simple formulas at work in this "anti-semitism".
• One is that the West is experiencing a propaganda war that is intentionally designed to build resentment against white people.
• Another is that Enlightenment values are, in particular, expressed by white people, who — if the statistics can be believed — are more likely to treat others as individuals per Western Enlightenment values. This is in opposition to having in-group preferences which override Enlightenment values, such as imperceptive judgments (e.g., "racism").
• Another is that that means that non-white races are less likely to express these same Western ideals even as they benefit from Western civilization.

This last point paints a hard truth, since a person would have to be a fool to watch all other groups form in-group identities and not recognize which groups are building these identities as an intentional coalition against him or her. It is sobering to see decades of "assimilation" tested through the simple lens of Western ideals of liberty and to find that those who oppose liberty are especially defined within racial and sex categories.

More simply: in the "Starship Troopers"/Heinlein test,
• Who would not merely flee the West to another, "safer" nation during conflict or turmoil?
• Who is most likely to fight for the West?
• Who would actually risk life for the West?
The answer to this is explicitly defined in the racial categories which serve in Western militaries — in particular in their infantries.

This leads to the deeper issue: the weaponization of slave morality to grant undue sovereignty to those who would not even defend the West and who would instead destroy it.

The movement known as "woke" is more explicitly defined as "slave morality". This is an inversion of noble morality.
Where the noble accepts total accountability for his society and encourages virtues which sustain that society, a "slave" (in the moral sense) faces no accountability and yet "deserves" and is rewarded with resources and wealth.

Slave morality in political warfare uses three major categories:
1) The "oppressor" (a false title) — this is the target group which is to be disenfranchised so that sovereignty of the targeted nation can be "dismantled". This becomes the "enemy" in the propaganda battle (currently: white Westerners)
2) The "oppressed" (another false title) — this is the client group of the third category; they are to be enfranchised because they possess slave morality and, through their resentment, will destroy the sovereignty of their host nations (currently: LGBTQ2S+ and a coalition of BRICS+ POC)
3) The Hegelian "Masters" — this is the group which manipulates the oppressor/oppressed binary so that they alone will be the oligarchs in the aftermath. They are the true enslavers.

Jewish people are discovering an issue within this dialectic: you cannot claim "oppressed" status in a global application of slave morality and have everyone overlook "oppressor" traits. That is, you cannot claim to be "oppressed" while holding power in society. The oppressor/oppressed dialectic consumes all oppressors. Slave morality's graveyard spiral was meant to mobilize slavish client groups against the sovereign so that every successive intersectional "oppressed" class would consume itself in a rush to self-debasement and the destruction of all sovereignty. Each slave group gets its moment in the sun before finding out that there is a more "oppressed" group which must be elevated to displace even them in the battle against the sovereign.

Insulating a Hegelian "Master" group within this climate becomes increasingly untenable without total control of propaganda. The "oppressed" group invariably gains power while slave morality is weaponized, which makes hypocrites of its acolytes (i.e., how can they be "oppressed" with such wealth?). Propaganda is designed to ease the cognitive dissonance that forms under this hypocrisy by claiming a "history" of oppression which justifies the possession of slave morality despite growing power.
• If the propaganda fails, the slave revolt eats itself entirely, leaving no Hegelian benefactor and returning sovereignty to those who fight for the nation.
• If the propaganda succeeds, the slave revolt places the new oligarchs in power — not of the slave revolt itself but of the "Master" class.

And who supports the global slave revolt?

Israel has largely supported this global weaponization of slave morality ("woke").
But, many captured governments and corporations have also supported this slave morality.
This recent rash of "anti-semitism" comes from those who note that the government-wide adoption of slave morality is often funded and fueled by Israeli oligarchs (see, for instance, Larry Fink, whose Blackrock is a major champion of the West-destroying ESG framework). Many of these West-destroying policies of globalism, communism, socialism, "sustainability", and Marxism (vectors of slave morality to effect global enslavement) have undeniable commonalities in the makeup of their backers.

But, to the bigger question: who is truly immune here?
If even left-wing media within the West is championing Hamas, then how can Israel be the final Hegelian "Master"?

There are at least several major possibilities:
1) Israel has lost control over Western propaganda and has only temporarily lost immunity, failing to sell its version of the post-9/11 excuse for «carte blanche» against all of its Middle East enemies due to setbacks at Twitter under Musk. The thought-terminating cliché of "anti-semitism" does not work without control of all propaganda.
2) Israel, too, was deceived by this "woke" propaganda, not realizing that they were not the ultimate benefactors of the slave revolt — BRICS+ is the benefactor.
3) The more elaborate option: Israel is using the West / BRICS+ binary to destroy sovereigns and restore its immunity.

Option 3 seems "elaborate", but for those unfamiliar, ESG is designed to dismantle Western energy while bolstering BRICS+ energy, leaving the West terminally in debt to BRICS+ and vulnerable to BRICS+ in hot conflict. And, again, Larry Fink is a champion of this. The West is being driven to conflict with BRICS+ under ESG, and ESG's champions — even in the House Oversight Committee — were not only 100% Democrat but 4 of 16 were Jewish.

Option 2 is kinder, but it requires concessions. Support for Israel must be conditional upon it rejecting slave morality ("woke"). Groups attempting to play the game of the Hegelian "Master" will continue the destruction of the West and further the slavery that is globalization.

And that is the hard truth that must be faced by many Jewish people: does Judaism in its current form support this global weaponization of slave morality and thus the enslavement of the world? Where Judaism supports..
• the delusion of a "chosen" status,
• the holding on to "oppressed" status for "historical injustice", or
• a special status held by them and no others..
then the answer is, "Yes," they hold onto slave morality at the expense of the West.

Where Jewish people realize that slave morality makes them just another client group for a global slave revolt, then they may oppose the Hegelian "Masters" and the BRICS+ scheme. A true core of Western Enlightenment values is the rejection of slavery and the sovereignty of the individual so that no collectivist/Hegelian "Master" may own the West's people. Jewish people who truly support the West should also reject this slavery, reject slave morality, and reject the will of the "Master" oligarchs.
Cherub Cow
Sun Oct 22 07:25:55
*"A true core of Western Enlightenment values is the rejection of slavery and [support for] the sovereignty of the individual"
Cherub Cow
Sun Oct 22 17:15:30
My thoughts on this video:
"Escapism Is Dead"
[The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters; October 22nd, 2023]

This is a major focus of my pop-culture work — including the specifics used here. I even have a long review of "Invincible" still at the top of my blog. I said this of Amber:
"The most annoying [character] was definitely Amber Bennett ... who is supposed to be attractive somehow to Mark Grayson ... despite the fact that she constantly judges him, fails to understand him, often fails to give him any kind of benefit of the doubt, and continues to scowl at him and be hurtful towards him even when she has information that should change her outlook towards him ... audiences simply have to bear with it that Amber’s annoying character will be present and wasting time until Mark can realize that Amber is in fact toxic and that Eve actually understands him and can improve him in more positive directions ... It does, however, align her with Omni-Man, because where Omni-Man forces Invincible to become an adult in the fighting sense (pushing with full force early on), Amber forces Invincible to become an emotional adult by getting him to understand that toxic people such as herself need to be given boundaries."

(In other words, despite the writers' best efforts to achieve "representation", Amber becomes an ugly character and a villain in the story — teaching audiences to avoid people like her. This is why Marxist film theory typically deprives the audience of alternatives such as Eve. The contrast is too great and audiences intuitively recognize beauty and virtue.)

I've also gone into detail on the ESG-by-numbers formula in my pinned article, explaining "the Message" more fully than Critical Drinker, who still has his head in the sand on the core of it and therefore accidentally *praises* works that subverts with "the Message" (i.e., he does not understand the message well enough to recognize it). I've tried reaching him on Twitter, but his audience is too big so he likely won't figure it out or prefers to ignore it to avoid losing subscribers.
Carl was right to mention "resentment", since this is a major factor in what is intended in the subversion of Western culture. Lotus Eaters have read "On the Genealogy of Morality", so I'm sure they understand this, but agitprop in Western cinema is pushing narratives for a slave revolt in morality. Carl frequently mentions resentment because he knows about Nietzsche's explanation of «ressentiment». This is the emotional condition being pushed onto audiences. Subversives want audiences to reject truth and beauty so that they will undermine Western civilization.

And Critical Drinker also has made the mistake of thinking that cinema and culture should be "escapism" in his "Tale of Two Snow Whites" video (and many misguided videos before that). I said this under that video:
"“Escapism” is for the weak, the demoralized, and the slavish. Values will invariably be reflected in art, it is only that great empires should have their beauty reflected in that art — not the ugliness of their would-be conquerors."

In other words, what many people call "escapism" as some pursuit of disconnect from bland reality is not necessarily the "bread and circuses" of the Roman grain market and coliseum. That "escape" culture is a misnomer that conflates literal plot details with themes within a work. Think of "Warhammer 40k". If you only pay attention to plot details, you might think that your interest in it is "escapism", since you're submerging yourself in space battles and impossible teleportation scenarios that you cannot see in common life. But, at the level of theme, Warhammer is a reflection of Western virtues such as loyalty, dedication, the recognition of heresy and the subversion of the sacred, and a will to power. Seeing these values is not "escapism"; it is affirmation.

So, often when people claim that their "escapism" has been interrupted, the core of the statement is a recognition that their values are no longer being portrayed in their own culture. This is important to understand because many people (e.g., Daily Wire) think that the solution is merely creating apolitical art, such as a "return" to art which had no "message". This is a mistake, as Auron MacIntyre has pointed out. Good art always has a message. If you do not understand the core of your morality, you may fail to produce this message in your art and struggle to find art which is not yet more subversion.
Cherub Cow
Mon Oct 23 07:35:51
Oh, look.

"Christopher Wray: We've seen a variety of efforts by Chinese businesses, in some cases state-owned enterprises, in some cases ostensibly private companies-- attempting to acquire businesses, land, infrastructure, what have you, in the United States in a way that presents national security concerns."
[CBS News; October 22nd, 2023]

Wray: "We had a case that we-- that was indicted not that long ago where there was-- an actual congressional candidate who was very critical of the Chinese government. the efforts were initially to try to see if they could come up with dirt on the candidate to derail his candidacy. And then to try to concoct dirt, just fiction-- about the candidate. And then, if that didn't work, there was even discussion about the candidate befalling a horrible accident."

It's almost like BRICS+ has been installing candidates favorable to "sustainability" programs. Almost makes one wonder about Biden's Chinese bribes and the DNC's rabid support for ESG. It's just conspiracy theory though! Christopher Wray is such a conspiracy theorist!
Mon Oct 23 08:03:13
“Support for Israel should be conditional on its rejection of slave morality (“woke”).”

The problem is, people like you are not in power in the USA, either of the parties, nor are you running the EU or the UN. You are not ruling the powerful social democratic parties of Europe, who have decades-long relationships with Fatah and PLO. In a perfect world, we would support Israel because their culture embraces secularism, knowledge, science, and broadly speaking, enlightenment values. We would see a democracy surrounded by authoritarians in an unholy union of Islam and socialism who seek to destroy it. Yes. But looking at the state of Western civilization and how the winds are blowing, wouldn’t you try to hedge your bets in Israel’s shoes? It’s not a rent-seeking hedge, it’s existential.

This is even more bizarrely complicated in Israel, since they are going through the same social turmoil with woke Israelis, being that they are a highly Westernized culture. So, Israel is not a monolith, any more than black people or immigrants. This may be more the case politically speaking among Jews in America, who have voting patterns like black people, but not in Israel. I mentioned this in some earlier thread: the slow rise of right-wing parties in Israel from the 70s onwards, having been a socialist project from the inception. I am much more inclined to find allies in Israel and view their hedge in the context of: it actually looks like the woke are unraveling their Western patrons. I mean, you and I and others come here, lamenting this sad reality and in Europe we sort of have a taste for what that means with all those Palestinian flag-waving people in the streets. Israel is surrounded by them.
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