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Utopia Talk / Politics / starfield sucks donkey
Fri Sep 01 00:41:04
jeee who culdve guessed another xbot overhyped game turnin out 2 be mediocre

xbots got no games. no games

no games

Fri Sep 01 02:17:00
Fri Sep 01 16:57:53
It looks pretty cool and early reviews are pretty positive. Microsoft bought Bethesda for like 8 b and as such future games from Bethesda would be xbox exclusives and presumably like this one available for free with the monthly game pass sub.

I still need to upgrade to the Xbox x series. This is now the third game I want to play but isn't supported on my s series. Star wars survivor and re 4 remake are the other two ones I really wanna play. I'm assuming survivor has gotten all those glitches fixed by now.

Fri Sep 01 21:36:03
how the fuck would you know if it sucks? You can't afford an Xbox.
Fri Sep 01 21:50:12
Haha apparently there is a romance option with a female character. But before you have sex with the female character she has to confess her secret to you. That secret being that she is a female clone of a male human.

Haha, brave new world.
Sat Sep 02 00:08:46
I have a job, so I could afford the early access version, unlike Children.

It's good. If you like Bethesda open world games previously you will like it somewhere between "really like" and "love".

Story wise, it doesn't really hold a candle (so far) to more character depth games like The Witcher 3 or Cyberpunk 2077. It's depth is its very open world to explore along with building a bit of your own stuff in. Just like past Elder Scrolls and Bethesda Fallout games.
Sat Sep 02 00:18:31
starfield sucks. end of.

" It's depth is its very open world to explore along with building a bit of your own stuff in"

>> u been lied 2 xbot. there is no open world. game is out alrdy. its linear and forces u 2 watch open transition scenes from 1 small area 2 da next.


Sat Sep 02 02:09:25

Monotonous and boring at the start

It’s a spaceship game but you can’t fly around in your spaceship anywhere at all, except in the athmosphere outside a planet with nothing to look at except different colored planets.

Everything is fast travel. Open map, click on it, boring cut scene, boom you are at the planet. The good thing though is that the cut scene is optional. So you just have to open the map, click on it, and boom you are at the planet. No space travel at all. You can’t explore space, fly around and say, hey look at that, there’s a cool planet over there, or there’s an abandoned space ship over there I wanna explore it to see if I can find a cool gun +3 DMG. You can’t do that.

Planets are for the most part empty and boring. As soon as you leave an outpost or a town, there’s nothing out there. It’s empty wasteland.

The gunplay is worse than the combat in Skyrim.

Game feels like it was made in 2010.

Sat Sep 02 02:12:31
that settles it. starfield overrated. never even goty material.

bots have no games.

right now goty candidates

jedi survivor
spiderman 2
baldurs gate
god of war

those that were overhyped but ended up not makin it


Sat Sep 02 02:14:39
I heard someone else say that game is a fast travel simulator. Lol
Sat Sep 02 06:52:51

xbots be cryin every year

Sat Sep 02 07:12:55


we knew it. xbox and AAA game? hahaha, what a joke. u cant put those two things in da same sentence unless it be a negative sentence!
Sat Sep 02 10:16:50
Subreddit for it likes it. We will see how general opinion grows or shrinks based on how filled the world of the game is which only comes with more game play.

Of course typical of Bethesda to have game crashes but apparently none of them have been game ruining.
Sat Sep 02 11:00:48

unplayably borin.

Fri Sep 08 23:26:26
Turns out I can play starfield on my Xbox s series via cloud gaming which I didn't know I had. Spent a few hours playing. It's pretty fun. If you like fallout you'll enjoy this. I spent way too long designing my character. Lots of fun. The pronoun bit is annoying but thats the world we live in and apparently even if you play as a male character who wants to be addressed as she in the game, npcs throughout the game will misgender you, lulz.
Sat Sep 09 08:31:46
Never play these games at launch. They are so big and ambitious. Wait for the first expansion when all the bugs are cleaned out.

No time to play Starfield now anyways. So many good games got released recently like Baldur's Gate III. Cyberpunk also has an expansion coming soon and the engine is fixed now so I might actually bother to finish the first game over the fall season.
Tue Sep 19 12:51:31
Played some more. Didn't come across any game ending glitches on starfield. If you even fallout or Bethesda in general, you'll love starfield. A lot of it is empty so don't just go wandering around because it will get boring. But if you stick to quests and side quests you will invariably run across random events and locations. It's better than fallout 4.

Nothing beats new Vegas with all the dlcs though.

Also played lies of P. It's pretty good. I'm not big into the soulslike stuff. Only played a few hours. Didn't really grip me but I also have nothing to complain about.
Mon Sep 25 10:30:54
Been playing the hell out of Starfield. It's... a Bethesda game. It's not going to become my favorite single player RPG ever. But it's enjoyable enough to put a huge amount of entertainment hours into. The base and starship building by themselves can be endless enjoyable hours.

If you liked SKyrim and Fallout 4, you'll likely really enjoy Starfield.

But the Project Code Red games have FAR better story telling, and so my favorite single player games title still stays with them. Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077.

I'll be playing Baulder's Gate 3 later this autumn after I've had enough Starfield and another Cyberpunk play through after it's expansion.
Mon Sep 25 12:57:01
I just started playing Cyberpunk 2077. But the game makes me nauseous. Not because of the violence but because of the camera. I had no problems with GTA or any other games. Not sure why Cyberpunk is different. Playing it on PS5. I'm also unsure of what kind of class my character should be. It feels like all attributes are important. Body, Reflexes, Technical ability, Intelligence, Cool. I feel like I can't just focus on three or four of them. All of them are important.
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