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Utopia Talk / Politics / Norm has affair
Fri Sep 15 10:02:35
Or better title - DM commits libel and claims attractive female politician has affair providing only anonymous sources. The only named source is a blogger who is best known for coming up with troll political stories, like Menendez asking for underage prostitutes.


They could be having an affair but it seems pretty thin. It isn't the first time an attractive female politician is accused of having an affair without any of it panning out. And the timing is pretty obvious.

If they've been having an affair for 4 years as the article claims, there would be more than anonymous sources willing to talk. It isn't like noem is a political powerhouse.
Fri Sep 15 10:02:57
Lol norm has an affair. Fucking auto correct.
Fri Sep 15 10:08:39

I had heard rumors about that supposed Noem/Lewandowski affair but I can't for the life of me understand why I should care.

"Now news of the relationship threatens to wreck Noem's chances of joining Trump's ticket in a potential rematch with President Joe Biden."

lol! Even if true that affair wouldn't crack the top 100 scandals in the campaign.
Fri Sep 15 10:42:00
Norm MacDonald sure gets around. Even years after his death.
the wanderer
Fri Sep 15 13:26:05
i was thinking Norm from Cheers

i don't think Noem is cultishly loyal enough for VP... he'll want someone crazier & dumber (like Marjorie)
Fri Sep 15 14:42:01
Murdoch's media has picked the story up


Four sources (all anonymous):

- They claim that the affair has been widely talked about in GOP circles

- Two claim that they saw Noem be touchy-feely with him, nothing R-rated though

- Third source claims that Noem's husband moved out of the governor's mansion years ago

- Fourth source thinks that one of her political rivals leaked the story

...I mean, it's kind of hot if true.
Fri Sep 15 14:51:22
Well if her husband moved out, that's a pretty big red flag.

According to the dm article, which I still don't believe, they portray Lewandowski has a lush and quasi sex addict who openly talks to other women and comments about Noem's ass. Which, she doesn't have an ass. She has a white girls pancake ass.

Anyways, he is such a lush that it seems very unlikely someone in noem's position would ever attempt to carry on an affair with him because he is the polar opposite of discreet.

Usually the trust in an affair is that you both have something to lose so you both will take precautions.

So I'm still not believing it. But if he really moved out then that's a big sign somethings up.

But if he has moved out for years, wouldn't that be a really hard fact to keep secret?
Fri Sep 15 14:55:58
Well the interesting thing is that the Daily Mail just released a separate article specifically focusing on the husband, and it makes no mention of him having moved out.


Seems like it's a lot of rumors flying back and forth.
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