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Utopia Talk / Politics / Poland to become military superpower
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Fri Sep 15 14:32:22
In seven years Poland will have the largest land army and an air force that can challenge Russia.

Fri Sep 15 16:17:24

It will probably take longer than 7 years, but this is good news because Poland is really the first line of defense for much of Europe. If the Baltics come under attack, the Polish are going to have to lead the reinforcements, and Poland is what stands between Russia and the economic heart of Europe in Germany.

Frankly the Germans might be better off subsidizing the Polish armed forces than wasting all that money on their own.

Sat Sep 16 01:43:07
r any of u as delusional as u sound lol

if only it was so easy 2 become da military supaaapowaa lol

every country wuldve done it by now.
Sat Sep 16 10:38:35

I don't expect them to become a superpower. Even a regional one. But they will be they need to become the main muscle of European NATO. Hopefully they can join Ukraine in containing Russia's expansionist ambitions.

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