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Utopia Talk / Politics / Schumer caves to fetterman
Sun Sep 17 19:26:25

Dress for the job you want? Fetterman clearly wants to be a gas station attendant. But if the people of PA are okay being represented by a stroked out moron who is apparently so depressed he can't wear a suit and tie to work, then who am I to criticize?

I'm pretty sure Feinstein's crew have been running a weekend at bernie's bit since mid February.

But seriously. We need to start passing constitutional amendments on mental fitness for the people deciding what laws we are going to be living under in this country.
Sam Adams
Sun Sep 17 19:47:46
To be fair i dont wear a tie and i'm more intelligent and professional than all of congress.

They should dress like clowns, would be fitting.
Sun Sep 17 19:56:32
I think having a professional dress code is some of a bare minimum of controllable standards we can impose on the leaders of our government. I mean, their personal lives we can't regulate. We can't force them to not make idiots of themselves on any number of political issues. But leaving their domicile in a suit and tie is something we should be able to expect from them.
Sun Sep 17 20:58:56
I don't care what they wear but the rules should apply to all. Either have a dress code or don't. Everybody else is still expected to follow the old dress code.
Just another Democrat who has decided rules are for everybody else.
Sun Sep 17 21:29:28
Why wouldn't you want a dress code?
Mon Sep 18 06:05:59
If they pass a dress code that has them required to sew on the Logo of all their biggest contributors I'm all for it.
Thu Sep 28 09:50:48

Shocking, turns out Americans do expect their elected officials to dress professionally while conducting business at the nation's capital.
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