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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trans vs feminists: battle San fran
Sun Sep 17 22:28:21

What does a tranny do when they live in San Francisco in the year of our Lord 2023? Radical right wing extremists don't exist there. So who can they protest against? Women. Fucking terfs gotta die yo.

Btw. This is male on female violence. But uh... that's a right wing nazi talking so I guess I must be wrong and this is woman on woman violence?
Mon Sep 18 00:39:18
"Radical right wing extremists don't exist there."

Your source DailyMail call them a "radical feminist group".

From Wikipedia:

Women's Declaration International

The Women's Declaration International (WDI) is an international advocacy organization. The organization has been described as anti-trans, anti-gender, trans-exclusionary, trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF), and as a hate group, and in several countries the group has been linked to the far right.

- -

Ever heard of the term feminazi? I think it has been used fairly regularly on this board.
Mon Sep 18 01:07:37
"Radical right wing extremists don't exist there."

The TERF crowd is, very much in fact, right wing. Ladies for Trump, TERF, women that like to sig heil when they aren't baking corn muffins, all approximately the same thing.

Doing their rally in SF was a trolling act.

I don't think I'll feel inclined to participate in the debate b/c female sports doesn't matter, however. :P
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