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Utopia Talk / Politics / CNN Poll: NH GOP Presidential Primary
Thu Sep 21 16:24:46
Trump 39%

Ramaswamy 13%

Haley 12%

Christie 11%

DeSantis 10%


lol @ DeSantis :o)
Thu Sep 21 17:29:41
Still believe if trump would've not run then DeSantis would be coasting. But trump and the media got the nomination locked up months ago. They should all basically bow out so as to not waste fundraising money on pointless primaries and focus it all on the general.
Sat Sep 23 07:30:06

I think everyone is just hanging around hoping that Trump will either be disqualified, or that he reaches some type of deal where he drops out of the race, or that evidence presented will weaken his support, or he just keels over.

The problem for DeSantis is that he's rapidly losing his status as next in line if Trump were to drop or drop out.
Average Ameriacn
Sat Sep 23 09:20:57
Trump will win the next election.
But problems could arise if we count it as his third term, we may need to change the constitution.
Sat Sep 23 11:52:53

There's no need to amend it. He can just tear it up and flush it down the toilet like he did with other documents.

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