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Utopia Talk / Politics / Schabusiness is a crazy bitch
Tue Sep 26 14:27:40

I spent waaay too long trying to come up with a witty thread title. I couldn't think of any user on this sub from Wisconsin, tried to make a joke about her being rugian or tws ex girlfriend, nothing landed.

Bitch is crazy. Strangled him with a chain and then cut off his head and hid parts of him around the house he shared with his mom. And they needed to put a spit mask on her because she is that crazy.

Dad says he forgives her and believes she can do great things. Can't help but feel he was trying to cut at her somehow by giving her hope of a future she will never have because she seemed to enjoy seeing people hate her.

Also, hard to believe she is 25. She looks easily 35. I guess women age fast outside of LA.
Tue Sep 26 14:28:42
The victim's dad forgives her***** that was an important thing for me to leave out.
Thu Sep 28 19:48:09

I'm sure there's a reason why they didn't just drag her out back and put one in her dome, but I can't think of it.

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