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Utopia Talk / Politics / Time to rethink human history
Thu Sep 28 21:27:54

Piece of a wooden structure proven to be half a million years old. Carbon dating wood is actually accurate so we can be certain it's half a million years old.

The oldest known civilization is less than 10k years old.

This is 500k years old.

If humans, or something like humans, was building complicated structures out of wood 500k years ago it's safe to question our general understanding of humanity. The possibility of our current era is just the latest in a long line of eras of humanity that have died out or for whatever reason perished and been restarted.
large member
Fri Sep 29 01:35:49
It does nothing to make me rethink history. Humanlike species have been using wood as tools for at least as long as stones. Wood is way more maleable. The problem is, well, wood rots.
Fri Sep 29 08:30:45

I'm sorry but I'm going to have to see more evidence.

Fri Sep 29 08:33:13
Depends on what this wooden thing was. If it was a structure that is noteworthy and exciting.
Fri Sep 29 09:04:53
We thought humans might have only been relatively modern (structures and reading and government) for tens of thousands of years.

This wooden structure would suggest humans being advanced earlier.

I think there was a population bottleneck sometimes in the last tens of thousands of years due to huge volcanoes causing something similar to a nuclear winter. Only thousands of breeding pairs of humans were alive during that time.

I imagine any cultures that existed before that bottleneck were probably wiped out with no trace.
Sam Adams
Fri Sep 29 09:31:33
Toba(a vei 8) did indeed drop human population drastically. Or at least it probably did.

Anyway that proto-humans built a crude log structure is not all that surprising.
Fri Sep 29 09:59:46

"Toba(a vei 8) did indeed drop human population drastically."

We need more supervolcanoes.

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