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Utopia Talk / Politics / Sweden out of control because of NATO
Fri Sep 29 09:11:34
After Sweden tried to join NATO, there is a strong resistance among the population against the Swedish regime. The police can no longer control the situation and now the military is used to massacre peaceful Swedish citizens who are against joining NATO.

(That the military should fight ordinary gangs is fake news)


Sweden turns to military to help police combat gang crime

Spate of killings blamed on drug trade lead prime minister Ulf Kristersson to consider calling on armed forces

Sweden is considering using its military to help police in the battle against gang crime, following a sharp increase in deadly shootings and bomb attacks in the Scandinavian country.

Ulf Kristersson, the centre-right prime minister, told the nation in a televised address that he had called a meeting on Friday with the head of Sweden’s defence forces and the country’s police to discuss how the army could help out.

“I cannot emphasise enough how serious the situation is. Sweden has never seen anything like it before. No other country in Europe sees anything like it currently,” Kristersson said on Thursday night.

Police chiefs have said that Sweden is facing its most serious domestic security situation since the second world war as immigrant drug gangs engage in a bloody conflict. Police believe the gangs are increasingly using children to commit the crimes, as those under 18 often go unpunished or receive low sentences from the courts.

Last year already set a record for the number of deadly shootings in Sweden and this September looks like becoming the worst month since records began.

“It is political naivete and cluelessness that has brought us here,” said the Swedish prime minister. “It is an irresponsible immigration policy and failed integration effort that has brought us here. Social exclusion and parallel societies feed the criminal gangs, there they can ruthlessly recruit children and train them as future killers.”

Swedish news bulletins have been filled with a daily count of the shootings and bomb attacks that have started not just to kill gang members but people in their families, as well as innocent bystanders. “Innocent people are being murdered and injured,” said Anders Thornberg, Sweden’s police chief.

Police have laid much of the blame for the violence, which has centred this month around the capital Stockholm, on a split inside one of the country’s biggest drug gangs, led by a Kurdish immigrant to Sweden who is now holed up in Turkey.

Turkey is blocking Sweden’s application to Nato, saying that Stockholm needs to take more action against what it terms Kurdish terrorists. But some in Sweden argue that the Swedish government should raise the issue of the high number of Swedish criminals sheltered in Turkey with the authorities in Ankara.

The opposition Social Democrats, in power from 2014 until 2022, this week called for the government to draft in the military to protect government buildings and allow the police to investigate the violence.

Kristersson said “everything was on the table” but gave no concrete details of what the army could do.

He added: “We must hunt the gangs, and we must defeat the gangs . . . We will do what is necessary to restore order in Sweden.”
Fri Sep 29 10:16:18

Criminal gangs should be smashed violently. They are a cancer feeding on society.

Fri Sep 29 10:25:29
While it is outrageous and a serious concern that innocent people end up in the firing line and dies, but to call on the armed forces, the military, is embarassing. It just shows how incompetent the Swedish police force and the police management is. It should be embarassing for the police management (who should have been replaced a long time ago) as well as for the Swedish PM who feels that he has to call on the military for help. Lol

To catch killers can’t be this hard that the armed forces needs to help out. Sweden is not Mexico, for fucks sake. Fking amateurs. They all need to resign.

The police is totally incompetent and they seem to lack the will to actually work and solve crimes. The police are closing complaints as a standard procedure. And in many cases they won’t even bother to conduct a preliminary investigation – even if you give them leads that they can follow up on and investigate.

You been raped? You don’t know the name of the person who did it? Forget it, the police will close the complaint.

You have had your house burglarized? See above^

Someone vandalized or stole your car? See above^

Have you been the victim of fraud? See above^

These gangmembers are not unknown to the police. Despite of it the police fumble in the dark.

But last year, when a police got shot and killed in Gothenburg, they somehow managed to figure out who did and was able to make an arrest within 24 hours. Imagine that.
Fri Sep 29 10:35:44
Lol, the troll facade of parafag disappears. Good for you Paramount. It's nice to know you do have a functioning brain from time to time.
Fri Sep 29 10:45:56
In other news, there is a court case for breaking the law against knives in public. This guy had a multitool in his cars glove compartment :-)

These are the things police and judicial system think is worth their time and our resources.
Fri Sep 29 10:48:51
”Sweden is not Mexico, for fucks sake”

Actually to find another country that has this kind of problem, you would have to go to Mexico. Sweden is the Mexico of OECD.

Fri Sep 29 10:50:45
Sorry Mexico is the Mexico of OECD, Sweden is the Mexico of EU.
Fri Sep 29 10:53:46
To find other countries that are worse, but still don’t feel the need to call in the military in order to arrest killers, go to USA.
Fri Sep 29 11:28:45
No. I am talking about the out of control gang war, with daily explosions and shootings. Stop whatabouting about America, you sound like a broken record.
Fri Sep 29 11:32:21
Have you seen our police? They are basically military forces themselves.

Or you could do what the British do and turn your country into a giant police state where mass surveillance is the norm and legal but anti-social behavior is considered an arrestable offense.

Or you could follow the Mexican example and just let gangs run entire portions of the country, murdering political figures at will and ruling the populace through fear.

There are a lot of ways to deal with gang activity...but none of them are pleasant.
Sat Sep 30 04:10:45
The sad thing is that, this overt violence is just the tip, ever more frequently we are also hearing of infiltrations of the judicial system, lawyers, prosecutors, recently a female court clerk leaking classified documents. It just goes on: employees at social services, immigration authorities, municipal politicians, every layer of Swedish society has been infiltrated by criminal gangs, God Father style. Not to speak of the *organized* defrauding of the wellfare system, that eclipses drugs sales, by 7-8 times. The threat is at a systemic level.

I am reminded of all the threads I filled here on UP about where this was heading, with seb, paramount and Jergul on the other side, assuring us it would all be fine. I will remind you, this shit harvest we are having, are not the seeds that were planted during the ”refugee crisis”, no these fruits are from the trees planted in the 1990’s - 2010.

What have you learned? Nothing, right? Still whatabout america, still defined by your religious resistance to the one party that warned about this and that has had no hand in creating the shithole implosion.
Sat Sep 30 04:36:38

here you are in 2018, whatabouting about America, in a thread where Jerzy Sarnecki of all people is saying he has been caught by surprise.

Here you are in 2017 dumbing down the the thread with "it's not because they are immigrants"

Here you are in 2016, obviously far from seeing reality, when at least a handful of journalists had started seeing reality for what it is.

2015 Swedish girls getting raped - Paramount "i wIll nEvaH vOtE 4 fAsCiSTs"

Should I go on?
Sat Sep 30 06:36:23
Well, being an immigrant per se doesn’t make you a criminal. If that was true then you would be a criminal also.

And yes, I won’t vote for the fascists because someone got raped.

Need I go on? :o)
Sat Sep 30 07:11:03
Absolutely, as loud as possible, I would ask you to do it with your real name and person, but that is too much to ask from cowards.

No I implore people like you to make your priorities clear to the people. As I cheer the Islamic republic in their unwavering stance. People should not be given false hopes that the people who got them in this mess, will get them out of it.
Sat Sep 30 07:27:16
Why do you think we will get out of ”this mess”? Isn’t already too late?

Spain, Italy and France could almost be considered to be North Africa soon.


Sat Sep 30 07:59:53
I am very pessmistic about getting out of the mess, but also not what I said. I think you should keep doing what you do, things that will ultimately result in more relaxed gun laws, concealed carry permits, gates communities etc. The seeds of all those things have already started to grown. You have to ask yourself paramount, why have AR-15s become legal for hunting in Sweden, when both Norway and Denmark have banned them just recently. Even I am surprised, happy, but surprised.

These things ”surprisingly” go hand in hand. They just happen under the radar, as the people who sit in these committees are effected, even if unconsciously, by things happening around them. I mean they are serioualy talking about sending in military police and military.

Sat Sep 30 08:30:37
License to carry for personal defense is alteady legal in Sweden, just that such permits are virtually never handed out. You will get police protection instead. So, the line from infiltrated judiciary that can’t keep you information safe, and a helpless police force, strained on resources, to handing out licenses, isn’t very long.
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