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Sam Adams
Fri Sep 29 09:47:01

Murdered and raped by an african, not long after posting this.

Fri Sep 29 09:55:21
Good riddance.
Fri Sep 29 10:37:09
People are allowed to be stupid. Rip and hopefully this animal gets out back in his cage which he was apparently released early from.
Fri Sep 29 11:25:47
I'm not saying she deserved the death penalty for her views, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for such a stupid person who blindly follows trends instead of thinking for herself.

Tumbleweed believes that Republicans are cultists, but it's really the left that's in one giant cult. Just look at her statement, it is, word-for-word, nearly identical to what literally thousands of other organizations put out in the post-Floyd era. The vow of fidelity to BLM, the calls to fight "systemic racism" and be "anti-racist," the capitalization of the word "black," the promise to "take action" and pressure others to do the same...

Why did she feel a need to say any of this? She was the CEO of a data technology company, her business has literally nothing to do with racial politics. But no, the cult told her she had to demonstrate obeisance to the new ideology, so she did exactly that.

Don't think for yourself, just recite the holy words that the high priests of wokeness instruct you to say. It's a fucking religion for the irreligious.
Fri Sep 29 12:02:08
We live in a world where not saying the magic words can get you cancelled and your company blackballed and out of business. She was the ceo of a tech company in Baltimore and the fact that her statement reads very much like a "manufactured by an assembly line" says to me it was something she felt necessary to say and point out. I'd say it's less a cult and more like a mobster, "that's a lovely little start up you got there, I sure would hate for something to happen to it, you support BLM don't you?"

I mean, these black activists do act as shakedown artists when they publicly demand celebrities/business owners to make a statement on the racial issue of the week with the implied penalty of either not answering the right way or silence to be declared a racist bigot one step below a nazi.

So really. I feel sorry for this woman. And she, as a white female business owner, 100% knew the reality of black youth in Baltimore. And she ends up being raped and murdered by one in her own home, and one who by all rights should've still been in jail.

Her pain and blood is as much on the hands of the activists who enable the idiotic claim that violent offenders should be given leniency due to their race.

It's a disgusting situation.
Fri Sep 29 12:08:32
Fri Sep 29 12:25:35
Granted, the threat of coercion (real or imagined) could have been a factor as well. There were very real consequences for a lot of people who failed to play ball in May/June 2020; this entire country went through something of a Cultural Revolution in which wrongthinkers were purged left and right.

But based on her social media activity, I dont think she was just covering her ass. She comes across as a true believer of the faith.


And also, the threat angle can only be taken so far. Could a young owner of a small business in Baltimore felt compelled to put out a statement like this? Sure. But why would the CEO of Walmart felt the same type of pressure? What's BLM going to do to his business if he doesn't kowtow to them?

I dunno. I agree with you that there was a fear factor involved, but it by itself doesn't explain why so many millions became woke activists immediately after Floyd ate it.
Sam Adams
Fri Sep 29 13:51:02
Ya she looks like a full blown far left white hating racist. Fuck her.
Fri Sep 29 14:36:12
I didn't realize that the murder suspect was in the middle of a spree. This was another attack he did this month:

"A man who was allegedly set on fire by the violent felon accused of murdering Pava LaPere spoke out about the horrifying attack – and how he was forced to watch his girlfriend being choked and repeatedly raped at gunpoint before she also burned in the inferno.


Gilmore told the outlet from his hospital bed that he and the woman, who has not been named, fell asleep after they listened to music in the basement bedroom of her West Baltimore rooming house.

She heard someone knocking on the bedroom door, but when she opened it no one was there, Gilmore said, adding that he was still asleep but that she later told him she heard someone outside shout, “Maintenance! You have a flood in the kitchen.”

When the woman went upstairs to see the man, he grabbed her by the hair, threw her to the floor, hit her in the face with a gun and shouted, “Where that money at?” – then wrapped her head and ankles in tape, he told the outlet.

Gilmore said he woke up when he felt what he thought was his partner touching his back, but then realized a gun was pointed at his forehead.

“‘Where that money at?’” he said the intruder snapped.

“‘If you try anything stupid, Imma rape your bitch upstairs!’” the man said, according to Gilmore, who said he was then tied behind his back and forced to kneel on the floor.

The man then duct-taped Gilmore’s face and ankles before putting on loud music and raping the woman as he forced her to drink alcohol, he recounted.

At one point, she said she needed to pee but the attacker forced her to urinate near Gilmore before he left the room, he said.

“It’s the maintenance man, the maintenance man,” he said she told him as they tried to remove their restraints, but the man soon returned and continued his sexual assault.

Gilmore said he saw him raping the woman again and then slashing her throat when she fought his efforts to strangle her.

“I thought I was just by myself,” he told The Baltimore Banner about the moment he saw the man dropping his partner’s limp body – but he later realized she was only pretending to be dead.

Matters only got worse when the attacker wiped a rag containing a flammable liquid on his face.

“I’m about to be dead, to burn up in this closet,” he said he thought.

Within seconds, the place erupted in flames and he heard his partner yelling that she was burning, Gilmore said, adding that he instructed her to drop and roll.

The woman managed to escape and call for help while Gilmore remained trapped in the conflagration. She soon returned with another man and pulled him to safety, he said.

On Wednesday, Gilmore underwent surgery to graft skin from his thighs to other parts of his body, his mother, Latrice Johnson, told The Baltimore Banner."

Fri Sep 29 14:36:37
This guy, his parents, and anyone else responsible for raising him should all be summarily executed.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Sep 29 15:31:51
What if he was running for President?
Fri Sep 29 15:54:28

I'm sure the irony hit her.

Sat Sep 30 01:31:15
How many people are beaten or raped to death in a day in America? Why doesn't Biden ask the US military for help to protect the innocent people?
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