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Utopia Talk / Politics / Florida finally gets something right
Fri Sep 29 18:30:33
"TALLAHASSEE — A new law that could lead to imposing the death penalty on people who rape children under age 12 will take effect Sunday ..."

Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Sep 29 20:08:18
This is why Matt Gaetz is shutting down the government.
Sat Sep 30 01:44:40
Lol. Remember when the left pretended to care about excessive budgets?
Sat Sep 30 01:45:50
@ibty and not the threads topic, I think we can all agree pedophiles or people who act on those urges are beyond saving and are best executed or at the bare minimum chemically castrated.
Sat Sep 30 02:52:25
While I'm generally against the death penalty.

As long as we are certain we have the correct person, and they definitely did the crime, absolutely do the fastest thing possible to permanently remove them from society and the gene pool.

My concern is basically with our justice system and it's lack of accuracy and reliance on things like eye witness testimony which is inherently over trusted.
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