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Utopia Talk / Politics / Free US phone numbers, easiest way
Sat Sep 30 03:01:45
OT- What is the easiest way to get a free US number from the Phillipines?

Google voice and such don't work from the Phillipines.

I have managed to get it to work, using Voiphoper and manually adding the IP address and numbers.

I thought about just creating a container that would spoof gps, but the whole point is to have my employees have US phone numbers to call from quickly, easily and free.

I need them to make calls primarily in the US, but they will get charged for calls to the US. I normally just Google voice or whatnot, but such things are limited access wise in different countries.

I'd say Venezuela as well, but the accents are to thick.

And it's possible now, but I'm looking for an easy way any of them can do it, like text plus without having to switch all their settings if possible.

Cheap if not free works too.
Sat Sep 30 03:18:50
import random
import subprocess

def spoof_us_phone_number():
area_code = random.randint(200, 999)
prefix = random.randint(200, 999)
line_number = random.randint(1000, 9999)
return f"({area_code}) {prefix}-{line_number}"

def spoof_ip_address():
ip_address = ".".join(str(random.randint(0, 255)) for _ in range(4))
return ip_address

def voiphopper_script():
phone_number = spoof_us_phone_number()
ip_address = spoof_ip_address()
command = f"voiphopper --number {phone_number} --ip {ip_address}"
subprocess.call(command, shell=True)

# Execute the Voiphopper script

Mabey, I could just add a quick GUI to this and run it off Ubuntu?
Sat Sep 30 10:01:53

What kind of criminal enterprise are you running out of the Philippines?

You know we have an extradition treaty with the Philippines, right?

Sat Sep 30 11:03:19
Is it time we start taking bets on habebe's eventual arrest? Everything he posts about is 100% super sketchy. Mother fucker you better not get your ass arrested because the feds will look at your online history and they will research this fucking forum and let's be honest, this site has a lot of red flags on it.

Sat Sep 30 21:00:02
No, no, I've gone basically completely legit.

I mean, I stay high for weeks on end, but it's funded via legal enterprise, and I only us, I don't even share, let alone sell. Worst case scenario, I go to rehab, I have a disease.

I have connections in the PH, and labor is cheap, and they have a better work ethic than the Venezuelans, that commie scourge is in the mosquitos and water, it infects them all, best to...."sanitize"those areas, mein volk braucht Lebensraulm! Flüsse werden von Kommunisten rot fließen!!!

Das vierte Reich wird aus der Asche auferstehen wie der große Phönix!!!!, zusammengehalten nicht durch Rasse, sondern durch die heiligste aller Berufungen. Ich bin nicht gekommen, um Frieden zu bringen, sondern ich bin gekommen, um Zyklon B zu bringen, um die kommunistische Geißel auszurotten, die die Erde verrottet und infiziert die Seelen und Gedanken der Menschen sind mit Teufeln verbündet!!!!!!!

Also, I set up stores on Etsy, Shopify, etc. #fuck eBay. But, I need handlers to do things I don't like, such as phone calls, and keep me on task whilst I start 87 projects before finishing one.

I manage social media content creators, dabble in app and extension writing.

I finally stumbled upon home security and surveillance tech, which bodes well with my paranoid personality.

Sure, we have cameras, but what about, hidden cameras that scan and catalog VIN numbers and license plates? Then we can build a tree from the data to get more data and build a profile.

I also noticed a lot of people just brazenly stealing from people, and all they have to identify them is shitty ring pictures.

Well, everyone has a cell phone, why not scan for LTE networks, RF data and set up an extra Wi-Fi network that has insanely strong signal since most phones will auto-connect, no password, now you at least can look for IP and mac addresses, hash data, maybe add some extra lines into that agreement no one reads anyway and embed some payloads with 48 hour self-destruct codes, just in case your shitty ring camera takes shitty pictures.

But hey while you're at it, why not look at your neighbor's ring camera, which sounds creepy, but ring literally has a website so you can do just that, it's fairly rural here, so even in the built-up areas it's not hard to figure out which way the thieves went.

Anyway... my pet project, been working on a Trump-Store, that man sells, and little need for advertising.

I also sell legal plans, started a Clothing line, and own domains for each, and have a few kickstarter plans on the back burner, I want to take CGC out of grading comics game, talk about sheisters!
Sat Sep 30 21:08:16
I had some things walk away from my garage, so I set up 20 some cameras and started unloading 12 guage buckshot a few feet above anything that moved and I have not had a problem since, yeah, someone fucked with the 1st round of cameras, but my remmington dont have a heart, I just keep feeding him shells and no one comes around un-announced.

My grand pop paid $6 for that gun, but he bought it as a lamp, the barrel had blown out.Luckily he was trained as a gunsmith.

well, the electric company, but I never seen hands raise up so fast.

how much of this is real and how much is me trolling around? lol
Sat Sep 30 22:26:45
Relapses are never pretty.
Sat Sep 30 23:13:21

"Anyway... my pet project, been working on a Trump-Store, that man sells, and little need for advertising."

It'll be hilarious when he gets sued by his hero.

Sat Sep 30 23:57:15
Obam, Relapse sounds like I tripped and fell and became intoxicated, this was very intentional and controlled for an extended period of time.

I detox entirely 1 week a month, and have my doses down to a science, under the tongue.My health is better, my bank account is better,I even employ 3 regular 5 day a week workers (for, a great wage relative to their other options), I was able to quit my punch a clock job, and , Im generally happier.

I choose to live my life better through chemistry, it seems crazy that I cant go to my Dr. and ask for some phenathylamines, tiny bit of weed and some Decca/Dball periodically.

because arnold seems in such poor health....
Sun Oct 01 00:00:35
In my experience with addicts, they always talk this way shortly before they go completely off the rails. I'm not judging or telling you to get clean, it's your life and you are old enough to know the risks. Hopefully your business is on the up and up because as I said, this forum genuinely has a lot of red flag posters and I'm pretty sure all of us have posted things on this forum over the past 20 years that we would rather never see the light of die.
Sun Oct 01 02:18:50
Thats true.
large member
Sun Oct 01 07:29:06
You will die if you try to do business from the Phillipiness. You have to marry phillipina AND be ethnic chinese (catonese) to do ok.
large member
Sun Oct 01 07:31:18
Getting clean is almost optional to survival compared to the other two.
Sun Oct 01 08:33:59
"Mother fucker you better not get your ass arrested because the feds will look at your online history and they will research this fucking forum and let's be honest, this site has a lot of red flags on it."

Hahaha that was my exact thought too. This mofo is going to get us all locked in Gitmo.
Sun Oct 01 09:37:24
That being said habebe, I always wish you the best in life, health, and business.

(Provided that business isn't CP or some other sick shit)
Sun Oct 08 21:23:28
Rugian, Thanks, I have a Trump meech store
, security/electronics and working on a comicbook shop.

I'm still getting the feel for the different platforms.

Etsy is great for vintage and handmade or designed stuff.

Mercari is superior to Ebay in most ways, but its cons are

1. Individual items or lots only, you have to keep re listing if you have 100 of the same.item.

2. You can't send pics or video to customers via chat, and they are strict on making sure you don't try to contact ppl outside the app, like to an inhibitory manner.

3. Less people than ebay but, I feel the customers are better, less assholes.
Sun Oct 08 21:24:33
Ph, and I'm taking Google skills courses on regenerative AI and learning machines.
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