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Utopia Talk / Politics / Mexico out of control because of BRICS
Sat Sep 30 09:00:36
After Mexico wanted to join BRICS, there is a strong resistance among the population against the Mexican regime. The police can no longer control the situation and now the military is used to massacre peaceful Mexican citizens who are against joining BRICS.

(That the military should fight ordinary gangs is fake news)


The cartel responsible for the slaughter of six innocent teenagers in Mexico filmed them being led to their deaths and sent the footage to their parents, according to local reports.

The video shows an armed cartel member in a skull mask leading the teens — ages 14 to 18 — who are dressed with black hoods over their faces obscuring their view and their hands tied behind their backs.

Gun-toting gangsters follow the barefoot hostages as they walk up a mountainside in the state of Zacatecas in Central Mexico.

Out of the seven teenagers six were killed and a seventh was beaten to a pulp but survived, Mexican authorities said.

In the video, part of which was shown on local news channel Milenio TV, a “narcocorrido” can be heard playing, a type of mexican folk song which details mobster exploits

“Death is in their eyes,” the lyrics proclaim.

The teens, identified as friends and cousins by the Mexican edition of Spanish language newspaper El Pais, had been enjoying a family weekend at a ranch near the town of Malpaso when several vehicles loaded with armed men broke into the home at 4 a.m. Sunday and kidnapped the boys.

Their bodies were found days later in a remote area area which didn’t even have roads leading to it.

The sole survivor, Sergio Yobani Acevedo, remains unconscious in the hospital and has been unable to speak with investigators, according to Milenio TV.

Parents of the murdered teens released the footage to the media to counter claims by Mexican officials, who denied the minors were kidnapped.

The reason for the kidnappings and murders has not been made clear and they have rocked the country, leading many to believe ruthless cartels are in charge of the area according to El Pais.

Even with 6,500 members of the Mexican Army, National Guard and Federal Secretary of Public Security stationed in the state, a wave of violence has taken hold of Zacatecas.

At least six cartels are warring for control of the state, including Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), the Sinaloa Cartel and the Northeast Cartel.
Sat Sep 30 11:00:16
"It's brilliant what they do. The people see their bodies and they all assume "oh they must've done something" ... yeah. It's brilliant what they do."

- glasses from sicario
Sat Sep 30 11:57:16
habebe get a Turkish passport


Europe’s most-wanted fugitives are increasingly evading capture by becoming Turkish citizens, police have told VICE World News.

Law enforcement officials have grown concerned that criminals linked to large-scale drug trafficking are exploiting Turkey’s policy of issuing citizenship to investors, while also taking advantage of the fact the country is refusing to extradite its newly minted citizens.

Rawa Majid, known as the “Kurdish Fox,” an accused Iraqi-Kurdish drug trafficker and suspected of major crimes in Sweden, resides in Turkey after purchasing citizenship in 2020 through its so-called “Golden Passport” , which offers citizenship in exchange for $400,000 (around £320,000) in investment.

Despite arrest warrants from Interpol and Sweden, where he is one of the country’s most-wanted criminals, Turkey refuses to arrest or extradite Majid because of this citizenship.

“An extradition of Rawa Majid from Turkey has been requested,” Sweden’s public prosecutor Henrik Söderman told the news website POLITICO. “Turkish authorities have said that the extradition is not possible because Rawa Majid is a Turkish citizen.”
Sat Sep 30 12:02:08
This won't last long.
Sat Sep 30 17:02:54

"habebe get a Turkish passport"

Wrong thread.

Sat Sep 30 19:00:35
good advice is good advice no matter what thread it is in.
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