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Utopia Talk / Politics / China sinks its own sub
Tue Oct 03 14:34:01

Tue Oct 03 15:55:21

Someone needs to tell them that subs don't have sunroofs.

Wed Oct 04 01:25:32
large member
Wed Oct 04 02:37:42
I stopped reading when an expert began theorizing how O2 supplies might stop when a nuclear submarine had fully drained its batteries.
Wed Oct 04 03:38:35

To be fair the Mail didn't say he was an expert, just that he was a "submariner".

If you read the quotes it sounds like a conversation down the pub.

"Hey, Bill, you used to work on a sub right?"
"Well, yeah, doing tours of the great barrier reef"
"How do you reckon this sub ran out of air?"
"Well, if the air purification system was damaged , and the backup was faulty and ran out of battery, yeah, maybe".

If it's true, then you'd have to assume when it hit the anchor/chain trap the cooling system might have got damaged or something else to scram the reactor. I find that a bit hard to believe though.

I'm pretty sure any nuclear sub will have multiple ways to provide over six hours of oxygen. You don't want to have to surface more patrol (even an attack sub) just because you need to take the system off line for maintenance or fix a fault.

More likely is that the story is exaggerated or not correct at all.
Wed Oct 04 05:19:29

The cause is right in the title. It was a Chinese sub.

large member
Wed Oct 04 05:31:19
I am pretty sure a nuclear submarine does not rely on batteries as the source of its electricity.

Tabloid fabrication. Even the "sink" part is not supported by the text.
Wed Oct 04 05:53:59

Nuclear subs have batteries. Otherwise reactor shutdowns are non-recoverable and fatal (primary and secondary loop coolant pumps must be kept running until the sub can surface and switch to diest generators).

But I find it hard to believe that getting caught in some chains would require a reactor shut down.

And if they really did run out of battery and couldn't surface, the reactor would have undergone meltdown and we'd probably (?) know about that just because that's really hard to cover up from a logistics pov even if the containment vessel is good enough to avoid spilling molten corium into the South China sea.
large member
Wed Oct 04 06:04:40
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