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Firestorm Phoenix
Mon Sep 27 10:29:32
So we have Miami at 16, and NC State at 23, but is this enough for a battered and tepid ACC? VT's D is picking up, but 4 field goals does not a good O make. FSU and Miami had good weekends, and FSU's D and O is showing signs of rolling, but these were mediocre teams at best they beat down (though it was a little revenge for FSU finally beating Wake at home). Meanwhile the rest of the conference struggles to survive.

The question is this: What do the top ACC teams need to do to gain and keep respect in the BCS, and what do the rest of the teams need to do to look competitive?
Mon Sep 27 10:51:38
Its probably a problem like the PAC-10 had pre-USC. All the talent is spread out among all the teams, so no team is great. The national mediatards like great teams, even if the rest of the conference is craptastic(like the SEC).
Sports Mod
Mon Sep 27 20:06:52
Well, the ACC has always been a shitty football conference, but it doesn't matter, they sucked enough cock to be in the BCS so they get their auto bid.
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