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Tue Nov 16 05:35:07
I've been watching football for close to 60 years. The Eagles in particular. I have never seen my team put an ass whooping on another team like last night. I hope they can keep that flame alive throught the next month and a half.
Tue Nov 16 15:35:42
Meh, the Redskins just gave up after the opening kickoff.
Sports Mod
Tue Nov 16 22:37:59

The Giants laid one on the Cowboys this year.
The Raiders laid one on the Broncos this year.
The Broncos laid one on the Chiefs this year.

Even the Pats laid one on the Steelers, not quite as dominating, but in someways it was, because the Steelers didn't quit after the 1st quarter like the Redskins and Broncos did.
Sam Adams
Wed Nov 17 01:13:56
Nothing was as dominating as the 59-0 patriots victory last season.

at home, in snow and unseasonably cold temperatures, against a warm weather team that sucked.

The titans might as well have thrown hand grenades at a battleship.
Wed Nov 17 03:51:44
With 7 games left it's in the Eagles hands. Hopefully they don't get a big head from this one. Eagles are one of the youngest teams in the league. Lot of rookies.
The Giants will be fired up after getting spanked by the Cowboys and have a lot better D than the Skins. 2 games
Cowboys players are finally playing, trying to prove that the problems they had were Phillips coaching.
The Bears are playing fairly good D
The Texans depends on what team shows up.
The Vikings, in theory should be a gimmie they way they are playing.
The Powers That Be
Wed Nov 17 14:13:45
Let's go Birds!
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