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Utopia Talk / Sports / Lock-Out OVER
Carbonated Water
Tue Jul 19 09:28:56
The Packers players have been instructed to report to Green Bay by friday where the facilites will be open and there is a team meeting scheduled for saturday.
Carbonated Water
Tue Jul 19 09:36:33

Packers players told to come to Green Bay

8:59 AM, Jul. 19, 2011 |


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Gannett Wisconsin Media
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GREEN BAY — In yet another sign that the NFL is preparing for the owners lockout to end this week, the Green Bay Packers reportedly are getting word to their players to be in Green Bay for a meeting Saturday.

According to ProFootballTalk.com, the Packers have let their players know they’re opening their facilities Friday and that there will be a team meeting Saturday. The Packers’ training camp presumably will start a week later, on July 30, which is the standard starting date of 14 days before a team’s first preseason game.
Carbonated Water
Tue Jul 19 09:37:10


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