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Cherub Cow
Sun Sep 09 22:45:31
Sure, why not?
Cherub Cow
Sun Sep 09 22:46:29
So I can post this funny Onion story, of course!:

"Broncos Receivers Keep Forgetting They Can Run Farther Than 5 Yards Downfield On Passing Plays"
"DENVER—Team sources confirmed Sunday that members of the Denver Broncos' receiving corps are still struggling to remember they can now run more than five yards down the field during a passing play. 'I guess we just got really used to taking a few steps and then immediately starting to block the nearest defender,' said third-year wideout Eric Decker, adding that he also has to occasionally catch himself from instinctively jogging off the field after every third down. 'It definitely caught me off guard the first time I looked up in the middle of a play and saw the ball coming directly toward me and not 15 feet away. It's unusual, for sure, but I'm slowly getting used to tight spirals hitting my hands. I really like it, actually.' When reached for comment, new Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning confirmed that he is having difficulty adjusting to receivers who drop every single ball he throws them."
Cherub Cow
Sun Sep 30 21:50:16
"Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow Warm Up By Throwing Ball In Direction Of One Another"

NEW YORK—In an interview before today’s game against the San Francisco 49ers, Jets head coach Rex Ryan described how quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow's typically warm-up by throwing passes in each other's general direction. “Mark usually chucks a couple balls over Tim’s head, and then Tim throws a few that either fall way short or sail shakily out of bounds,” said Ryan, who explained that the exercise helps the quarterbacks settle into their comfort zones. “If they establish a rhythm in warmups and start getting the ball in approximately the right area, it really helps them avoid intentional grounding penalties on the incomplete passes they throw during the game when it counts.” At press time, Tebow and Sanchez were working on their agility by running to retrieve all the balls that had rolled under sideline benches.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Wed Oct 31 17:42:31


Cherub Cow
Wed Oct 31 18:12:54
..when I saw you post that in UGT I was -thinking- that it should be here too :D
Cherub Cow
Fri Nov 02 12:09:10
I like that I don't have to watch any foosball to like these stories:

"ESPN Sports Segment Reveals Science Behind Tony Romo's Shittiness"
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