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Utopia Talk / Sports / 2014 End of Year FF Standings.
Hot Rod
Revved Up
Thu Sep 17 12:32:53

Before we begin, quick recap of the standings last year. MrP cheated his way to "victory" last season and pulled out the "win" in Week 17:

39 MrPresident07
37 Ork
32.5 barneydude
29.5 werewolf dictator
27.5 Hood
23 Hot Rod
21 murder
20.5 CrownRoyal
19.5 kargen
17 McKobb
16.5 yankeesuck123
15 Fred Felcher
15 patom
14 Forwyn
13.5 Dakyron
13.5 Sam Adams
11.5 Renzo Marquez
8 KreeL
7 Cloud Strife
6 The Powers That Be
6 Nekran

Since I am starting this a couple quick items:

- In Weeks 14-17 you will be eligible to pick two games and if the underdog wins both, you will get both points. If you get one but not the other, you will get no points.

- Around Week 14 we will also set up secret picks.

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