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Utopia Talk / General Talk / RIP Hot Rod
smart dude
Sat Jan 05 12:59:45
For those who didn't know, frequent UP poster Hot Rod passed away on the 23rd of December. He posted here from time to time so it's fitting that he get a RIP thread here.

RIP Hot Rod aka Clark Johnson IRL
the wanderer
Sat Jan 05 13:23:57
his intent was to be a true patriot

Sat Jan 05 14:48:22
RIP Hot Rod, even after death you make the forums rage in your name and against you.
Sat Jan 05 16:57:53
RIP old dude. His frequency will be remembered.
smart dude
Sun Jan 06 03:40:34
he and I sparred often on UP. his death changes nothing about my opinion of him (I.e. that he was a complete fuckhead). But I concede that his presence was overall a good thing and that UP will suffer for his loss. I don't believe in an afterlife (neither did he) but I hope he gets to do his motorcycle journey that he planned. no deas person ever hurt anyone and so I would want him to be happy
Thu Jan 10 05:49:57
pore rod wuz creamated http://www...hread?id=politics&thread=28528
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