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Utopia Talk / Movie Talk / *Talk about random TV Shows* Part VIII
Cherub Cow
Thu May 17 19:47:53
Life is ultimately meaningless! Watch TV to wash away the feelings of your own insignificance in the universe :D/
Cherub Cow
Thu May 17 20:14:18
@"Lucifer" S3E23: "Quin8hetessential Decker"

*Really* good one. Lucifer finally admits his feelings to Chloe, and he tells her that he's legit the devil, and she's like, "Not to me" ♥:) .. of course, in the plot this means that she accepted his declaration as a metaphor, not as a statement of legit fact.. but this was more about him realizing that Chloe has chosen him from the beginning and she realizing that Lucifer is messed up but ultimately wants her.. so now it's okay for them to free themselves in a Walpurgis Night ;)

Charlotte Richards also had her final (probably) scene on the show, and even though it was maybe not a great sell for the show to say that she had reformed to a great enough extent to earn "Heaven", her scenes with Amenadiel and then with Dan were well done — heartbroken reactions. Amenadiel getting his wings back and flying away with Charlotte's soul-body was also interesting.. mostly because it leaves Lucifer and Amenadiel with more questions about their personal actions causing their situations versus some "divine plan" manipulating them. If Amenadiel is supposed to replace Lucifer as ruler of Hell, then it's not surprising that it was *Amenadiel* who realized that gaining or losing wings was about personal conscience — not outer judgment — because this goes with the Milton Satan's line that "The mind is its own place". It's a fun game that this story is playing: being quietly anti-religious while working within a universe where deities and superstitions have ground.

The new episode is also out, but I might not have time to watch until Caturday :'(
Anarchist Prime
Thu May 17 20:37:59
"Life is ultimately meaningless! Watch TV to wash away the feelings of your own insignificance in the universe :D/"

Infinite omnipotent hyperbeing lovingly screaming "YOU'RE VALID", its song echoed across every structural detail of the universe—you, an insignificant mote adrift in some galactic tide shouting back "YES, OKAY, WHAT ELSE?"

Cherub Cow
Sat May 19 21:00:27
Is that just a rando on Twitter? :p

*[Quintessential] Decker

@"Lucifer" S3E24: "A Devil of My Word"

Season finale! Very cool episode :D
Looks like Lucifer's choice to kill made him into a monster again, and Chloe [apparently] has seen the veil lifted. I'd expect that next season the writers would walk back this progress via Chloe rationalizing her experiences as some kind of trauma residuals, but the song lyrics as the episode end were "the beginning of the end" (song by Klergy and Valerie Broussard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfXnoEFbVrU ), which makes it seem like the show is prepared to close the story next season rather than stretch things further for profit (and of course — more simply — in the main plot it makes sense that Chloe finally learning the truth would precipitate closure). Hopefully season 4 will start with her piecing together Lucifer's previous statements in light of the truth (kind of like Hank reevaluating Walt in Breaking Bad), and then through the season maybe she'll try to bring Lucifer down (because he's legit the devil) only to realize that Lucifer can choose (and has chosen) to be good. Could be more interesting than that, though, because the writing on this show has been great — maybe not shocking if they've been pulling from the already-written comics.. which I'll probably read after the show finishes..

Speculation aside: cool moments in this one! :D The wing effects have been well done. In particular, Lucifer's protective barrier and Lucifer walking back into the room with his wings outstretched and bloody.. awesome that a semi-popular TV show can do effects like this. Weirdly that barrier scene was less emotional than Maz and Linda's apology conversation. Their friendship drama had not been too interesting, but it finally came together with their apologies.

So.. no more Lucifer for a while :(
Cherub Cow
Tue May 29 23:18:51
Fuck! Apparently Fox cancelled Lucifer on May 11th. :( .. Sadly accurate, I posted this on May 6th: "Lucifer has been funny since its return. It's definitely my new "Quick Draw" or "Don't Trust the B— in Apt 23", which means that it will probably be cancelled very soon ;D"

I only found out today because Hulu uploaded 2 new episodes, but they had zero continuity with season 3's ending so I had to look up why that was. Apparently they were "case of the week" episodes meant for season 3, but they were re-edited for season 4, then released yesterday because of the cancellation. A similar thing happened with "Apt 23": out-of-order episodes were released after the cancellation.

... arg... I was hoping that they could finish the show with a season 4. Apparently the writers left season 3 with that cliffhanger so that there would be social media outrage about the cancellation — which did happen to some degree... so it's at least *possible* that another network will pick up the show. Maybe it'll get the "Community" season 6 treatment where they'll get funding and have a chance to finish the continuity with one last season. I'm doubtful that that'll happen only because "Community" had a dedicated following with a large online presence while "Lucifer" peeps have been much less apparent (to me at least).

Bleh. Anyhow.. Lucifer, X-Files, SVU, and Designated Survivor have all finished for the season (or, "as above, so below": indefinitely, in Lucifer's case), so finally/reluctantly I may check out the new season of "Fear the Walking Dead". Amazon streams "The Expanse", so I may watch that too. And btw, "The Orville" turned out to be really good (it's kind of like having more TNG episodes but with extra joking). That won't return with a second season until December. /wrists
Cherub Cow
Sat Jun 16 18:14:29
Yay! Lucifer was picked up by Netflix. Now the writers have to follow through with their season 3 finale decision :p
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